5D light show! What kind of experience is it to eat at the highest hot pot restaurant in the United States?

2020 is almost over. If you now think of a restaurant that can combine the most cross-border, coolest and most romantic restaurant, which one would you think of?

Whatever it is, there will be no one in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas"The X Pot"Come high-level! Because this is a "flying phoenix" hot pot restaurant.

It's the holiday season again, and the friends who have been holding back for a year are all ready to move. If there are plans to go to Vegas, then you must not miss:

The X pot

How advanced is it?

The X Pot isTop Ten Hot Pot Leading Enterprises in ChinaXiang Tianxia and Chubby Cattle, a well-known Las Vegas restaurant, jointly created a restaurant that is not contrary to eating hot pot in a tuxedo.

If the robot delivery service is not new to you,

that5D light and shadow dining room?

The collision of modern technology and the down-to-earth hot pot culture makes Forbes magazine say, "The X Pot redefines Chinese hot pot."

At the end of two years, the hearts of the two places will be condensed and the strength of a thousand people will be united.

The nation’s first [Five Senses Immersive Experience Restaurant] has spent nearly 700 million US dollars, 560 days of preparation, 380 days of decoration, masterpieces by more than 130 designers, and efforts by more than 80 decoration workers, integrating more than 3 people from 50 countries Overtime work in a factory, international training of more than 20 top chefs, and the concerted cooperation of more than 10 elite executive teams.

Not only that, 

The X Pot is also blessed by top chefs!

 Chef Ou Zhibo is a pioneer of Chinese cuisine, 

Pioneer of molecular cuisine, 

Has thirty years of chef experience. 

Proficient and familiar with Chinese/Japanese/Italian/French cuisine,

Is a well-known master of fusion cuisine at home and abroad in recent years! 

Chef Ou elaborated for The X Pot

Created more than 20 creative fusion dishes.

Top ingredients meet Sichuan-style butter hot pot

Returning to the restaurant’s diet, the surprise on the tip of the tongue is the root of the surprise here.

The X potThere are extremely stringent requirements for taste. It not only follows the traditional Sichuan hot pot with butter and mandarin duck hot pot, but also matches hot pot dishes that fit Chinese tastes.

The special soup base has a mellow taste and not only does not take away the taste of the fresh ingredients, it also perfectly brings out the characteristics of the ingredients.

  Xiangtianxia Sichuan Spicy Butter Pot Bottom  

The classic Butter Bear Spicy Flavor.The mellow butter, coupled with the selection of natural spices, the rich soup base firmly locks the taste of the ingredients, even the plain vegetable dishes can become particularly flavorful.

   Signature Golden Chicken Soup   



Selected Guangdong Qingyuan local chicken with thin skin and tender meat.Simmer for five hours at low heat, golden color, fresh and fragrant flavor.Paired with high-quality fish maw, it is smooth and chewy.

For The X Pot, in addition to the must-ordered Golden Chicken Soup, Premium Wagyu, Premium Black Hairy Belly, there are Prime Minister Meatballs, Premium Duck Blood, Kung Fu Noodles and more.

X Pot Wagyu Banquet Cuisine

Using Japanese A5 grade Miyazaki Wagyu beef, you can eat 7-8 kinds of high-quality Wagyu beef in one meal!

Wagyu beef has a marble texture.The oil is rich, the mouthfeel is flexible, delicate and tender.The delicate oil flower in the mouth intertwined with the taste buds on the tongue, and it is called "extreme frosting beef".And from sashimi to salt-grilled, to hot pot shabu-shabu, you can eat it all at once~

  X Pot Premium Black Hairy Belly  

As the handle of the hot pot world, Mao Du has an irreplaceable position.The hairy belly is "severe up and down" in the boiling butter pan, biting it down, and the sizzle is overflowing with the soup on the tongue, and the sense of satisfaction hits the soul from the taste buds.

   Prime Minister Maruko   

The X Pot retains the dish that Xiang Tianxia completely conquered the former British Prime Minister Cameron-Prime Minister Meatballs.

Selected pork belly with a proper fat-to-lean ratio. After removing the tendons by hand, beat it slowly with the back of a knife and finely chop it. The meatballs have gone through a lot of hard work!

   Premium Goose Intestines   

Regardless of taste or taste, the premium goose intestines deserve a place.The goods are freshly delivered every day, and after three processes of cleaning, the freshness of the ingredients is ensured, and the goose intestines are smooth and tender.

   The X Pot iceberg shoots   

Fresh bamboo shoots have been called "treasures in the dish" since ancient times. They are not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. The bamboo shoots are hung in the hot pot soup base, which is mellow and delicious.

