Washington Governor Insley re-elected, Seattle police arrested 8 demonstrators on election night

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee won a 80% approval rate out of 59% of the votes counted, and he was re-elected.


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According to the Twitter of the Seattle Police Department, on the night of the general election on November 11, two parades in Seattle passed through the Lake Vietnam area and the Capitol Hill area respectively.Demonstrators in the South Lake area gathered in Cascade Park, while those in the Capitol Hill area departed from Cal Anderson Park.

The two parades remained peaceful for most of the march, but there were still some vandalism.

Seattle police said that a total of eight demonstrators were arrested. They were arrested for the following reasons: using a hammer to destroy the parking meter, suspected of driving recklessly and pushing and beating a police officer.

In neighbouring downtown Portland, Oregon, demonstrations also took place on Tuesday night, but there were no reports of arrests.

The governor of Oregon issued an executive order during the day on Tuesday, requiring the Oregon State Police and the Sheriff of the nearby Multnomah County to reinforce Portland’s law enforcement operations.

At the same time, she authorized the mobilization of hundreds of Oregon National Guard soldiers on standby to support Portland.

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