finally!The details of the Canadian "Chinese theft and sale of real estate" case announced!

Without knowing it, your big house was sold?
The incident that sounds outrageous is actually staged in reality!

(The picture is from CP24, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Not long ago, the Toronto news media reported an incredible case.
In the Toronto area,Three Chinese took advantage of the house owner's absenceDuring the period, forged documents and pretended to be the owner,Successfully robbed and sold a house worth 84 Canadian dollars!
Moreover, even a lawyer who has been practicing for 11 years can hardly distinguish the forged documents of the suspect.After the news was announced, many homeowners panicked...


(The picture is from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Recently, CBC published the details of the arrest of three Chinese criminals, and put the names of the three suspects on the headlines, saying they were"Top Thief".
An unbelievable horror case was carefully planned,The degree of deception cannot be underestimated.
How did this case unfold and how did the suspect be arrested?Let's go back together!


Detect the key person: real estate lawyer

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

The case started when Niroosan Vivekanantharajah, a real estate lawyer in Toronto, received a phone call.The suspect stated that he wanted to sell a house in Scarborough as the owner.
And the suspect was fully prepared to sell the house,Know the entire process like the back of your hand, Attorney Niro began to think: these three people are almost perfect clients.

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

When Niro's lawyer checked their various documents before confirming the transaction, the three suspects generously showed "Land tax documents, permanent resident card, vacant property tax declaration certificateWaitAny proof that can identify oneself.

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

The undisguised display made lawyer Niro believe in them, and soon the house was successfully sold.


God Assist: Bank Employee

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

After the house was sold, lawyer Niro, who has been practicing for many years, felt more and more wrong.
First of all,This home is not listed for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service),belongThe "dark market" of private transactions.And when the three suspects sold the house, they directly sought lawyer Niro as their representative;

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

It did not go through the normal transaction process, and there was no real estate agent involved in the whole process..
Just imagine, the three Chinese are selling houses in foreign countries, and the paths they take are not formal, and the level of proficiency makes people suspicious.

At this time, the transaction has been completed, and the amount of the sale of the house will soon be transferred to the suspect's account.Attorney Niro receivedbank phone number;

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

The bank employee said he needed his assistance in verifying the identity of the customer in order to release the money, and revealed two key pieces of information.
  • Said the transaction was the account's first transaction;
  • It was pointed out that the suspect's permanent resident card could not be confirmed to be fake, but it was suspected that it might be fake.
no doubt!With the help of the bank employees, lawyer Niro was even more convinced that there must be something wrong, so he decided to investigate to find out.


truth emerges

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

The clever Niro lawyer went to the house for sale to find out, and decided to play the role of a detective to inquire about the situation of the surrounding people;

Unexpectedly, all the problems will be exposed,Letters piled up at the door of the house, the long-locked porch...

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Described by the surrounding neighborsThe real owner also has some discrepancies with the this timeLawyer Niro already believes that the three Chinese who sold the house before are not the real owners;
A Chinese neighbor reported to himThe owner of the house has gone to China, she has the keys to the house to help with special situations.
Lawyer Niro told the other party that the suite had been sold, and the other party was shocked!Then the truth came out.


The suspect was successfully captured

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Lawyer Niro immediately reported the information to the bank and the police, and the three parties worked togetherPlanned raid lures suspects to bank to withdraw money, the suspect who thought that the stolen money would be credited to the account immediately was successfully captured as soon as he arrived at the bank!
The three suspects, Xue Wang, Ling Pan and Xing Yu Ling were all arrested.



How to protect the property?

(picture from CBC, the copyright belongs to the original author)

In recent years, there have been more and more house theft incidents in Canada. Before this case,CBC News announces Toronto areaAt least 30 houses were stolen and mortgaged, and the real house owners didn't know it!
This makes the Chinese who own Canadian real estate in China start to worry..

(picture from MLS, the copyright belongs to the original author)

With the development of technology, fraud technology has become more and more advanced.The captain recommends that you:


1. The house must passMLSWait for formal channels to trade, and be cautious of sellers who are eager to sell and sell at low prices;


2. The landlord should pay more attention to lettersProtect your property rights, it is necessary to purchase insurance for the property rights of the house;


3. You can hire protective caregivers when you are away from home.Avoid leaving your home vacant for too long.

最后:Xue Wang, Ling Pan and Xing Yu Ling will appear in court on March 3,Let us wait and see how the law punishes them!

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