Chicago Michelin recommends Japanese food, $50/person can be full? Perhaps the most cost-effective Omakase!

some days ago

With friends (excitedly after more than a year)

Went to Omakase once

Since ChicagoKAI ZANJust keep lying in my collection

But there is no suitable opportunity to pull weeds

However, a beautiful turning point appeared
One day I saw on Xiaohongshu that this restaurant tastes good
And also boarded year after yearMichelin Guide
Recommended list of "Bib Gourmands"
Super cost-effective
One serving of Omakase is completely full for two people
Stingy elves are like my heart
So I called a friend to go with him 
Big resultExceed expectations
Private collection in such a good store is impossible~So comeShao to everyone!


Let me give you a brief introduction to this restaurant. It is located in the West Town area, not far from Logan Square and Downtown. We took a bus from Uniqlo on Michigan Avenue for about half an hour. It feels safe and secure all the way, not the kind of eating once. Areas where there is a risk of death
The surrounding area is not particularly prosperous, and the door face is relatively small.However, the neighborhood of the shop is very hippie style, there are some interesting local shops worth visiting~

KAI ZAN was opened in 2012. As soon as the door opened, it attracted the attention of friends who are knowledgeable in the Chicago restaurant market, because the owner and chef are the famous brothers Melvin&Carlo Vizconde (the two on the picture), known as sushi twins.

June is their birthday, a pair of Gemini twins...

We made a reservation on the open table in advance,There is a 24-hour cancellation policy,That is, cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance, otherwise a reservation fee of 25 yuan will be charged.
And outsideThe rough and simple style is different, inThe noodles are very stylish. As soon as I entered, the young lady at the door was very enthusiastic and saw that it was like this inside

There is already a normal menu on the table. If you want to eat Omakase, tell the waiter in charge of your table that he will bring an Omakase menu.Some special dishes of the day will also be introduced!

The price of such a portion is 70 yuan, if you want to share with two people, you can add 15 yuan, there will be an extra copy of Angry Crab, Oange Rush, and Dynamite Mussels.Test it yourself, it's worth it! !

In addition, when it comes to the style of this restaurant, I wonder if there are any friends who like to watch "Lao Fan Gu" cooking videos. The slogan "Lao Fan Gu" is very suitable to describe this restaurant:Inheritance is not conservative, innovation does not forget the original 

Most of the more traditional Omakase I have eaten before are in this style:

Although it tastes good, I don't often (no money) eat Omakase, I always feel that my tongue is not sensitive enough to eat all kinds of fish.In contrast,KAI ZAN’s Omakase is a more intimate style.
On the one hand, they have relatively traditionalFish sashimi, Absolutely meet the small expectations of eating Japanese food, on the other hand, they are not hesitating to provide a variety ofImaginative fusion flavors, But pay attention to the taste itself, so their fusion dishes make people feel that they are not all kinds of piles.
Let's take a look at what's there~

Red List ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
👉Madai Carpaccio

In the lead is Madai Carpaccio,Very fresh Japanese sea bream sashimi with olive oil, basil leaves, flying fish roeThe umami taste and taste of the overall fish are particularly in place. The olive oil has a strong taste, and the flying fish roe in the middle is the finishing touch.

It is good to eat Omakase as a starter. If it is a single order, I suggest you guys who prefer the taste of olive oil to try it.

👉Escolar& Maguro pearls 

This is my favorite one (one of)! !Fatty tuna and jade barracuda sushiThis is a classic, topped with aioli and shallots, the finishing touch is the dots on the topBlack truffle chopped, After a bite, I really ascend to heaven... The main reason is that the various flavors are perfectly blended.

There are a total of four sushi, two of each flavor, I really feel unwilling to eat the second after eating the first one.

👉Angry Crab

I have to say that this shop is too excellent. This Angry Crab is a must for every table, and it is also one of the 15 yuan that two people share an Omakase.
The outside is wrapped in tuna, the center is spicy crab meat, topped with spicy mayonnaise and some minced tempura.
What can I say?It was so delicious that the tempura on the plate was licked up.

Finish eatingAngry Crab, We already know that this store is not trivial, but the next one still surprises us...

Before this dish came up, we saw the waiter's brother serving small wine glasses on each table. We thought it was a cocktail. We only realized that it was another creative dish after it was served to us!

Oysters or scallops are soaked in a sauce that blends caviar, yuzu soy sauce, quail eggs, shallots, and chili sauce.

When you eat it, swallow it in one bite, poke the yolk in your mouth and mix the sauce,LivingThe freshness of oysters and scallops, the refreshingness of grapefruit, and a little bit of spiciness together.Delicious and a bit exciting!

