Those vegetables that are hard to buy in New York can be found here?Direct supply from the farm!

This week New York caught the last tail of autumn, and the cool and warm weather is about to come to an end.The maple leaves on the street turned red, and there were fewer people on the street.

I miss the food in my hometown during this season,That table of good dishes when I was at home with my parents.Whether it's the nourishing black-bone chicken soup in a casserole, or a paper bag wrapped with hot sugar-fried chestnuts, or a bite of the rich soy milk with deep-fried dough sticks in the morning.Thinking about it, it feels warm.
After the winter, there are fewer and fewer outdoor activities. Outdoor dining is cold and shivering, and there are too many people indoors and it is not safe.I think it's better to buy someFresh ingredients, Call a few good friends.In a few words, roll up your sleeves and see if you canRestore the taste of home.

No, fresh websiteGR Fresh Fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables were brought from the farm,From the farm by air,AllUsually not found in wholefood, trader joes.Thanksgiving is coming soon, so it’s not beautiful to ask friends to cook a meal together!

GR Fresh

GR Fresh is an American ChineseNearest to the farmOnline shopping platform.Approved by a team of agricultural product experts,New Jersey and FloridaPicked from farms in two places, from all over the worldImported bulk premium products(Such asTianjin chestnut, mainland lotus root, Japanese yam, etc.).Direct supply from the farm, major Chinese supermarkets and restaurants23, Now it is shipped directly to every household, it is the best choice from farm to table (farm to table).In addition to fruits and vegetables, all kinds of fresh food, snacks, sauces, snacks, cooked food, etc. are also available.

GR Fresh introduced Tianjin Cucumber to the US East for the first time twenty years ago.Improve the quality of life and convenience of the ChineseThe road goes farther and farther.The platform is also committed to cultivating the downstream industry chain of the industry, launching local restaurants that are processed from farm vegetables and poultry eggs as raw materialsSemi-finished food.

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Fresh fruit

Japanese Green Pomelo

The taste of Japanese green honey pomelo is refreshing, the flesh is lighter in color, soft and juicy. Compared with other grapefruits commonly found in American supermarkets, the sweetness is higher. This season is very dry.


fresh vegetables

Stuffed Tomato

Sandwich tomatoes are really rare in New York!This tomato canEat it directly as fruit,It's juicy and sweet inside.It is too difficult to buy juicy tomatoes in American supermarkets, and they are very dry when cut.So when I got the tomatoes and cut them open, I was taken aback by the juice (unconsciously ate a few bites).

It's also great for making tomato scrambled eggs!Whether you like to eat sugar or vinegar, the egg liquid can be completely soaked in it.

Xue Li Peng

Many people don’t know what potherb mustard is, in fact, you definitely ate it when you were a kid.Snow vegetables.With this I can eat three steamed buns!tooSuitable for winter snacksI really haven’t eaten it once since I came to the United States.

Potherb mustard is very simple to make. Cook and chop finely. Add vinegar with scallion, ginger, garlic, millet and pepper, and stir-fry.If you like spicy food, add more spicy to taste itCrispy and refreshing, With a glass of beer, absolutely. (It is recommended to make more, keep it in the refrigerator if you can't finish eating, and it will taste delicious even if it is cold.As a topping for pickles or rice noodles).

Small Leaf White Tong + Black Garlic

Xiaoye Baitong is commonly known asHollowdishIn the past, it was always stir-fried with garlic, but this time I tried stir-fried water spinach with black garlic.

The convolvulus delivered by GR Fresh by air is very healthy, green and tasteCrispy.

I have never eaten black garlic before. Compared with ordinary garlic, it has a softer taste and no smell of raw garlic.Not irritating.I tried it when I was cooking, I feelSofter than white garlic.


Garlic moss is hard to buy in New York!Itself is a kind of nutritious vegetable,Especially the amino acid content that can be directly absorbed by the human body is extremely high.When I was young, my mother always liked to make fried pork with garlic moss. This time we tried to fry with black garlic. It not only has a strong garlic fragrance, but also has a sweet taste.


Energy meat

Boneless chicken feet

Boneless chicken feet are too suitableMake incense pot and stir fryYes, the vacuum packaging ensures that every paw will be bombarded after opening, andIt's convenient without deboning, Scallion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, stir-fry, add pepper and chili, it tastes very fast.