    Premium duck blood   

In the selection of ingredients, X Pot adheres to the principle of "one look and two touches".Look at the color, the bright color of duck blood can guarantee its freshness;

Touch the hand, and the tender duck blood can guarantee a delicious taste.Only duck blood that has withstood the two major tests can be served on the table for diners.

    Kung Fu Dance Face & Face Change   

Kung fu face

Kung Fu Dancing Noodle

Kungfu face dance and face-changing performances push the hot pot atmosphere to a climax. Traditional face-changing kungfu is accompanied by exciting music from traditional operas;

The noodles of Kung Fu Dance Noodles undulate, flutter, and jump between the fingers of the master, like a long and energetic dragon. The chewy noodles of Q-bomb are tossing in the pot, accompanied by the rich soup, which makes people feel unsatisfied!

Luxury fusion on the tip of the tongue

The X pot is more than just hot pot. Chef Ou Zhibo, who has 20 years of chef experience, is a pioneer of Chinese avant-garde cuisine and molecular cuisine.As a master of fusion cuisine, Chef Ou has carefully created more than XNUMX creative fusion dishes for The X Pot.

"One Mouth Flavor" Foie Gras and Beef Rolls

Foie gras, one of the "three delicacies in the world", can now also be eaten in the lounge.The taste is delicate and smooth with foie gras, matched with selected imported Wagyu beef, triggering a multi-level taste experience.

 Golden caviar with crayfish 

The crayfish, which is recognized as the top ingredient in the seafood industry, has a tender meat and a smooth and sweet taste. When paired with black caviar, it originally has a delicious taste with natural seasonings and layers. After master Ou’s painstaking craftsmanship, the progress of the taste is even more speechless. table.

    X Black Swan Crisp   

In addition to the golden swan crisp, The X Pot also brings you an upgraded version of the black swan, which has a unique and beautiful appearance, with a distinct layer of meringue on the outside and a sweet taste.

In addition, The X Pot also unlocks the best seafood glutton for you.In addition to oysters, scallops, sashimi, sea urchins, etc. ~ there are also king crabs with pneumatic shafts.

    King crab   

Three King Crabs are now available!

One meal: $88/lb king crab hot pot

Second meal: $98/lb King Crab Hot Pot + Sashimi

Three meals: $60 King Crab, Foie Gras and Wagyu Fried Rice

There is also the seafood platter of the X Pot private pot set

It can also be upgraded to a king crab ($888)


How can you not have a drink in the gorgeous Las Vegas at night?The half-enclosed deck of Xiangtianxia's lounge not only maintains privacy, but also maintains an open environment and state.

The lights and shadows of the bar lounge are swaying, and ice cubes hit the hip flask, which is crisply mixed with the charm and taste of the night.A dozen specially-tuned cocktails, in an intoxicating lounge atmosphere,

Let your ears and ears grind, or confidantes and friends gathering, or relaxed business negotiations, immersed in the sense of ritual in Las Vegas...every Friday/Saturday there is a live DJ.

The X Pot VIP Room

The X Pot suite uses black gold as the base color, combining light, shape, and color, using the light collision of metal and glass, and matching turquoise-colored tableware with gold edges to show the restrained and luxurious westernization.

The golden dragon totem on the wall has a strong oriental atmosphere, breaking the fixed pattern, fusing without being abrupt. 4K screen is the thinnest screen, feeling the effect of being surrounded by phoenix; 5D light and shadow super sensory visual experience, allowing you to experience the luxury of taste while feeling the beauty brought by modern technology.

4 boxes. The VIP Room can accommodate 8 people, and the 2 rooms can be completely independent or combined.

5D box is now open for pre-sale ($300 per person)

Can send email toevents@thexpot.comConsult for more details.

 Exclusive event 

All talked about cross-border, how could it be just like this?

The food squad received an exclusive discount for everyone:

Make an appointment with a discount code in advance and spend at the store

Free A5 cow and a gift box

Remarks coupon code required for appointment :


How to use discount:

Reservation URL www.sevenrooms.com/reservations/xpot

When booking online, follow the prompts to add the discount code in the notes.

Or give the discount code when you call to make an appointment. The appointment phone number is(866) 888-9768,After completing the discount remarks, you can receive a wagyu gift box during the meal.

Warm tips:

To ensure the safety of employees and customers, The X Pot strictly implements the epidemic prevention measures promulgated by the state government and relevant health departments, maintains social distancing, and provides disinfection supplies.During the epidemic, box services and robotic services reduced personnel contact and provided a safer dining environment.

Online Reservations:


Booking line:

(866) 888-9768


3327 S Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 2884 

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Official website:thexpot.com

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