Excited! The "Fast and Furious" roller coaster will land at Universal Studios, and the renderings are exposed...

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Universal Studios expands its strategy again

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In addition to its recent anniversary celebrations, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced its first high-speed outdoor roller coaster"The Fast and the Furious: Hollywood Drift"Will join the theme park family in 2026!

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"Fast and Furious" roller coaster

Coming to Universal Studios in 2026


Universal Pictures' blockbuster legend"fast and Furious"As the theme, it will enhance the guest experience through innovations and technological achievements that have never been used in roller coasters before, a true version of Fast and Furious!

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It is said that this facility is uniquely designed to immerse visitors in the high-speed "Fast and Furious" universe. Highlights include personal ride vehicles spinning rapidly along a track carefully constructed with noise-canceling technology, enabling a ground-breaking 360-degree rotation for a breathtaking and exceptional experience.

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"The Fast and the Furious: Hollywood Drift" will be located in the upper lot of Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests will line up inside a large red-brick garage-style building before riding on rides modeled after several real cars from the movie and catapulted along an aerial track that winds through parts of the theme park.

Park officials stated that theirThe car will be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees to replicate the drifting effect seen in the famous racing scenes from the film series.

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Universal Studios Hollywood "As Universal Studios Hollywood continues to grow, the arrival of 'The Fast and the Furious: Hollywood Drift' will be a powerful game-changer for our already vibrant theme park. Injecting a new level of excitement, we look forward to welcoming visitors when it arrives in 2026.”

Universal Studios announced the start of construction on the project's roller coaster last July, marking the first major ride announcement since the opening of Super Nintendo World.

Before it was officially announced, theme park enthusiasts spent months and even years trying to track it down by digging through old concept art and potential track layouts, and even witnessed some sound tests of cars rumbling and riders screaming. Details of the ride that were rumored at the time.

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For more than XNUMX years,The Fast and Furious movies have inspired an ever-expanding audience and grossed more than $70 billion at the global box office.

The upcoming "Fast and Furious" dynamic experience at Universal Studios is undoubtedly a new and thrilling entertainment experience.

Currently, "Fast and Furious: Hollywood Drift" has started construction at the Los Angeles theme park. Fans and fans are going crazy and looking forward to it.


Universal Studios Hollywood 60th Anniversary

A series of milestone activities to be checked


In addition, this yearUniversal Studios Hollywood celebrates 60th birthday this year, to commemorate the anniversary, Universal Studios is hosting a series of retro fun celebrations currently underway.

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 a brief history lesson

Universal Studios Tours began in 1964 as a humble effort by Universal Studios to get visitors to the set to pay for lunch at the concession stand. Guests pay $2.5 to hop aboard the "Glam Trolley" and tour movie sets, see stunts, makeup demonstrations and costume shows. In doing so, Universal has effectively demystified the film's production process, as film locations had previously been largely closed to the public. Among other things, the Universal Studios experience spawned a series of innovations that changed the entertainment industry forever.


Sixty years later, Universal Studios Hollywood has transformed Studio Tours into a world-renowned dynamic experience visited by more than 2 million people around the world.

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During the celebration, the studio will undergo a nostalgic makeover, including retro photo shoots such as the 1964 Charm Trolley and the iconic "Jaws"; "The Great Earthquake" brings a thrilling experience through new technology; retro-themed food and exclusive 60 Anniversary merchandise, as well as special dining passes...and more,Let’s take a look at what activities will be held on the 60th anniversary?

20s retro glamor tram

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The station features an original, fully restored vintage charm tram that has been First opened in 1964has existed since.

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Archive photo of Jaws Lake at Universal Studios Hollywood (1977)

There are plenty of photo opportunities and social media posts available, including a giant King Kong backdrop, as well as the theme park's original hanging "Jaws" shark.

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The current tram is adjacent to the original 1964 tram


Just like those trams from the 20s. Additionally, new (and very quiet) trams will take guests through the past in a modern style.

