Seattle October New Store Express | North Seattle's newly opened porridge shop, Gufu morning tea and snacks are back, Renton also has noodles to eat!

This fall,

It seems to come later than usual,

But it doesn't affect

The speed of opening new restaurants in Seattle.

From popular Sichuan cuisine to Japanese bento,

To what Obama used to eat

That same bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles,

This golden autumn in October,

There are too many delicacies waiting for us to try something new.


Taste Chengdu, open takeaway

From Los AngelesTaste ChengduSettled in Seattle, the store opened under the Zhonghua Gate Archway in Chinatown.Although dine-in is not yet open,But takeaways have already started on UberEats and rice balls.

In order to experience this "crazy for the lover" in the first place, I specially ordered a takeaway for myself.The delivery time was very punctual, using special packaging bags, and the boxes with lots of soup were carefully wrapped in plastic wrap.

Seattle October New Store


The first impression isThe dishes are very delicate, Cut into silk, not to mention the strips, are uniform in length and thickness; cut into slices, the size is basically the same.Even though it is a takeaway, everything from knife work to arranging the plate.

Shredded porkThe fish scent is very prominent. I haven’t had such a reliable taste for years..The husband and wife's lung slices are sliced ​​slightly thinly, but they are full of flavor, and the aroma of red oil is more prominent than spicy.

Hot and sour potatoesThe seasoning is positive, and it has a little bit of dry chili aftertaste, and the portion is quite sufficient.I heard that the store is actively preparing to eat at the restaurant, so it is not far from when I entered the store to sit down and feast on it.

Chengdu chengdu taste | Address: 504 5th Ave S Ste 106, Seattle, WA 98104


New Congee Shop in North Seattle

In Wallingford, a little north of Seattle, a new congee shop called Secret Congee has been opened these days. Nothing else.Mainly porridge.As porridge, the price is not cheap, I wonder if it can be liked by everyone?

Different from Chinese soup and porridge, its products,Deeply influenced by Southeast Asian cooking styleTherefore, the porridge is not a light taste, but a variety of creative toppings and ingredients, such as braised pork, slow-cooked beef and Korean kimchi.

Seattle October New Store


From the perspective of this category of porridge, the prices on the menu are a bit high. We haven't had time to try it. Welcome friends who have already eaten to leave a message.

Secret Congee | Address: 4405 Wallingford Ave N Seattle, WA 98103


Baron Valley House

Bellevue’s supreme Chinese food, Baron Valley, is ready to eat!The huge venue now has only 12 tables allowed to eat in, so everyone can eat at ease.Private rooms can be booked in advance, currently up to 6 people per table (according to government regulations).

Gufu’s dim sum returns, shrimp dumplings and siu mai, etc. are secretly increased, and there is no increase in the price.There are also many new autumn dishes with perfect appearance:Braised duck soup with black wolfberry and glutinous rice, tide-style baked Alaskan king salmon, fried oysters with cheese and crispy rice, etc.There are too many delicious foods. Now if you pick up the dishes in the store, you can order directly at the Togo menu and enjoy8 offOffer.

Copy the link to the browser to view the menu and place an order:

Baron's Sino Kitchen & Bar | Address:500 Bellevue Way NE Suite 210, Bellevue, WA 98004


New Renton Store

pc:thelandinrenton IG

Finally, the new Mian Veneer store appeared in Renton to the south. In the days when it opened at the beginning of the month, the line at the door was prohibitive.The Renton area finally has reliable Chinese food. The popular Xiaolongbao, Dandan noodles and Cucumber make it easy for residents living nearby.

Its pastry,In the eyes of many people and even native Americans, it is comparable to Ding Tai Fung,Especially the round and juicy steamed buns, almost every table customer will order them.

If you go shopping in Renton's open shopping mall The Landing, you might as well have a good meal.From the 19th to the 25th of this month, for dine-in/take-out orders of 30 and above, a cup of tea will be given.

pc:thelandinrenton IG

Dough Zone™ Dumpling House (Renton Landing) | 800 N 10th Pl Ste A, Renton, WA 98057


Dalongyi hot pot is open for dine-in

Dalongyi hot pot by the green lake,You can already book for dinner, And launched a new shabu-shabu: brushed cheese shrimp slip.

