Milk tea vs. yogurt, and liquid cheese tart, which one is true love?Children make choices!And I want it all!

This article focuses too much!

First notice!


  1.  Bottled milk tea!

  2. Milk tea vs yogurt?

    Let's gather wool together!

  3. Zhizhiliu Heart Tart!

The second wave of the epidemic hit suddenly. .

Good afternoon everyone!

Are you today the same as the editor?

Decided to save the life of the house?

1 cup, 2 cups, 3 cups, 4 cups of milk tea...

Take away!Drink slowly in the refrigerator!

But found out the next day,

How come the milk tea is layered! !Can you still drink?


Whoops, my goodness

This way of preservation

How can the family realize the freedom of milk tea!

Don’t be afraid, we still have...

[Weather Tea]

And its brands

【Yogurt Lion】

Yuanfen TeaEveryone must be familiar

When the shop was in Downtown, diners from all walks of life checked in when it first opened

Friends who go to Aberdeen Foodcourt often

Will definitely notice

A very conspicuous green sign shop appeared recently

call【Yogurt King】

this homeYuanfen TeaWeather TeaYogurt shop

Quietly Mimi opened during the epidemic

Let's see what they have

The artifact that can save our happy fat house life!


Milk tea in barrel

First of course this

2.2L "Barrel Milk Tea"

Net celebrity big bucket of milk tea,

When everyone was unable to go out in the first wave of the epidemic,


The stomachs of countless milk tea stars in Great Wen!

However, geese, with the coming of winter and the second wave of epidemics,

The boss summed up the summer delivery experience,

Decided to expand the business of "Family Barrel Milk Tea"!

Yuanfen Tea-Family Bucket,

[She fights] platform is now available!

All kinds of family bucket milk tea,

She made a promise, all over Vancouver,

Delivery within 24 hours of order!



Hurry up and long press to identify the QR code below to download her spell,

And search for [Fate Tea Weather Tea]!

Can be delivered tomorrow!

in addition,

Now there is a discount when you pick it up in the store~

Order the whole family bucket of milk tea to the customer service one day in advance,

Pick up at Aberdeen the next day!

RMD self-collected guests can enjoy preferential prices.

$23 $20/barrel! ! !

Quickly scan the code and place an order with customer service! !



The whole family bucket of milk tea gives you enoughMilk tea free!

But if you gradually "month and a half",

That may be the freedom given by milk tea has gone too far

Happiness can’t be lost, and I don’t want to be "month and half"

How can it be done!

"Hungry? Drink yogurt, don't gain weight!"

"Hold up? Drink yogurt to help digestion!"

"Anti-aging, good for the stomach!!"

Create a new yogurt pie and fight against the milk tea pie!

"Yogurt Starren" VS "Milk Tea Starren"

But the excellent you, and the witty me!

How could it be possible to make such a cruel choice!

Children make choices!

Holding the family bucket in one hand and yogurt in the other,

The winner of life!

The boss carried the epidemic against the trend,

Double smashed money to open a new store!

The sub-brand of Yuanfen Tea makes yogurt ingeniously!


Oreo Yogurt

Do you just twist, lick, and soak?

Then you are out

Early adopter price: $6.45/cup 

I have yogurt and bite into the crispy Oreo from time to time

You can’t miss this sense of surprise


Pistachio Yogurt

Nuts with yogurt, what kind of fairy cp is this?

The mouth is crispy and addictive!

Early adopter price: $6.9/cup 


Purple rice yogurt

Rich yogurt with glutinous purple rice

Early adopter price: $6.45/cup 


Red bean yogurt

Early adopter price: $6.45/cup 

Red bean soft glutinous sand with moderate sweetness

The aftertaste will have a unique sweetness! Nice!

It must be the heart of every young lady


Taro yogurt

The thick taro mash is tightly wrapped in yogurt

Full of taro taste

Early adopter price: $6.45/cup 


Mango Yogurt

Super Philippine mango control + delicious yogurt without meat

It's Wang Fried

Early adopter price: $6.9/cup 


Raspberry Yogurt

Real strawberry pulp

Have a bite of yogurt

The taste is quite rich

Early adopter price: $6.9/cup 

Mouthful of refreshing sweet and sour

It seems to have the taste of first love~

Richmond’s friends can also use the takeaway platform

Onigiri, UberEATSWait for the order!


Liuxin Cheese Tower

Do you think the surprise is over?

of course not!

Milk tea + yogurt is double happiness!

And now!It is three times as happy! !

In addition to family tea and yogurt, you can also buy  

【Castella Cheesecake】

Liuxin Cheese Tower! !

Castella Cheesecake hasn’t been hyped,

I drove low-key on Robson for three years,

With unique taste

Cheese Tart and Souffle Cheesecake,

Tiramisu, Basque Cheesecake,

Has accumulated many loyal fans and repeat customers,

now at

Richmond's Yogurt Lion


Fate Tea in Downtown

Can buy themLiuxin Cheese Tower啦 ~


Yuanfen Tea+Castella Cheesecake

Open (full range of milk tea + Cheesecake products are available)

Address: 780 Denman St, Vancouver

Phone: 604-336-9321

(Next to DT's old brand "Kintaro Ramen")


Yogurt Lion+Castella (Cheese Tart only)

Open now (available for reservation of barreled milk tea + yogurt + Cheese Tart)

Address: 3070-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

Phone: 604-207-1120 

(In Aberdeen Food Court)



Yuanfen Tea+Castella Cheesecake

In preparation, opening in January 2021.1.

Address: 110-4140 No.3 Road, Richmond

(The first one in Plaza next to Aberdeen Station, the former "Cash Cabinet" and Plaza where Chengdu snacks are located)


Castella Cheesecake + Yogurt Lion

In preparation, opening in January 2021.1.

Address: 1139c-4700 Kingsway, Burnaby

(Next to the Superstore escalator in Metrotown)

Polite opening

Monday to Friday:

August 11-August 4,

Business hours 11AM-7PM,

Take-out/dining: 85% off the entire venue!

(Excluding the following Combo)

Madden co-branded early adopters

Combo #1:

Any yogurt x1

Chi Chi Flow Heart Tart x1

Limited time special $7.9

Original Price 10.45

Combo #2:

Family bucket x1 (need to book with customer service in advance)

Yogurt x1

Chi Chi Flow Heart Tart x1

Limited time special $28

Original price 33+

Don’t forget that you can also order the family’s bucket of milk tea.

In Downtown and Aberdeen

You can pick it up!

Give the customer service QR code with both hands again!

Hurry up and place an order

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