Spicy tender beef, yellow stewed chicken, claypot rice, bloody blood, eat anytime! Domestic super hot self-heating hot pot/rice is on sale

Exclusive new store

Tomato sirloin, yellow braised chicken,

Maoxuewang, claypot rice...

If you miss them like a lady boss

Good news, the store is new:

  🔥Mo Xiaoxian Little Hot Pot🔥  

Homestay Quick Lunch Supper

It's time for a bowl of delicious self-heating rice with autumn fat

Recommended by many food bloggers,

Even Lao Luo made calls across the circle

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Commissary new2 classic flavors

Spicy tender beef 🐂Mao Xuewang 🔥


 🐂Spicy and tender beef🐂

Definitely carnivorous,

Visible to the naked eyeLarge piece of premium beef.

Chewy, chewy,

Soft and rotten and delicious.

It is said to have gone throughStew slowly for three hours.



In addition, Q bomb is not ruaOfRiver powder.

Crispy potatoesLotus rootsheet,

and alsokelp,brittleFungus,

Chishui bamboo shoots, enoki mushroom...

WithAuthentic Chongqing ButterHot pot base,

Every biteFresh and spicy

It's almost happy to bubble up!


  Mao Xuewang 

Convenient small hot pot is not a minority

But Mao Xuewang can be eaten at any time,

Star people with heavy flavors are so happy too!

Use the most reasonable ratio of butter + chicken fat + vegetable oil

With ground sesame pepper

Inspire the most enjoyable taste of ingredients and side dishes!

Mo Xiaoxian's self-heating hot pot boiled,

The side dishes are plentiful enough, make another taste dish yourself,

The sense of ritual is not lost to the hot pot restaurant outside~

Do n’t hesitate to place an order,

Arrange the small hot pot

👇Scan the QR code to get one person to eat small hot pot👇

Miss the revelry of rice stars with rice bowls? !

Mo Xiaoxian is super convenient

Self-heating riceAndClaypot rice!




 Braised Chicken Rice 

The fragrant rice in this box,

BeBlack soil breedingOfLong grain rice. 

Enough chickenThe fragrance is juicy enough,

And full of tenacityBamboo shoots and chili.

It ’s really delicious

It's oily but not greasy and eats ~

 Bamboo shoot tip beef rice 

Strong rice.Dipped in soup.

Mixed with real meat and vegetables,

Gee, so fragrant!

Fresh and tender seasonal shoot tips from real materials

Served with large chunks of thickly sliced ​​beef tendon

It is marinated and juicy,

One person can make a rice meal in 12 minutes~

There are also popular all over the worldSelf-heating claypot rice

The most popular new ones in the store

 Cantonese sausage .Mushroom Beef

Fat and thin wine tastes sweetCantonese sausage

Sturdytendon of cow.

Each one is freshly made with high-quality ingredients,

SatoSecretRich sauce.

Packaged with the most advanced lock fresh technology.

🙋Don't wait and see anymore🙋.
Delicious and convenient without washing the pot
Hot pot, rice bowl, claypot rice,
All waiting for you in the shop!

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The commissary is more delicious!

Want to make a single purchase of self-heated rice + small hot pot?
The commissary recently sells a selection of small snacks
Mushroom meat and konjac that do not gain weight
Lai Yifen Mango Queen Mother Thick Cuts Dried Mango
Pistachios, potato chips, old yogurt popsicles...

There are also authentic Wuhan hot dry noodles
Internet celebrities have you on the side
Served with a Japanese-style snow pan to cook a supper
The commissary even prepares aprons for food!

For more choices, please scan the QR code to enter the commissary website!

By the way, the foodie boss recently discovered two treasures
Liangpin shop shredded dried beef
Chewy and enjoyable, but neither dry nor hard

And nominated by backstage partners
Xuzhou Xiaokang Brand Beef Sauce
It is said to be a friend in the surrounding area
From snacks to big tastes of hometown, who knows who eats

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The proprietress also wants to listen to everyone’s opinions on the canteen.
If you want to replenish, if you want to eat, please leave a message to us!

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