anger!It's her who insulted a 6-year-old Chinese girl in LA Disney, "Go back to XXX"!






Some time agoAmerican University RecruitmentLifebill of rightsruled unconstitutional,Asian students are "discriminated against" in college admissions.While celebrating this, the horrific incidents of discrimination against Asians took place again, and many Chinese were angry about it.

Recently, the team leader received a submission. A Chinese mother was taking her daughter to Disneyland, but was expelled and shouted "Go back to your damn China!"


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It's suffocating after listening to it...Let's see what's going on together?


6-year-old girl killed in Disneyinexplicable abuse

Recently, the team leader received submissions,A Chinese mother took her daughter to Disneyland during the National Day, but encountered racial discrimination. She was expelled and shouted "Go back to your damn China!"

According to the mother’s statement: During the National Day, she and her husband took their 6-year-old daughter to Disneyland to play. It was a happy day, but while waiting for the XNUMX:XNUMX castle fireworks show, the suffocating scene happened…

The source of the picture is contributed by netizens, and the copyright belongs to the original author

Because of the large temperature difference between day and night, while waiting for the Disney fireworks show, the mother’s husband went to get a coat, and she and her daughter were waiting on a bench, when a woman about 60 years old suddenly came over and asked Sit on the daughter's backpack;
thisThe mother politely and kindly reminded that this seat is for her daughter, but an unexpected scene happened. The Caucasian woman shouted angrily at the mother and her daughter: "Go back to your damn China!"
sky!It is shocking enough to hear this sentence. The blatant racism in broad daylight is still directed at a six-year-old girl, a child who came to Disney to play in her beautiful childhood. Will encountering such a thing cause her to die? With a shadow in my heart...

When the mother heard this sentence, she immediately took measures, took out her mobile phone and asked the woman's name, and asked her to say it again to the camera,The Caucasian woman instantly became angry from embarrassment and slapped the camera frantically.

The source of the picture is contributed by netizens, and the copyright belongs to the original author

At this time, the 6-year-old daughter was frightened by the side, crying and wanting to go home. The mother told the white woman that she had recorded her face and would hand it over to the police.The onlookers were also accusing her, so the woman left the scene.

Because her daughter was frightened and kept crying, the mother called the police and found the security guard to deal with the matter. The security guard took them away from the crowd to a better location to watch the fireworks show, and promised to help find the woman, although they did not find it later...

The mother said that her 6-year-old daughter and her husband were both born in the United States. They have lived in the Bay Area for 15 years. I have mixed feelings in my heart.

The mother also posted the video on tiktok, which aroused heated discussions among netizens:

The following pictures are from tiktok, and the copyright belongs to the original author

Netizens:Thisterrible!I'm sorry this happened to you.

Netizens:I'm sorry to put you through this.This is totally unacceptable and I hope that woman is eventually found and held accountable!

A Disney actor netizen said:I'm a Disney cast member and we want everyone to feel safe and never discriminate.hope you can come to disney again

Netizens:Hope you and your baby are doing well!

Netizens:I'm sorry this happened to you.I pray you and your family never go through this again

I hope these kind comments from netizens can give this mother some psychological comfort.
I also hope to find that woman as soon as possible and explain to this mother and her daughter!


In more than one case, Asian men and women have been attacked for no reason

Asians have been discriminated against more than once. Prior to this, when an Asian woman was exercising on the steps of Wilson Park, another woman walked by and bumped into her, so the discrimination incident took place.

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banged asian womanZi bowed his head and saidHe said "Oh my god", which unexpectedly elicited an explosive response from the older woman.

Attacking wildly and yelling:

 "Hey, listen to me, next time you talk to me like that, you're going to get kicked by my family...."

The Asian woman asked, "Why, what did I do?"

The source of the picture is twitter, and the copyright belongs to the original author

The older woman growled again, and spoke on the steps:"Because you're an asshole and the whole staircase is your own. Why don't you go somewhere else where you can go to the gym? It's not just for you. Get out of this world, get out of this country, go back to your fucking Asia Go to the country."

Waiting for the insulting speech to be unbearable.

In addition, this is not the first time the older woman has erupted in racist behavior, and has also attacked an Asian man.

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In the shocking footage, her car is apparently parked at an odd angle and obstructing the man's vehicle.

But the woman lost her temper at the man and insulted him crazily...

The incident aroused strong attention from the local police and appropriate actions were taken to initiate an investigation.

The source of the picture is eyewitness news, the copyright belongs to the original author

The Chinese are very worried about the above incidents, and they cannot tolerate such racial discrimination incidents anyway.Be brave to protect your own rights and interests, call the police + report the discomfort you encounter to the park!

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