Out of stock Wang Jufeng grapes, LA first batch! There are also Youchen meat muffins, peaches, dinosaur eggs, prickly cucumbers...


Out of stock Wang Jufeng grapes,Yochen Meat Muffins

Dinosaur eggs, peaches, custard

There is also an exclusive Ozark Xiao Zhan limited gift box!

My favorite grocery shopping software Weee! It’s new again~


Let's take a look

What to eat this week?



Yochen Meat Muffins


The most popular Yuchen meat muffins,

After waiting for a year, it is finally restocked!

Yuchen’s meat muffins are really the most real meat muffins I have ever eaten.

Golden crispy crust, crispy and thin crust,

The filling is very full, bite down the full meat floss,

Super invincible big satisfaction!For the carnivorous party,

This sudden big mouthful of happiness can't be resisted at all!

The slightly sweet taste is not greasy at all, you will fall in love with one bite,

If you haven't tasted it, you must come and taste it!

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California Kyoho Grape

Thomcord from South Korea is also on the shelves


The Kyoho grape that I thought about day and night is back!

Direct delivery from California farm, super fresh

There are also Korean Thomcord grapes that look very similar 🍇

Is also the first batch

Peel the skin patiently and squeeze the grapes into your mouth in one bite

"Zip", the whole fruit slid into the mouth

The sweet and sour taste is deeply rooted in my mind

South Korea Thomcord & California Kyoho

Which one do you pick

They are all plump and crystal-clear

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Green Sweet Apricot/Dinosaur Egg


The perfect combination of plums and apricots

Known as the "Fruit Pride of the 21st Century"👍🏻

That's all 👉 Green Sweet Apricot 

Combines the fragrance of apricot and the sweetness of plum

You can eat soft and hard

Two tastes satisfy the hearts of foodies💖

Plump green pulp

Bright and attractive like an emerald✨

Bright green color, round shape,

It is also affectionately called [Dinosaur Egg]!

The meat is thick and the core is small, you know how difficult it is to take a bite

The moment when the thin peel ruptures

Sweet and crisp, full of juice, sweet and sour taste🤩

Can't stop eating one by one!

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Shoukang Peach

Shoukang Peach, Which represents the world's top level of peaches

Every year on the shelves, it is quickly received by Miaokong

This year Weee! broughtExclusive Toner Cartridge Premium Shoukang

Is a good quality first-class!

The peaches are still light green

But I can smell the strong fruity fragrance

When the light green fades, the pulp becomes slightly soft

When the peel separates as soon as it is peeled

Take a bite, the silky pulp with the rich peach aroma

The peach juice is so much that you need to use it

I accidentally ate only the nuclei

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The editor has compiled a few Weee! Exclusive products

They are all hin's delicious hot products, which can't be bought in supermarkets!


Prickly long cucumber

More crispy than the cucumbers bought in general supermarkets!

The sweetness is also heavier!

Whether it is eaten raw or used as a stir-fry, it is suitable!

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Freshly pickedCalifornia Seedless Sweetheart Tangerine.

Under the warm sunshine, they have grown into small suns!



Oranges are not only thin and easy to peel, but the flesh is tender and juicy.

Like orange pudding.



Take a bite, and the sweet juice will explode in your mouth.

Sweet and sour, mixed with fresh orange 🍊 aroma,

Can't stop one by one,

I accidentally ate a whole box.


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Ming Tea Handmade Peach Puree.

Slowly boil fresh peaches over low heat.



Delicate taste, strong peach aroma

It can be used to make peach smoothies, peach-flavored green tea and other peach drinks, and it can also be used to make jam spread bread!

Eat sweet and sweet honey in your mouth, and you can also eat peach pulp!


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Shirakiku three-color dumplings, The texture of Nuo Ruan Q bomb is very good.

The white one has a faint fragrance of rice,

Pink with a delicate fragrance of cherry blossoms,

Green is the fresh smell of wormwood,

The overall taste is light, not sweet or greasy.


(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)


In addition to the three-color dumplings, there areRed Bean and Glutinous Rice DumplingJapanese soy sauce glutinous rice dumplingsIt's also worth a try~


(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)



Home run espresso egg custard.

The outer skin is slightly burnt with a little toughness,

The inside is fluffy and tender,

It's like a cloud full of milk~

The overall taste is moist, with moderate sweetness,

It’s most suitable for afternoon tea with coffee.

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Suntang Brown Sugar Sun Cake.

Layers of cakes are as thin as cicada wings, blended with brown sugar syrup,

Bite the mouth to loosen the scum, and the mouth is full of sweet and sweet burnt aroma.

Coupled with a pot of good tea, the fragrance is elegant and leisurely.


(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

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#Health Net Red Recommendation#


Xiao Zhan's limited Ozark gift box is here! ! !

Ozark is originally a brand of oatmeal that I like very much

The yogurt cubes inside are the essence, the special milk melts in your mouth!

Oatmeal + yogurt + fruity flavor, the taste is 2-3 layers more than ordinary oatmeal

6 packs in a box,XNUMX% off, It saves a lot of money than buying alone

You can also finish the taste of his internet celebrity directly, it's so enjoyable!


(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)


This Xiao Zhan joint name isWeee! Exclusive, not available anywhere else!

Free while stocks last2 signed posters and 3 photos!

Don't miss it, fans!




Fragrant and crispyCaleb Oatmeal

It must be that no one does not love, no one knows it!

With milk, with chocolate, with ice cream, with yogurt,

With everything. . .How to match, bothDelicious and nutritious!

Swipe to see more

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Natto lovers come here!

Kotsubu Mini Natto, A pack of three boxes,


One box is just right for one person!

Natto is sticky enough, fragrant and soft and can be brushed!

Easy to eat right out of the bag!


(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

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Recently it caught up with Korea Week,

Korean explosive meat, kimchi pancakes, crispy cheese balls

From food to beauty, everything!

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