Wow! Costco's annual profit is 1630 billion! It is said that all Asian housewives are buying and buying like crazy!

The recent pandemic in the United States,
There is a sudden growth trend again,
Are you guys ready to purchase a wave of things?

Water, eggs, toilet paper, fruit and meat,
Then you have to go to Costco to pull a full car to be at ease!

But Costco is really a magical place. I originally wanted to save money before I went to Costco to buy some milk, egg, toilet paper or something, but when I checked out, I found out that a swipe of $200 is gone 😂~ It makes you spend it willingly, and think about it every week. To consume.

Asian fairies are Costco's largest consumer group  

However, do you know what kind of people like to go shopping at Costco the most?

Haha, big data is really a super magical thing.

According to the big data of the American business magazine Business insider, the characteristics of typical Costco buyers are exposed:

original,Average age 35-44 years old, with 4 years of bachelor’s degree or above, and with an annual salary of at least US$12.5Asian married fairies love to buy and buy at Costco.

Unexpectedly, Costco actually did this kind of investigation.Costco has no choice but to start selling big-name bags, It turned out to cater to the shopping needs of Asian fairies~666

1630 billion U.S. dollars in revenue, every country in the United States cannot do without  

In this data survey, Costco is the fifth largest retailer in the world, with sales of more than US$1630 billion last year and nearly 1.1 million card members.

It has more than 813 warehouse stores around the world, of which 562 are located in the United States, with nearly 275,000 employees.His home is almostMonopolizes about one-third of American households.

Typical Costco members are not only Asian women, but also have the following characteristics:
  1. Between 35 and 44 years old, 39 years old accounted for the largest proportion;

  2. Married and living in the northwestern United States(California and shrimp pictures should have names);

  3. Bachelor degree or above;

  4. The annual salary exceeds 12.5 US dollars.

They have particularly similar consumption habits, such as:
  1. On average, I go to Costco to purchase once every 2 to 3 weeks, and I go there about 23 times a year;

  2. Each time you purchase an average of 9 items, the cumulative consumption is about US$114;

  3. The main shopping categories are daily necessities and personal care products. According to statistics,Duracell brand batteries and Adidas clothing and footwear are the most frequently purchased products.

Seeing this, the editor really sighed.
So many batteries and sweatshirts,There must be no less bear kids at home~

I believe that many fairies also came to the United States to realize the joy of buying vegetables and clothesAfter all, a few years ago, we were also an exquisite little public act in China.

Who would have thought that Costco successfully transformed us intoMixed consumer playerNow.

Buying goods is great for a while, and buying goods has always been great, but just in March this year, Wells Fargo stock analysts calculated that “Due to the inflation since the epidemic, Costco membership fees should be increased.Rise in the next 18 months.


✨Gold Star Executive Gold Star Executive $120/year;
✨Gold Star Everyday is $60 USD/year.

Costco food is new

However, in any case, the price increase cannot withstand the pace of foodies!After all, Costco is really a real Asian lover of high quality and low price.Let's take a look at what more delicious items Costco has recently released:

①Strawberry croissant
This new croissant will surely amaze everyone~ the original croissant will only be crispy after going home to the oven, but this new product is full of buttery flavor and the outer skin is very crispy. After you buy it, hurry up and take a bite~ and it's only $6.99 , The breakfast of the week is over.

②Grapefruit honey tea
Are you secretly hurt because you can't get the passion fruit?The oversized bottle of grapefruit honey tea is here!The sweetness and sourness are just right, add ice cubes and lemon slices to the taste~ This is the same brand as passion jam, and it's super cool in summer!

③Crispy shrimp head
In fact, this packet of snacks only kept the sides of the shrimp heads, wrapped in rice bran and fried, it tasted very crispy, the Thai flavor is not particularly salty, the shrimp flavor is very strong.It is definitely a small snack of high-quality protein~

④Pork belly
Costco’s meaty meat never disappoints. Want to get the same type of barbecue at Koreatown?Buy it!This kind of PORK BELLY is more tender and juicy than ordinary pork belly. The salty and grilled pork belly tastes very strong. When it is fried in a pan, it will have a crunchy crust and a mouthful of fragrant white rice. ~

⑤ Mochi ice cream
How can there be less mochi ice cream in the refrigerator in summer? MOCHI SUNSET COLLECTION has a new fruit-flavored ice cream. Before this brand only made matcha, but the fruity flavor beats matcha!The skin is very thin. Take it out and let it cool for 5 to 20 minutes before eating. The cherry flavor is heavier than the fruity flavors of grapefruit and passion fruit~

Dear Costco fans, what do you like best to buy here?Welcome to leave a message and share with us~~

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