18 kinds of indoor plants that can be supported by American green plant Xiaobai?Add a touch of spring to your home!

Green plants are a "big pit" that makes people love and hate.What I love is those beautiful green leaves, which can always bring vitality and vitality to the home, and I can’t stop it at the first glance; what I hate is that no matter how you teach online, How does the old king of planting flowers next door tell you that you can always raise so many trees, even if it is the green dill which is known as a must-have for lazy people.

In fact, plants, like humans, have their own instincts. To feed them well, you cannot rely on fooling around or luck, but rely on true understanding and practice.After the ban on the epidemic came into effect, I went to the small yard to walk the flowers and plants,This year, I have grown from a little white to a little gardener who can feed a few pots of flowers.(Self-proclaimed).

The pits you have stepped on, the mistakes you have made, and the novice-friendly plants, flowers and plants, are all shared with you today. You are also worthy of a garden full of spring scenery.

Before introducing the best indoor green plants in real life, let’s take a look at the importantThree secretsList it first:


Don't water frequently

Do not water frequently, control and then control.You read that right,Excessive watering is a common mistake made by most green plant novices, I always feel that the plants are short of water, so I just water them when I think of it.The correct way is to see the dry and see the wet, even if you want to pour more, remember to follow the edge of the pot.

(Picture source huabaike)


Choose the right plant according to the location

Choose plants according to their placement, Instead of looking at where the plants look good.Pleasurable yang and yin or dampness will directly determine the growth of plants, which can easily be overlooked during home maintenance.

(Picture source smzdm)


Fertilize regularly

At the beginning, less is more, wait until you have experience before buying new plants.During breedingPrepare at least one general fertilizer (All purpose plant food), Can be colorless and odorless liquid fertilizer,Fertilize regularly.Forgetting to fertilize is a common mistake that many people make, and it is completely forgotten.The commonly used green plant fertilizers are generally divided into two choices, one is water-soluble multi-purpose fertilizer, and the other is fertilizer that is inserted into the green plant soil like a nail.

(Picture source Miracle-Gro)

Where to buy?
Home Depot, Lowes, Costco all sell a lot, but the inventory is uncertain.
Or search on Google Map"nursey"It is the local nursery, the price will be more expensive, the advantage is that the general plants themselves are better taken care of.

It is recommended for novices to practice first with indoor plants!Next, I will take care of myselfIndoor green plantsShare the experience, a total of more than a dozen pots!Although not many, it can be considered as a first-hand experience. They are all really easy to grow plants, and flowers and plants that will not give you a look as long as they are done right.

 whitePeace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
 Flamingo Flower (Anthurium) 

The former is a common "smooth sailing" in the domestic flower market, also called white palm, and it is also the plant in "This Killer Is Not So Cold".
Anthurium bracts are gorgeous and are often mistaken for tropical plants to be difficult to serve.Put them together and say, not only because the names are relatively close, but the habits are also very similar, that isLike warm and moist.It’s okay to pour more water at ordinary times.It is best to put it in a place where there is scattered light, and apply thin fertilizers frequently., There will be flowers coming out all the year round.

 Heartleaf Philodendron 

Not only soil cultivation is good, but hydroponic cultivation is also very fast.Pick a section of the stem for cutting, or put it directly in the water, and it will take root very quickly.Its pliable leaf vine is very suitable for climbing, so it looks good in its shape.Not afraid of water, but also fond of fat.

 English Ivy (Hedera Helix) 

TooVery easy to grow climbing plant, Put it in any corner, as long as there is water, you can live.Small plants can also be used to form pots, and with other flowers and plants, they can be used as table flowers, and their appearance is very good.

 Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)


Pay attention to watering along the edge of the basin at one time, plus frequent ventilation, usually no extra maintenance is required.When it's okay, you can wipe off the dust on the leaves to make it look more refreshing. After all, as a large foliage plant, the leaves are its facade.

 Flaming Katy 

(Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana)  

In fact, this plant is an out-and-out general commodity in China, but it seems more expensive in the United States. The most attractive thing is when it blooms.Large flower volume and long flowering period.If you don’t want to look rustic, just find an elegant basin to set the basin.Usually basking in the sun, fertilizing regularly, and cutting off the remaining flowers in time when the flowers die.

 Ponytail Palm

 (Beaucarnea Recurvata) 

One of the succulents, the most eye-catching thing is its thick fleshy stem in the shape of a wine bottle.It seems difficult to grow, but such stems have sufficient water storage capacity.Hardly need watering, just put it in a sunny place, Although the growth is slow, it is also amazing when it grows up.

 Peperomia Obtusifolia 

The little freshness in the green plants, if you put it on a desk,Remember to bask in the sun often.Normally watering is fine, but don't overdo it, it's best to water it all at once.It is very versatile, what kind of effect can be produced with what kind of flower pot, it is very popular with green plant DIY players.

