The storm in Huazhou killed 1 person, XNUMX households were powered off, and lightning hit the plane!

This article is reproduced from: Seattle Online

When I moved to Seattle, I felt like living in a village. There was a power outage when it was really windy and heavy. Everyone complained again and again.
Yesterday, October 10th (Tuesday), violent winds in western Washington caused tens of thousands of people to lose power. A tree that was blown down by the wind smashed the road cleaners and killed one person.

According to the Key Peninsula fire department, a person who was clearing a highway there was hit by a suddenly collapsed tree and died on the spot.

The Associated Press report also mentioned that the pilot of a Boeing 737 aircraft reported that the aircraft was struck by lightning when flying to an altitude of 18000 (about 5486 meters) near Seattle.There are currently no reports of further damage to the aircraft.
On Tuesday, water sports enthusiast Martin Anderson hovered briefly in the air while testing wind speed on a sailboat in Puget Sound (AP reporter/Elaine Thompson)

On Tuesday, the Puget Sound area and the coast of Washington State continued to have strong winds, with winds from the southwest up to 30 miles, and the highest wind measured at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport was close to 50 mph.The National Weather Service said gusts in the Seattle area could exceed 60 miles per hour on Tuesday night.

According to the power outage diagrams of multiple utility companies in western Washington, in Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light and Snohomish County Public Utility District ) Within the service area, more than XNUMX users lost their power supply on Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately, power has been restored recently, and everyone is ready for the rainy season!

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