Buffet hot pot $29.95/person, unlimited time and unlimited, All kinds of beef (New York beef, rich money sirloin, smooth beef tendon, tender beef with egg), New Zealand beef, yellow throat, Melaleuca belly, fried dough sticks, crispy bells, and so on.

The weather is getting cold, it's time for a hot pot meal.

Dalongyi Hot Pot Dalongyi Hot Pot | Address: 7119 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115


Milkie Milkie Chinatown Store

pc: carmen

The opening process of Milkie Milike's new store in Chinatown is a bit tortuous.When the renovation was completed at the beginning of the year, there was a sudden epidemic, but the store has always been meticulous, and all the desserts and drinks that should be provided are all complete.

Seattle October New Store


pc: carmen

Now it’s open for dine-in, I can finally come in and sit down and order a piece for myselfCheesecake or Lava Chocolate Smoothie, With a glass of mixed berry smoothie.This berry drink, the flesh is so full that it is about to overflow the cup, sour and sweet, and still full.

pc: carmen

When the warm yellow light shines on the gloomy dusk, come here to eat a refreshing or fragrant dessert, and the warmth will slowly rise in your heart.

Milkie Milkie Desserts Cafe address: 519 6th Ave S #110, Seattle, WA 98104


Saigon House

This very reliable Vietnamese restaurant is opened in Tacoma, the shop has been renovated, the seats and bar are clean and tidy.The most signature dish is the same Vietnamese rice noodles that Obama had eaten back then.

Seattle October New Store


The reason for saying this is that this classic locomotive Vietnamese soup noodles are the same as the original from the production to the raw materials.The soup base is fresh and sweet, without MSG.The thin beef is cooked in the boiling hot soup, and the rice noodles are soft and tough, very delicious.

The mixing powder is large and refreshing. The crispy sesame is very distinctive. The fried spring rolls, sausage spring rolls, grilled chicken skewers and sugar cane shrimp with fish sauce are all delicious..

Cocktail performance is also very good, both appearance and taste are online, Especially Vietnamese coffee, is quite creative.It is said that the cooking chef has many years of experience in the industry, and he also has his own special tubing cooking instruction video.If you go to visit the zoo or the Chinese garden in Tacoma, please go to this restaurant.

Saigon House Vietnamese Cuisine | Address:2505 S 38th St Ste A101, Tacoma, WA 98409


New Korean BBQ in Chinatown

This year's Chinatown is like a new outlet in Seattle's catering industry. New stores have been opening constantly. The latest one is the Korean BBQ called Baegopa.Internet celebrity food bloggers who have visited the store first, saidThe grilled meat is large and fresh, and beef brisket and Korean mixed vegetables noodles are the most recommended.

due toThe trial operation has not been officially announced. It is recommended to call to confirm and book a seat before going.After eating, you can buy a cup of tea with milk tea, because it's too close.

Baegopa | Address: 509 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104


Snail Noodle Hot Pot Supermarket

AUTUMNOctober New Store

The snail noodles in Chinatown reopened later than other restaurants because the boss spent a lot of time making adjustments.

In addition to the single-person, single-serve small hot pot, the store also has a special area to sell hot pot ingredients.The price is much cheaper than in ordinary supermarkets, The meat is fresh, and the seafood is quite competitive compared to the outside.

If there are few people in the family, think about it againMeat Shabu Hot PotYou might as well come in and take a look. Meat can be sold at half a pound. The beef and lamb can be mixed together, and one person can eat hot pot at home. There is also a rich variety.There is a bright spot in the bottom of the pot, that is, the bottom of Zhou Junji hot pot.New products will arrive in about a week, welcome to buy.

Seattle October New Store


Luosifen | Address: 514 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104


Dalian barbecue with rice yogurt

At the Dalian Seafood Barbecue on Huada’s Food Street, a poster featuring rice yogurt appeared, which meant that it became easier for the Seattle friends to drink a glass of yogurt.Healthy yogurt drinks are both delicious and full, which is quite exciting.For more information about the opening progress, we will tell you as soon as we get the update.

