Thrilling! On July 7, ``Chinese Doctor'' shocked and landed in New York, truly restoring the moment of fear in the early stages of the epidemic!

What is the hottest movie this summer?

Of course you have to count"Chinese Doctor"

It has only been released in China for a few days and the box office has broken through10 billionMark

Successful rankingTop 2021 China Box Office in XNUMX


"Chinese Doctors"

Will be shocked to land in North America on July 7

The moving subject matter, the strong lineup

Will never let you down

Movie starring

Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan, Zhu Yawen, Yi Yanqianxi, Li Chen,

Ou Hao, Li Qin, Mei Ting, Zhang Tianai, Song Jia, Yu Feihong,

Ni Hongjie, Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Zifeng, Tong Liya, etc.

Dozens of outstanding actors

There is no hero who falls from the sky,

Only mortals who came forward.

"True, professional, shocking!"

Thank you ordinary heroes

Built a strong and safe city wall for us

At the premiere of "Chinese Doctor",Zhang Wenhong, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan UniversityHighly praised the film, he said: "I actually watched "Chinese Doctor" with a critical attitude, but I didn't find any problems in more than two hours.This movie exceeded my expectations!"

Academician Zhong NanshanAlso said: "I am very excited after watching this movie. The strongest feeling is that this movieWithout any disguise, it truly restores the early conditions of Wuhan, I feel very real when we encounter difficulties, bed tensions and patient emotions. "

Netizens even gave the highest evaluation. Many people said that they watched the entire movie in tears.

Restore every inch of detail
Take us back to the real battlefield

The movie "Chinese Doctor" makes people feel like watching a shocking war movie.The film seemsBrings us back to the smoke filled with new coronary pneumonia in 2020.The medical staff are like warriors who put life and death away, with heroic spirit to resist the fear that the virus injects into human nature. The rescue shots that fight every second makes people reflect on life and death from a real perspective.
If the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a difficult battle, then Wuhan is the most fierce battle and the most dangerous front line. "Chinese Doctor" connects this painful and warm Chinese memory with a compact story.Allows people to learn from close range how the city defeated the epidemic and kept the fortress of life.What medical workers have given here, what kind of suffering they have experienced, their composure and loss of control, their despair and courage.
The film’s true restoration and detailed presentation of the situation at the time were highly recognized by the medical staff who participated in the fight against the epidemic, and the most representative one should be the detailed handling in the shelter hospital.

Heart-warming slogans everywhere in the shelter hospital"Separate love without separation", "Good morning, hot dry noodles; good night, Zhou Hei Ya".And from people everywhere"Fish Kite", I hope that life will be like a fish in water after the epidemic.And the text behind the protective clothing"Wait when I get home", The design of these details are moving.

It’s not superheroes that save us in dangerous moments
But ordinary and lovely people

On New Year's Eve 2020, an unknown virus continues to spread.The number of patients is increasing at an explosive rate.People are afraid of this powerful and contagious virus.

An unprecedented survival crisis has caused sadness and panic throughout China.Jianghan, a little-known infectious disease hospital, was selected as the designated hospital.The dean of the hospital Zhang Jingyu, the director of the respiratory department, young interns, and the head nurse of the intensive care unit entered into a frantic treatment. While insisting on rescuing first-line patients, Dr. Zhang also faced numerous challenges and accidents.

In a race against time and death, they are working day and night to transform isolation wards for a large number of critically ill patients.

At the peak of the Spring Festival travel season, in the face of the unstoppable threat of the epidemic, Wuhan, a thoroughfare of nine provinces, has been unremittingly coping with endless hardships.As the number of new infections increases, critical decisions must be made immediately before dire consequences occur.

The prototype of the movie "Chinese Doctor" sparked heated debate
Zhang Hanyu Yuan Quan Zhu Yawen pays tribute to the hero

In the national screening of the movie "Chinese Doctor", the film's true restoration of the anti-epidemic scene touched audiences across the country and aroused heated discussions. The topic of role prototypes has also been searched on multiple platforms.In the film, Zhang Hanyu plays the head of the hospital, the role model is exactlyZhang Dingyu, winner of the national honorary title of "People's Hero" and former president of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital.Zhang Hanyu's performance was also praised as "Like Dinghai Shenzhen", which perfectly restored the boldness and responsibility of Zhang Dingyu, the "Tough Guy Dean".

In the film, Wen Ting, the director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, played by Yuan Quan, is highly respectable. After watching the film, many viewers also said: "Teacher Yuan Quan contracted the tear point." , The name comes from the famous 1982 film "Man to Middle Age".At the Guangzhou premiere of the film, Academician Zhong Nanshan, who was invited to watch the film, said that Wen Ting's role is very much like his assistant, Doctor Liu Xiaoqing, in 2003.For being able to play this role, Yuan Quan responded that he was deeply honored, and said: "It is so many excellent medical workers who have given Dr. Wen Ting a strong vitality. As an actor, I am really lucky."

The topic of "Zhu Yawen and the prototype of a Chinese doctor" was also on the hot search. In the film, Zhu Yawen played the role of the Guangdong aid doctor Tao Jun. His personal charm made the audience call "circle fans"!The role prototype is Sang Ling, one of the core members of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control team of Academician Zhong Nanshan.

At the Guangzhou premiere of the film, Sang Ling was invited to watch the film and was shocked by the many real details in the film. He said that he did not expect that the film would condense "many different hospitals, different real people and real stories", "I don't know where you are. I did so much homework, but it really surprised me.” Zhu Yawen also posted a photo with Sang Ling and other doctors on social platforms, and revealed: “In order to better restore the character of this character, I went to Guangzhou to talk to Sang Ling. The doctor met, and later filmed the scene of Tao Jun saying goodbye to his colleagues before assisting Wuhan." He also expressed his feelings:"The feeling of the hero in front of his eyes is such a shock.Doctor, it's really not enough to play one part! "

In the movie "Chinese Doctor", the actors truly restored the appearance of the frontline anti-epidemic workers, wearing layers of protective equipment, and most of the time conveyed their emotions and status through their eyes. The movie was also praised by the audience for the "eye skills" blockbuster: Zhang Hanyu played Dean Zhang Jingyu's resolute, bold and arrogant eyes, Yuan Quan's Wen Ting's firm and calm eyes, Zhu Yawen's Tao Jun's arrogant and focused eyes on work, Li Chen's Wu Chenguang's intolerance to the patient's family With caring eyes, Yang Xiaoyang's indomitable and growing eyes, played by Yi Qianqianxi...The actor's "eye skills" left a deep impression on the audience, and made people feel the real life of the medical staff.And Zhang Zifeng, who touched countless audiences with a single look in a scene, was commented by netizens as “sorrowful in the left eye and fear in the right eye”.

Watch the shocking trailer first (click on the video to watch the trailer):

The trailer alone has moved everyone to tears
COVID-XNUMX protests first doctor-patient film
"Chinese Doctors"
Will land in North America on July 7
This thrilling moment will forever be engraved in human history
Every doctor, nurse, police, and expert on the front line of the War of Resistance
And every one of us who consciously fights against the epidemic and does not make trouble for everyone
Are all heroes of this history

May 7With the team
Recall the extraordinary days we experienced
See or leave~

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