Secretly, when I searched for pictures, I saw that there wereThe uni shooters of the sea urchin version are added, you can try to unlock it.
👉Orange Rush

Why is KAI ZAI’s Omakase worth it? Because it basically includes all of its most classic dishes, every set that comes up has the meaning of "King Fried".Especially the first few creative dishes.

The next one is also my favorite! ! !

The creative idea of ​​this Orange Rush is actually quite similar to Angry Crab. It is the classic sashimi flavor wrapped with another seafood, and then the sauce is seasoned..The difference is that this sashimi is grilled, so the edges are a bit burnt, but the middle part is completely sashimi texture.

What's wrapped in the middle isscallop, Also slightly roasted,The top ingredients are a little citrus flavor.When eating, the taste of citrus is not very obvious. I am completely indulged in the fatness of salmon and scallops. The citrus may be secretly greasy...


Although it is okay to eat delicious sashimi in a (Michelin-level) Japanese food store, and sashimi is hard to come by, I still have to say that its sashimi is really fresh, which completely satisfies my desire to eat raw fish. Look forward to.
👉Matcha Creme Brulee

This dessert is not in Omakase, it is usSingle point.
It’s the first time I ate the matcha-flavored French caramel pudding, which is completely beyond imagination. The caramel on it is thicker, sweet and slightly burnt.The matcha taste is super rich and pure, the pudding underneath is half-cooked, and the milk flavor is also very strong.My friends and I were so impressed... and it's not very expensive, you can try it!

not badâ €


After experiencing the various "King Fried" in the front, Hamachi is not a very colorful dish, it is more like a transition from a cold meal to a main dish, so that I can't find a picture of it...

The main ingredient is Hamachi yellowtail tuna sashimi, the finishing touch isKorean honeydew melon with yuzu soy sauce is very refreshing.

Okay, the next one.


This main course consists of four side dishes, namely:Shrimp salad, barbecued pork, octopus balls, and wasabi octopus.

One of the most remarkable is its char siu, which is the kind found in Japanese ramen, but the volume and taste will be thicker.

In fact, it’s a bit small for two people to divide such a piece, but the taste is really good. The pork belly is used, which is particularly fragrant when grilled.There is a little black garlic sauce on it, but the aroma is mainly roasted meat.

The other three dishes have nothing to do with them. They are not bad in Omakase, and it is not necessary to order them individually.

👉Fiesta Maki

This scroll is better than ordinary, but it is not amazing.In the middle are salmon, tuna pieces, avocado, jalapenos, and a bit of roe.The most outstanding thing about this roll is that it uses a little bit of spicy oil that tastes like Korean chili sauce. What I don’t like is that the avocado is a bit tricky.

However, this volume is to ensure that everyoneYou can eat Omakase.

👉Dynamite Mussels

This grilled mussel is actually one of KAI ZAN's signatures. It may be a bit unfair to give a good list. The friends who went with it like it.

The seasoning is delicious, but as expected, the aioli is more flavorful.

If this is the first time you go to KAI ZAN, you should still order it. After all, it is a popular signature dish.

Pull the grass
Actually KAI ZAN’sOmakaseThe content of the evaluation has been finished, the only thing I want to weed for everyone is a barbecue I ordered myself.

They are really delicious, so knowing that there is enough food for two people, I still can't help but a little bit.


The chicken thighs on the skewers are very woody, and the Yakitori sauce on the surface is good, but there is no taste in it.

And there is a green onion in the middle for no reason. If it is a delicious roasted chicken leg, green onion will add points, but there is no juice in this one, and it is not fragrant.

but!Its homeBeef Tataki (Roast Beef)But it's wonderful! !Whether it’s the sauce, the fatness of the beef, the maturity, it’s perfect, evenNot worse than horns.AndA string is only $7, Two skewers at a time are enough for barbecue addiction.

Finally, to summarize,
This is really a good store that I would like to be tap water!
Omakase can be shared by two people,
And eat some of its most classic dishes
Actually don't eat Omasake
Ordinary creative sushi is about $20
Some more appetizers and desserts🍮
Per capita consumption can be controlled at 20-40 dollars
Is it also very cost-effective!
Hope everyone likes this recommendation!
Please also recommend Chicago’s delicious Japanese food in the message area
Or KAI ZAN’s hidden good dishes
Thank you~

🏠 Store name:



 2557 W Chicago Ave, 

Chicago, IL 60622

☎️ Phone:

 (773) 278-5776

⏰ Business hours:

Tuesday–Thursday: 5–10 pm

Friday: 5-11 pm

Saturday: 4:30-11:30 pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday


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