In January when Seattle is not allowed to party, homestays can also eat spicy grilled fish, roast duck, and spicy bullfrog at a cheap price!

Finally crossed the tragic 2020,

But we have been fighting the new crown for almost a year,

Seattle's epidemic is still good and bad

Not optimistic

(Picture from google screenshot)


Huazhou returned to phase 1 status

That is: nothing can be done.

Can't eat in the restaurant

Party can't

Nowhere to go out...

With the new crown vaccine finally being developed,

We finally saw the dawn of victory.

What makes one's heart tremble is,

Britain appearedLatest mutant virus.

Is the new crown vaccine still useful in the face of mutated viruses?

No one knows.

Maybe, lock down + rainy season

The days of a Seattle house have become

The new normal.

But it's okay!We still have Weee!

Don’t go to the supermarket queuing with fear,

No need to carry big bags in the cold wind,

Weee came to deliver the supermarket to your home.

Because of the epidemic,

Weee, a powerful fan, also brings you

Three major benefits!

Lots of discounts, round upSave one billion!

It's so fragrant to be fed while lying at home~

Look, look! Weee is coming with a discount!


💥Half price for VIP members💥

in the past$98 a yearVIP annual card,

现在For $ 49You can have it!

Become a VIP member and enjoy the following three benefits:

2% rebate

Free shipping twice a week without threshold

Buy Weee products at the best member price,

Up to 7% discount!

💥Buying members can also use the order cut function, 

The maximum membership duration can be doubled,

Let’s calculate the bill together, and the minimum amount is $24.5/year after the member cuts the bill.

Less than 1 hair per day 

As long as you buy $50 worth of delicious food every month, 

The rebate will give you back the money~

Easily, you can earn back the annual fee.

Open VIP⬇️

Activity 2

💥Fast food + hot pot new products💥

💥1 April💥

????Hot pot discount????

Easy to make a big meal?

Everyone can be a God of Cooking?

Weee’s latest fast-hand dishes series,

make your dream comes true!

There are also various hot pot items,

You can eat it at homeHot potNow!

(And today 1/8 discountOh! )

Hot pot discount⬇️

Activity three

💥New combination package series💥

Package hasHot delivery.dessert日常Three categories.

Hot delivery dayBefore 6:30pmArrivals,

Home guarantee orWarmof.

Dessert and daily combo packThere are so many choices.

Can be delivered to your doorstep.

Restaurant ordering,

Restaurants around Seattle can order any food!

Hot delivery + dessert + daily,Just one order.

You can buy desserts, milk tea, main dishes and daily necessities.

Free shipping for orders over $35, no delivery fee, no service fee.

Whether you live far or near,

You can eat the food you want.

VIPCan also enjoy twice a weekFree shipping without thresholdOh!


Brown Sugar Melaleuca Cake

Target Touched

Taiwan's No. XNUMX Iwaki Melaleuca brand

Taiwan’s most popular mille cake,

Have been in countless variety shows

【Target Brown Sugar Pearl Melaleuca】

Long press the QR code to buy directly

Special use of Japanese Okinawa brown sugar

Collected from locally grown sugarcane in Japan

Boiled with traditional methods, the taste is pure and natural

It's not too sweet, the aroma is really sufficient

The precious bitterness

Improve the sweetness level of the whole cake

Pearl QQ bombs,

The sweetness of brown sugar dipped into the inside

Even after freezing, it is still soft

Every time you chew

I can feel the brown sugar caramel fragrance flying throughout my mouth

(It is recommended that you can put it at room temperature for a while before eating)

The picture comes from a netizen, the copyright belongs to the original author

The picture comes from a netizen, the copyright belongs to the original author

Target Brown Sugar Pearl Melaleuca👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Home delivery🚗


Chopped pepper fish head/spicy pepper fish head

As a famous food and Hunan dish

Chopped pepper fish head andPickled peppersThe more I eat, the more I eat.

Just eat this one dish,

Except for fish head,

You can also add vermicelli or tofu with it.

Hot and sour of chopped pepper, tempeh

Take a bite of the fish head and dip it in the slightly sour spicy sauce,

Bowls of rice can’t stop!

Quick version of chopped pepper fish head / sauced pepper fish head👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Home delivery🚗


Kuaishou Dishes Maple Leaf Farm Roasted Half Duck

The roast duck in the restaurant is not cheap,

And it’s always a little bit colder after delivery,

Not as fragrant as it was just baked.

missFreshly baked, crispy skin and tender meatRoast duck?

Here comes the benefits!

With the roasted half duck at Maple Leaf Farm,

Kitchen Xiaobai can also eat delicious roast duck!

Just preheat the oven to 375 degrees,

Put the thawed duck in the baking dish,

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes,

The hot roast duck is out!

Crisp skin and tender meat, Um, that smell!