Step into an iconic movie scene

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Guests stepped off the Studio Tour tram to attend the 60th anniversary celebration


For the first time in decades, guests will be able to step off the Studio Tour tram and experience the studio exterior on foot!

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Once the tram reaches a famous movie scene, get off and take some extra special photos.

Not only will there be a chance to get up close and personal with vintage charm trams, but there will also be unique photo opportunities inspired by some of Universal Studios’ most beloved blockbusters. Some of these include special cinematic AR filters.

“Earthquake – Big Earthquake” gets a new look

“Earthquake – Big Earthquake”Replicates the 1989 magnitude 8.3 earthquake that occurred at the San Francisco BART station, has been transformed into a modern metro station, complete with electric bikes and sleek white tiles.


To coincide with its 60th anniversary, the simulated natural disaster attraction has undergone a top-to-bottom transformation and will be relaunched with contemporary technology and aesthetics. It definitely won't disappoint.

courthouse square

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The studio tour visits Courthouse Square, where scenes from the movie Back to the Future were filmed. Look out for the original time machine picture car near the Dr. Brown character.

File photo of the Runaway Train attraction

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originally in Runaway trains operating from 1974 to 1985Running again on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the studio tour.

Listen to bells and sirens from fixed locations. Nostalgic moments play out on the tram's monitors, showing clips from previous studio tour attractions.

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60th Anniversary Dining Passes will be available

and a series of commemorative food products

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After the tour, you can indulge in specially themed, retro-style food and drinks, and purchase themed merchandise and souvenirs.

According to Universal Studios, it offers 60th Anniversary Dining Pass, allowing visitors to choose from the most at participating restaurants or food trucksTwo main courses, four snacks, side dish, dessert or drink. Here's what you can expect in terms of food and drink:

Celebrating food and drinks

Two blue donuts shaped like a 6 and a 0 are a menu item for Studio Tour's 60th anniversary celebration.

Special Edition Popcorn Bucket

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Studio Tour, Universal Studios Hollywood has unveiled one of the cutest popcorn buckets ever.

Classic Universal cartoon characters lead a trip around the world on this delightful snack boat.

holiday drinks

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The park has two celebratory drinks on tap to commemorate the 60th anniversary. First up is the non-alcoholic Lava Lamp, a blend of Sprite, non-alcoholic blue curacao, grenadine and sparkling cranberry juice, topped with blue raspberries.

Celebration Snacks

Two guests held "60"-shaped pretzels, a menu item for the studio's 60th anniversary.

The City Snack Shop is a takeout stand flanking the Production Plaza on the upper floor, offering giant No. 60-shaped pretzels, special edition Banana Breath popcorn (caramel + banana splits), and a selection of souvenir sugar cookies.

nostalgic meals

Three friends enjoyed retro burgers and milkshakes as part of a trip to commemorate the studio's 60th anniversary.

Much of the cuisine for Studio Tour's 60th anniversary can be found at the two restaurants on the upper lot, Hollywood & Dine and Mel's.

Hollywood & Dine will be serving up an array of mouth-watering sandwiches – Smoked Brisket, BBQ Cheeseburger, BBQ Pulled Pork and BBQ Chicken – all on an adorable Woody Woodpecker bun.

Delicious desserts

Two Chilly Willy snow globes, part of the studio tour's 60th anniversary celebrations.

At Hollywood & Dine, guests can try the Wrap Cookie Sandwich, a sugar cookie with a cream filling shaped like a Wrap Roll.

The 60th Anniversary merchandise collection includes:

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In addition to commemorative snacks, there are also60th anniversary series peripherals. Contains charming tram themePillows, blankets, backpacks, jackets, tops, T-shirts, hats, mugs, keychains, chocolates and candies.

Will be sold at the Universal Studios Store on CityWalk, Universal Studios Store (inside the theme park) and Production Central (inside the theme park) and Production Central.

The anniversary celebration ends on August 8th. If you are interested, please invite your friends to go together~

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