DL BBQ Dalian Seafood BBQ | Address:4520 The Ave, Seattle, WA 98105


Sushi J

A treasure of Japanese food hidden in the food area of ​​Bellevue Crossroad Shopping Center is small in scale, not even called a "restaurant", but more like a stall.butThe quality of the sushi is so good, the fish is fresh and amazing!Don’t miss it if you go to dinner~

Sushi J | Address: 15600 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008 in Crossroad Mall


Yeti Bento

pc: Yeti Bento IG

This small Korean restaurant newly opened in Bellevue is aA family-owned Korean restaurant serving authentic Korean food.The owner has more than 30 years of experience in the catering industry. It is a takeaway lunch; you can choose to provide Korean barbecue, spicy dishes, and vegetarian food.

Seattle October New Store


There are take-out services and delivery services at affordable prices.If you’re not sure what to eat for lunch or dinner, just have a bento box. There is nothing wrong with the deliciousness of Korean food and the freshness of the ingredients.

YETI BENTO | Address: 10602 NE 9th Pl, Bellevue, WA 98004


Tutta Bella Huada Store

This chain of Italian restaurants, speaking responsibly,It should be one of the best places in Seattle to eat at any time without overturning.The quality of pasta and pizza is very high, and it is rare and stable. The pistachio pizza is the most worth buying back.

Seattle October New Store


Its new store to be opened at Huada has been selected in U Village. It is currently recruiting troops and will soon be able to showcase the flavor of Italian cuisine.Tutta Balla’s classic salad, available in PCC supermarkets and QFC, Go out to buy vegetables, you can also buy a taste first.

Tutta Balla | U Village store will open soon


The Flour Box

pc: IG the Flour box

One of the hottest bakery shops on Instagram, the highly anticipated new doughnut shop "Flour Box" The Flour Box, located near Rainier Beach; also quietly opened.

However, it was said to be "quietly". Due to its own internet celebrity attributes, it caused quite a stir just after the store was announced.The status of sold out appears on the website every day.Dine-in is not currently available, only online reservations are acceptedThe owner, Pamela Vuong, also admitted that because of the popularity of desserts, his own baking also collapsed.

The most popular are caramel pudding donuts and bagel donuts. Scallion cream cheese and cinnamon rolls are also often sold out. It is said that there are two donuts influenced by Asian cuisine..I have no luck so far anyway, but I will insist on placing the order and try to give everyone a test.

The Flour Box | Address: 5520 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118


The Pastry Project 

Want to learn western baking?I hope that there will be desserts delivered regularly on special days or even in normal times?Then come to learn about the newly opened The Pastry Project baking studio near Pioneer Square last Saturday.




This is not a traditional cake shop, but a collection of baking skills teaching, practice and occasional pop up in one, injecting more fun ingredients into simple sweets.

The opening day attracted many people who love baking, and the upcoming events and desserts will be announced in advance on the official website.Pass by, welcome to take a look.



Southcenter's Jolibee reopens 

Jolibee in Southcenter Mall has finally reopened and can only be taken out at present.It is said that the environment will be better and brighter after reopening,The business hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., you can eat in or take out.The flavor of its fried chicken is well-known. If you are tired from shopping, just come to the bucket.

Jollibee | Address: South Center Mall 1374 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA 98188


Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge 

Lotte Hotel, located in the downtown area, is a star hotel that opened only a month ago. Its restaurant is on the 16th floor of the hotel.Sitting next to the window, Smith Tower and the lake view are right in front of you, especially when the lights are on, the food and the night view are heaven and earth.

To celebrate the opening of the restaurant, from now on until the end of this month,Every Monday to Thursday, the first 20 guests can enjoy a XNUMX% discount on the dishes on the menu, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.Mushroom soup is recommended, wild salmon is also very good, it is recommended to call in advance and advise to arrange a seat by the window as much as possible.

Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge | Address: 809 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

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