Or have a braised sauce, add dark soy sauce and rock sugar anise, and simmer for a while, guaranteeXiang knocks on the door when neighbors come.This time I only made the spicy version, and I sat on the sofa with my roommate and gnawed chicken feet while chasing the drama (no need to spit bones haha). It was a perfect slimming dinner for a lonely single girl.


Crayfish is a favorite of street food stalls. I want to wear plastic gloves and take the lobster meat with one hand. It's really cool.Too bad in the U.S.Authentic crayfishNow that the house can sit and wait, it is really comfortable.

This crayfish can be eaten whatever you want. We put the chilli noodles, cumin, pepper, etc. together, marinated it and then threw it in the oven.Fragrant neighborinUp! (Sorry neighbor, sorry sorry)


Drink snacks

Tianjin Chestnut

I finished the Tianjin chestnuts in about 20 minutes.As a chestnut madman, my favorite is the sugar-fried chestnuts, chestnut cakes, chestnut milk tea... As long as it is related to chestnuts, I can't stop.When I wanted to eat chestnuts but couldn't eat them, I bought a bag of tasteless wet chestnuts in American supermarkets, but it was not enough for the sweet and sweet taste in childhood memories.

This pack of Tianjin chestnuts was steamed in a small pot with my roommate and I, and the whole kitchen was in less than half an hourWith a faint chestnut fragrance(It makes me unable to concentrate on work anymore. I go to the kitchen every two minutes to see if it's cooked).When they got out of the pot and their hands were hot, the two of them couldn’t wait to get into their mouths (it turned out to be hot). This chestnut isSoft waxy,andVery sweet.

Because it is steamed, the moisture is locked,It tastes good and doesn't dry at all.We steamed a pot and ended up eating in one night.It is recommended to eat it colder, don’t worry~ 

Rice cake

How can you miss the fresh and tender rice cakes during the holidays?This time we used it to make fried rice cake with shredded pork, which has both meaty aroma and rice cakeSoft and crispy, The taste is strong.

Chenpi White Tea

Like the smell of tangerine peelDon’t miss it. As a combination of old tangerine peel and old white tea, tangerine peel white tea is most suitable for autumn and winter.Pour a pot, there is a very strong tangerine peel aftertaste, the tea itself is very light, the mouth is smooth and smooth, and the taste is sweet.

Matcha soy milk

Does matcha and soy milk, two domestic favorites, make you feel as excited as me?My favorite is the matcha flavor, because of the unsweetened bitter aroma of teaMore aftertaste.Not to mention soy milk, the signature breakfast, all year roundGood choice for healthy and high protein.

I've drank the original flavor of this brand before, soy milkMellow taste.Open the lid of the matcha soy milk, and the aroma of matcha comes out.Refrigerated soy milkShake Jununiform, Slowly poured into a white porcelain teacup, verySmooth, The first sip in the mouthFeel very refreshing.Maybe because I don’t like too sweet matcha, this soy milkJust sweetnessIn line with the heart.

Matcha isJapanese taste, bitter in the fragrance, The taste of matcha powder that is hand-grinded by yourself is closer.The taste of soy milk itself is slightly weaker and retainsThe purity of the beans.The combination of the two raw materials makes it naturally refreshing and unburdened after one bite.Especially suitable for breakfast or when you want to drink milk tea, this isHealthier alternative.

Mulberry Fruit Tea

Mulberry fruit teaGood for weight loss.After the hot water is ready, you can put it in the refrigerator, add a few pieces of ice, and throw in a few pieces of fresh berries. The sweet and sour taste can replace Yifang's fruit tea.When it's coldDrink directly, You can see personal preference to scoop a spoonful of honey in, sweet and more pleasant.

It feels like tossing about pots and pans with roommates this week, you can be regarded as half a little cook!In fact, as long as the ingredients are fresh and rich, and friends who chop vegetables together, you will be happy when you eat anything in a foreign country.

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If you are also homesick this winter, you might as well try cooking yourself, maybe just follow the gourd painting to restore it.I hope that no matter where you are, your heart and stomach can keep warm ❤️.

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