 Spider Plant

(Chlorophytum Comosum) 

The popularity of spider plants in China is probably considered as one pot per family.It is slender and elegant, and it has a beautiful shape when hung. It is suitable for hanging up or on the top of a cabinet.Applying a small amount of fertilizer frequently can make the long leaves more dense and healthy, and the water should be poured with little water, otherwise the roots will be easy to rot.There is also a variant called Chlorophytum, which is very gorgeous and is sometimes sold in the nursery.

 Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

(Ficus Lyrata) 

The spokesperson of Nordic wind plants is the ficus.You may find it difficult to raise, but it is not.Water according to the amount and keep the environment bright and light, it can quickly and continuously emit new leaves, And the growth rate is very fast.The point is not to match the cement basin, the root of the Qin YerongI like pots and soil with strong air permeability, Otherwise all the faults will be reflected on the leaves for you to see.

 Madagascar Dragon Tree 

(Dracaena Marginata) 

It is also a kind of plant that seems difficult to raise but is novice friendly.It doesn’t need too much water, it has scattered light and good ventilation., Coupled with the peculiar shape, it can highlight the taste of the owner of the green plant.The price is a bit more expensive, but it is worth it. If you are not sure at the beginning, you can start with a small pot. Remember to also set a desert-like outer flowerpot for it. Take a photo and you will be a blogger.

 Money Tree ZZ Plant 

(Zamioculcas Zamifolia) 

Another class representative who can grow well without watering too much, the opposite leaves are on the branches, which look like strings of money.If the watering room is dry and wet, you can often spray the leaves. If the roots have accumulated water, be careful when changing pots, and take care not to damage the roots.

 Moth Orchid 


How can such a delicate and delicate incarnation, such a delicate and beautiful flower, be easy to raise?But in fact it really is.The roots of Phalaenopsis are usually covered by sphagnum moss, just spray water to keep moistIn addition, do not replace or lose the plastic basin that comes with you when you buy it. It protects the root system is very sturdy.The flowering period lasts for two to three months. Prune after blooming, and pay attention to fertilization and re-flowering in the coming year.

 Chinese Money Plant

(Pilea Peperomioides) 

An Internet celebrity plant that has been very windy in recent years is called "copper money grass" in English, but it is not the same as the Chinese aquatic copper money grass.The leaves are very distinctive, round like a copper mirror, easy to grow side buds, under normal conditions of water, fertilizer and light, a bunch of small mirrors can be harvested soon.Be careful not to get too much sun in summer, it is best to put it indoors.

 Lucky Bamboo 

The evergreen plants in the style of veteran cadres are estimated to be available in the homes of the previous generation of immigrants. Direct hydroponic cultivation is so easy to raise them.The life span of soil culture will be longer. It likes water and warm light.The shape is the key when choosing. If you don't pay attention, you will get old-fashioned. It is better to have a clean and refreshing container as shown in the picture.

tiger Piran Snake Plant 

Please give full play to your lazy nature, don't just water it all right, just let it stay quietly where there is scattered light.Water the pot soil when it dries. Just keep the soil moist when watering. Don't accumulate water, let alone pour the water in the leaf core to prevent rotten.Smaller varieties can also make their own pots, with a desert wind and the like, which have a different kind of beauty.

 Evergreen Diffenbachia Pigta

The common dieffenbachia in the nursery are actually the foliage plants on the right: Dieffenbachia dieffenfolia. Different varieties have different patterns and look pleasing to the eye.Its biggest enemy is the cold, so it’s best to put it in a south-facing place, like it to be humid, and just water it along the side of the pot once a week., You can also spray to make the leaves more beautiful.

Monstera Deliciosa Liebm

It is also a net celebrity plant on Ins. Its biggest advantage is that it has a well-developed root system and is resistant to drought.This brings us back to what was said at the beginning of the article,Don’t just water it when it’s okay. Just do more at high temperature and less at low temperature..Like scattering light, aerial roots grow quickly, and there are many different varieties. Many plant gods are proud to collect varieties with brocade and crack holes.It's very photogenic, so it's okay when you take a photo in the background.

 Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Reginae 

The scientific name Strelitzia is native to South Africa. It is atmospheric and beautiful, but it is easy to become a pure foliage plant if you keep it, because it takes a lot of skills to keep it blooming, such asTemperature and fertilizer control.More friendly in warm areas, The area below 10 degrees Celsius needs heating.If you like it very much, if it is raised indoors, water the pot after seeing the soil turn white.Novices are advised to be cautious.

Having said that, I hope everyone can buy and raise their beloved pot of green plants.Spring is here, and new nurseries have been installed in various places. How about we go shopping together?

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