The pheasant village area despise the chain? Chino Hills count down!The reason is...

The pheasant village area despise the chain?

Forget it

There is actually no such thing as a chain of contempt

(I don’t dare to write even if I have hahahahahahahaha)

Chino Hills Bottom?

Actually I guessed it

But this is also based on it!

As a foodie

I always thought that Chino Hills 

There are too many people

 Poor food

So from this unprofessional perspective

In terms of ranking, this should be the bottom


【Panda Takeaway】

Opened up Chino Hills area!

dbq forgive me for being ignorant

Can Chino Hills also publish a special topic on gourmet shops? !


Come and come, the people of Shanji Village will watch together!

Produced by panda

[Notes from Chino Hills' incomplete shop visit]

There are all kinds of Chinese, Japanese and Thai desserts~

One Pot Chicken


Food notes

This super-popular hot chicken restaurant can even be ordered in Chino Hills!

It seems that there are not many chicken pot hot pots that can be done well in Los Angeles. Yipot Chicken is considered a family!Its hot pot chicken restores the taste of domestic chicken pots. The chicken is soft and rotten, and the soup is rich. You can also choose many side dishes to cook together.

Recommended dishes: hot pot chicken, chicken soup with mountain mushrooms

Panda takeawayExclusive 7% off!Give me the lowest discount you can’t find on the whole network!

Impressions of Ba Shu


Food notes

Chino Hills's Sichuan cuisine!The impression of Bashu, a Sichuanese restaurant who says it is authentic when they eat it!Can rush~

Recommend Bashu grilled fish, Maoxuewang, toothpick lamb and boiling fish, the dry pot series are also good!

In panda takeaway,Exclusive 6% off! !

Taiwan smelly pot


Food notes

authenticTaiwanese hot pot for 1 person, There are many flavors to choose from, and the soup base of the small Taiwanese hot pot is very flavorful!

Recommend Korean army pot, Taiwanese spicy pot, and the smelly pot!The Taiwanese spicy soup base is very special. If you like large intestine and stinky tofu, Meng must try itSignature Smelly Pot, Smelly and irritating~

Naked Fish Sushi


Food notes

Who said that Chino Hills does not have delicious Japanese sushi?That must be because you don't know this store yet!

The eel sauce is rich and delicious, and the lobster roll is fresh and sweet and the meat is firm and satisfying. The scores are all high!Tonkatsu and udon noodles are also worth trying~

Now you can take out pandas without leaving home~

kokonut dessert bar


Food notes

Unexpectedly, this famous Internet celebrity coconut jelly can also be bought in Chino!

In addition to the original coconut jelly, there are also a variety of fresh fruit coconut jelly, which is super high in value and delicious, which can be said to be a must-have in summer!

Strawberry Coconut Jelly Cup and Peach Gum Coconut Jelly Cup★★★★★Recommend~

More delicious restaurants have launched Panda Takeaway!

Enjoy delicious food without leaving home~

A bowl of noodles


Original Canteen


California Thai Kitchen

Auraganic Juicery

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Can you get it quickly! !

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Place an order on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival

Randomly presented super delicious rice dumplings

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