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Thanksgiving mother's day

Weee puts a "price" for love

A lot of benefits and new value-added products are ready

Full of discounts❤️Full of love


Newcomer spree

 Newbies spend $35 off$20!!!

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$0.99 for 1 pound of ground black pork

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You can purchase a heart-warming apple for $68 if you spend $0.01

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Hundreds of Mother's Day specials are coming

All can be stacked with a $20 reduction

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Weee also compiled a list of good tastes for Mother's Day today 
They are all top-notch products with super high praise rate

There is always one that can poke you~

Give a cake for Mother’s Day,
Hide all love in sweetness.

LeTao Cheesecake Replenishment

Every 10 secondsJust sellOneGod-level cheesecake!

The originator of Japanese cheesecake

You must check in to HokkaidoLeTao Double Cheesecake

From foreign confectionery shops in Otaru, HokkaidoAir freight to the U.S.!

Grab to bring you deliciousness in the first moment!

And now newcomers are directly off $20!

Take home for $29.99, great value

The sweet mousse cheese blends perfectly with the mellow baked cheese,

Smooth and delicate, rich milky fragrance, happy valve is instantly detonated!

LeTao Chocolate Cheesecake

LeTAO’s other masterpiece—chocolate double cheesecake,

It is also a must-eat list item that blows up countless internet celebrity desserts.

It's not too sweet and greasy like the original double cheese,

This cake reveals a bit of bitterness of the top black craftsmanship,

The fusion of black and white not only brings visual beauty,

It also brings refreshing, silky, sweet but not greasy taste bud impact.

Editor’s reminder:LeTAO cake must be iced before eating!

More importantly, WeeeNew couple get $20 red envelope for their first order

Don't grab it~~

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Love Me Sweet Cheesecake

Don’t miss this treasure cake from Toronto

you could say soLeTao flat version

👉Love Me Sweet👈

Main Japanese cheese cake

More choices

A variety of flavors are available, each one is delicious

 #Black Sesame Cake# 

This popular "health" taste

I use black sesame seeds that are healthy and nourishing~

Baked black sesame cream, chocolate shortbread

Creative match with vanilla sponge cake!

Each stomata of the fluffy vanilla sponge cake body

Both exude a strong sesame fragrance

The taste is rich and multi-layered, layer by layer

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Based on the savory sea salt Chanti cream

Pay more attention to the moisture and softness of the cake embryo

Using French vanilla cake embryo 🍰

Add cheese cheese to make the taste more delicate and dense

The entrance is sweet and salty with sea salt

Intertwined with rich and heavy cheese aroma

The aftertaste is on the tip of the tongue, refreshing and not greasy~

 ⬇Scan the code and try it out immediately ⬇ 

 #tiramisu original# 

Rich flavor of cheese, coffee, and cocoa

Delicate and light cheese with soft sponge cake

Creamy taste with slightly salty cheese

It's much thicker than ordinary Japanese cheesecake

A light fragrance with a soft taste

Loved, loved 😍

 ⬇Scan the code and try it out immediately ⬇ 

 #Matcha tiramisu# 

Strong strength, good looks

I'm talking about this matcha tiramisu 😘~

Rich matcha scent

Fully blend with the creamy cake

Slightly bitter, slightly sweet

The entrance is rich and soft

There is a hint of sweet fragrance in the aftertaste~

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Famous product·Liuxin persimmon gift box

Persimmons that can flow in one bite

Thick frost, moist texture, sweet taste

The gift box packaging is even better

Most suitable for mom👍

One mouthful of ten thousand persimmons, two mouthfuls of good persimmons in succession

 Three persimmons wishful~

High-quality good persimmon hand-made hanger hangs naturally

Dried persimmon pulp is softer and glutinous, and the heart is fuller🤤

Crystal clear soft flow heart

Just like jelly, soft and dense

Take a bite, chewy on the outside

Inside is the fluid heart that melts in the mouth

Five-point soft glutinous, seven-point sweet and fragrant

No matter how you eat, you won’t be greasy, one bite is refreshing~

It ’s so delicious

 ⬇Scan the code and try it out immediately ⬇ 

Dandy's black gold quicksand bag

New choice for breakfast ☝ net red black gold quicksand bag

Just the shape has captured the hearts of many foodies😍

Tear the loose skin gently

The golden quicksand is ready to emerge

The black outer skin is in sharp contrast with the golden inner filling

Take a bite while it’s hot, the milk is fragrant

With the fresh fragrance of salted egg yolk😘

Soft and delicious~ full of milk~

 ⬇Scan the code and try it out immediately ⬇ 

Master Black·Rolled Heart Crisp

Produced by Taiwanese Internet celebrity and souvenir brand Black Master

So crispy, there is no friend’s signature roll cake, here it is~~~

High-quality fresh raw materials, scientifically matched and produced

Every bite is healthy and delicious

Crispy wafer rolls are filled with fillings

Every bite is enjoying the crunchiness of the wafer and the mellowness of the filling

The thick milk scent is even more encumbered

This is also beautifully packaged in tin cans, easy to carry

Put a can in your bag when you go out

Relieve hunger or hunger at any time

 ⬇Scan the code and try it out immediately ⬇ 

Daoxiang Village·One bite of crisp chocolate flavor

👉Beijing travel must buy souvenirs!

👉Treasure items in Daoxiang Village, a century-old pastry!

This chocolate-flavored bite

Integrating Chinese and Western dessert culture into one

Not only the crispy sweetness of Su-style refreshments

More rich fragrance of western chocolate

One bite down, full of chocolate fragrance

But it’s not too greasy, it feels calm and just right

Soft stuffing

You can eat a big box without paying attention 😜~

 ⬇Scan the code and try it out immediately ⬇ 


Weee wish all mothers in the world stay youthful 

Remember to call your parents often~

More surprises in Weee

 ⬇Scan the code to immediately receive the $20 red envelope,

Fresh life, non-stop shopping⬇

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