Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian Golden Globe actress, and her award-winning speech spoke out for immigrants

This Tuesday (January 1) evening,Michelle Yeoh Wins Golden Globe for Magical Comedy 'The Universe'Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy.


"Wow! I just want to stand here and feel it all," she said emotionally. "Forty years and I haven't given up.Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for giving me this award.It's been an amazing journey and an incredible fight to be here today.But I think it's worth it. "


The honor makes Michelle Yeoh the second Asian actress to win the category, following Awkwafina in 2020 for The Farewell.


In her acceptance speech, she lamented the age issue that cannot be avoided in her acting career.


“Time goes by, I turned 60 last year, and I think all the women in this room understand that, because as you get older, the opportunities get smaller,” she said. "Who would have thought that there would be another village where the willows are dark and the flowers are bright, and "The Universe in a Moment" found me."


In fact, since the end of the last century when she appeared as a Bond girl in 007, her acting skills have gradually been recognized by Western audiences. In recent years, Michelle Yeoh has more and more opportunities to appear in Hollywood. From Hollywood productions to streaming TV dramas, her role is nowhere. Absent, the types are rich and varied, and the popularity is also skyrocketing.


However, in her acceptance speech, she also mentioned the discrimination and prejudice she encountered when she first came to Hollywood.


"When I first came to Hollywood, it felt like a dream come true, but then reality hit me in the face. It's the face," she jokes. "I was told I was in the minority, and I was asked 'do you speak English?' and I said, 'Yes, it takes about 13 hours to fly over, and that's enough for me to learn.'"


Like the proprietress of "The Instant Universe" and even all Chinese,Michelle Yeoh came here with the "American Dream" in her heart, and today Chinese people all over the world have witnessed the proud moment of her dream come true.



“For me, this film is a tribute to the silent, sometimes invisible, giving of women around us, whose dedication we take for granted,” she said."Because the movie is also about chasing the American dream, there's a lot that resonates. ... We all know immigration is hard. I think any immigrant who's been here will tell you how hard it is, and sometimes it fails. , and even lost oneself.”


Before coming to Hollywood, Michelle Yeoh had already established herself as an icon in Asia, rising to fame during the golden age of Hong Kong cinema in the 1980s and 90s.Her "beating girls" roles, many of which she played in person, challenged the audience's long-standing stereotypes of actresses. Next, let us relive the highlight moments of this evergreen tree in the film industry.


In 1983, won the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant champion (Source: Sina)

In 1984, Michelle Yeoh andJackie ChanFilming a Guy Laroche watch ad, starting his acting career (Video source: YouTube)

The 1984 film debut "Owl and Dumbo", in which she plays a weak teacher who is always bullied by her classmates

In 1985, Michelle Yeoh established the image of a "beating girl" with her neat hairstyle and vigorous skills in "The Royal Sister"

In 1991, after the divorce, Michelle Yeoh came back to make movies again, filming "police story 3 super cop", personally completed the difficult movements in the film, but was seriously injured and almost broke his whole body


In 1993, "New Meteor Butterfly Sword" played against Joey Wong, secretly in love with Tony Leung (Source: Lianhe News)


In 1995, shootingXu AnhuaThe director's film "Akin's story》, jumped from an XNUMX-meter bridge and broke his cervical spine, seriously injured


In 1997, filmed the western classic 007 film "Tomorrow's Empire 007", the Bond girl played is no longer Bond's vase and foil, but Bond's kung fu role


After listening to John Woo's advice, Michelle Yeoh turned her career focus to Hollywood and starred in "Memoirs of a Geisha" in 2005


Played the wife of Singapore's richest man in the Asian-led Hollywood blockbuster "Crazy Rich Asians" (Source: Hollywood reporter)


In Netflix's "Star Trek", she plays the cruel and tender female emperor in the parallel universe


Join"Avatar 3",Compete with director James Cameron on the set of Chinese Kung Fu! (Source: Ranger Information)


Avalokitesvara in the Disney+ streaming drama "American Born Chinese"


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