New Store Quick Report | Liu Yishou Hotpot (Houston Store) is officially open for trial operation!Recruitment in progress

Extra nickname!The famous hot pot restaurant at home and abroad – Liu Yishou Hot Pot, has landed heavily in Houston and is officially in trial operation~ Speaking of Liu Yishou hot pot, it is the proud brand of Chinese hot pot!

Development History
Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot was founded in 2000, and it was just a small shop on the street in Chongqing at first.With authentic taste, fresh ingredients, and high-quality service, Liu Yishou Hotpot currently has more than 1500 stores around the world.

In North America, Liu Yishou Hot Pot is a very popular brand!Now it has 18 stores, no matter in Boston, Bay Area, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, you can eat authentic Liu Yishou hot pot.As the survey shows, more than 1 million people around the world have eaten Liu Yishou hotpot, and nearly 5 million people in North America have visited the store to taste it!




Even more amazing! !Liu Yishou Canada has established a series of mature and complete supply chain systems such as its own processing plant, central kitchen, new retail platform, and beef research institute, making it more convenient for overseas foodies to eat the most authentic hot pot.


Liu YishouFeature


Maybe you in Houston have never eaten Liu Yishou before, and you are a little curious about how Liu Yishou has just opened?today firstJust follow the editor to take a brief look at Liu Yishou's special pot base + dishes!


Special pot bottom

Spicy Chongqing Butter Pot

Pure Tomato Pot

Sour radish old duck soup pot

Golden Soup Fish Maw Chicken Pot


Premium hot pot dishes

Spicy Hand Cut Beef

Fried fritters and shrimp slippery

Spicy Bullfrog Legs

Snowflake fat cow

milk duck blood

and many more…


The editor will leave some suspense here. After all, the restaurant is still in trial operation and cannot be fully opened for the time being.Then we will haveThe most first-hand shop inspection report,Welcome to continue to pay attention.

Since Liu Yishou Hotpot has just settled in our Daxiutun, we are still working hard to "adjust the jet lag" to make the final food taste adjustment for the foodies in Xiutun. Now the store needs a wave of friends who love hotpot culture and are full of energy and passion. Let's join!

Liu Yishou (Houston Store) sincerely invites you who are diligent, practical, efficient, good in communication, pursuing happiness and full of team spirit to join us and receive generous treatment!

1. [Field foreman]: Possess front office work experience, strong execution, honesty and practicality, sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and strong communication skills, good Chinese and English, experience is preferred

2. [Outside Attendant/Cashier]: Enthusiastic, cheerful, diligent, strong sense of service, good at communication, quick in action, good in both Chinese and English, part-time, full-time, experience is preferred;

3. [Help Chef]: Hard-working, honest and credible, rigorous work, team spirit, strong execution, experience in hot pot restaurant is preferred;

4. [Handsler/dishwasher]: Practical and willing to work, relevant work experience is preferred

How to apply:

Call 718-312-9658 directly (Contact: Alex) or email your resume to

Please wait and see for the foodies in and around Houston, and wait patiently for the official opening of the next "Hot Pot Star" in Houston!Also, friends who want to be a part of Liu Yishou Hotpot, please go and apply!
As we all know, Liu Yishou brought authentic, healthy and fashionable hot pot culture to all corners of the world with his passion.Hai, let foodies from all over the world "interpret the taste of China in the language of the world!"


🏠 Liu Yishou 



9889 Bellaire Blvd Suite C-309, 

Houston, TX 77036

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