Seattle's new round of money distribution: Small business owners can apply for $10,000, until the end of the month!

The restaurant owner must read the blue words above to follow

This week, Seattle announced that it started acceptingNew round of new crown relief applications for local small businesses Small Business Stabilization Fund, Each relief fund is US$10,000, a total of US$400 million is available.

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Earlier this year, Seattle provided relief funds to 469 companies and submitted a total of 9,000 applications, so it could not meet the demand.If the application you submitted in the previous round was not selected, you need to re-submit the application before entering this round.

application time

本轮申请有效期为2020年11月9日至2020年11月30日,Complete application must be submitted by 11:30 PM on November 23

Who can apply?

  • The business must be located in downtown Seattle(Except for companies located in King County unincorporated areas)

  • Valid Seattle City Business License

  • As of March 2020, there are 3 or fewer equivalent full-time employees ("FTEs")

  • Annual income does not exceed USD 200 million

  • No more than 2 business locations

  • Have been in business for at least 12 months

  • Have not accepted Small Business Stabilization Fund in the last round

  • For-profit enterprises (non-501c3 or other 501 non-profit organizations)

  • The company needs to have a physical location (except for creative industries, Food Truck, Farm Market businesses, and usually business addresses can be provided)

How to filter

Of all placesTwo thirdsWill guarantee prioritySmall businesses with 5 or fewer employees, Small businesses located in the areas most affected by the epidemic, small businesses in the areas most impacted by the economy, etc.; after receiving relief assistance, the company must promise not to reduce employees’ wages or reduce benefits

Application address

Identify the QR code below or pull to the end of the article and click to read the original text to go directly to the official application page

Materials to be prepared

Uniform Commercial Identifier (UBI) Number

Seattle City Commercial License

If the application is approved, you need to provide

Federal DUN number

Enterprise Employer Identification Number (EIN)

2019 business tax and bank account information

For more information, please follow the official website


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