Delicious half roast duck👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Home delivery🚗


Quick Hand Dishes Captain Jack Spicy Bullfrog Convenience Package

Just boil it and add it to the cooking bag,

Can make oneFresh and spicy bullfrog dinner.



Whether it is stir-fried with other vegetables and meatballs to make a spicy pot,

It is suitable for making a bowl of spicy bullfrog noodles.

Quick Spicy Bullfrog👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Home delivery🚗



This is the home of Lazy People + Abalone Stars✨

How many people, like Xiaobian, like to eat abalone?

I especially like the taste and umami of abalone

A variety of abalone sauce dishes, abalone rice with abalone sauce, green vegetables in abalone sauce, etc.

Really delicious~

But eating abalone in the United States is still more troublesome, so rely on it 👇


This "Lee Kum Kee Oyster King Premium Abalone" from Lee Kum Kee

Achieve lazy welfare, open the bag and eat without any cooking skills!

High-quality abalone varieties, plump meat and tough taste

Whether it’s added to the dish or eaten directly

It's a good choice for people who eat 🥢

The most worth mentioning is that no artificial flavors and preservatives are added

Whether it is for self-retention or gifting, it is the best choice


When guests come from home:

Garnish with "Lee Kum Kee Oyster King Premium Abalone"

Successfully sublimated dishes in one minute

Add dish (and personal) charm instantly!

Eat pride at home!

 When alone at home:

This simple and convenient abalone, no need to soak

It can be directly used as a snack

Use the remaining broth for noodles and rice

It also improves the sense of happiness instantly! 🍜🍚✨

Delicious and convenient abalone👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Home delivery🚗


Conway Spicy Grilled Fish

使用The freshest and tenderest black fish, Lots of chili,

Pepper and secret seasoning,

productionSichuan is full of flavorSpicy grilled fish.

How to eat:

1. Thaw the product naturally.

2. Put the thawed fish, vegetable bag and sauce into the pot.

3. Add 500ml of water and keep it for 10 minutes after boiling.

4. Then add wide flour and cook for 5 minutes.

Total cooking timeNo more than 20 minutes!As simple as cooking instant noodles!

I who don’t know how to cook can make oneStar dishesNow!

Delicious and convenient grilled fish👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Home delivery🚗

In addition to the fast hand dishes mentioned above,

Weee also brings more for you to choose

Japanese oden boiled blessed bag

It comes with a seasoning bag. Use bone broth to cook some white radish before adding it to the blessing bag. It is convenient and delicious, and the whole family likes it.Unlimited repurchase.

Hugo Shark Fin Soup

Pour into the pot and heat until the internal temperature reaches 165°.

Xiangtai Sauerkraut Fish Fillet Cooking Pack

Taiwan's extremely fresh and sweet kabayaki sea bream belly steak

Delicious and convenient fast food 👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly


There are more quick dishes waiting for you to discover...

Seeing that someone is asking here, I don’t like cooking,

I only love takeout, so don’t I need to recharge VIP membership?

Don’t worry, Weee has launched

Takeaway Hot Delivery + Dessert + Daily Combo Pack!

Whether it’s hot takeaway or sweet cake baking,

Or daily necessities, Weee can help youDelivered to the door!

Restaurant dishes delivered home👇

Long press the QR code to purchase directly

Cuiyuan Morning Tea

(Delivered in the morning in some areas)

Sleeping late on Saturday, you can get hot and fragrant morning tea when you wake up. It is really so happy!

Shrimp dumplings, barbecued pork crisps, custard buns, egg tarts... this is how the happy weekend begins!

Majiasifang Noodle House-Beef Noodles with Pancakes and Fruits

It will be delivered home in the morning.

First, come with an authentic Tianjin pancake and fruit, then a bowl of meaty handmade beef noodles, and the last bowl of hot lamb soup to warm the stomach.

Even Professor Du loves-BBQ Chicken

South Korea’s famous Internet celebrity fried chicken is crispy when delivered home, and is perfect with beer!

Ten Seconds-Yunnan Bridge Rice Noodle

They all said that the noodles for take-out were not delicious, and they were lumpy when they were delivered home, but Weee would not agree.

It was delivered to the doorstep as quickly as possible that afternoon, and it was still fresh and hot.

The eyebrow-dropping broth is topped with more than a dozen ingredients, which is the charm of Yunnan bridge rice noodles.

【Yu Cake】

Strawberry Melaleuca 8 inch

Sands Melaleuca 8 inch

Choose the sweet and sour, fruity strawberry Melaleuca, or the Golden Sand Melaleuca covered with floss, salty and crispy?

Adults don’t make choices, I want them!

[Jingwu Duck Neck – Supreme Festival Platter]

Five spice neck and wings, chicken crispy bones, chicken feet, yuba, pig tongue, pig feet and other 9 items!

A good partner when playing drama, a refreshing helper when working and studying.

What are you waiting to see here?

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Weee will spoil you this winter

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