Uncle Qude also stepped on thunder? Bakery products are frequently moldy, the truth turns out to be...

Help!Uncle Quide also has a problem?

recent,Uncle Quide was exposed to frequent moldy products.Someone posted on reddit,Uncle Qudecorn cakeOnly two days after I bought it home, it was already moldy.

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Once the post is posted, theA hundred calls, attracted "+1" and complaints from various netizens.

Look at these "victims", saying "you are not alone" every word!

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There are even many people who have been disheartened,Said that he would never buy such products in Uncle Kuide again.

It seems that Uncle Quide is going to lose a lot of fans this time...


 Private Label No Artificial Preservatives 

However, there are still some netizens who believe that this problem is actually due toUncle Que De does not add artificial preservatives to its foodJust appeared.

According to Trader Joe's website, theirPrivate labelCommitment to Avoid Artificial Preservatives and Choose Insteadmore natural alternatives.

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After all, as a commodity in a supermarket, the length of the shelf life is still very important.

In order to maximize the shelf life,Uncle Crazy replaces artificial preservatives with natural substances such as sugar, salt, vinegar, celery juice, and rosemary extract.

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Note: Uncle Kuide officially stated that they will still use two additives, sulfur dioxide and potassium sorbate, to ensure the flavor and moisture of some dried fruits and other products.However, as long as the above substances are added, the product will be clearly indicated on the label.In addition, all products are free from artificial preservatives.

While it's not certain that this is the root cause of tortillas and other products getting moldy so quickly, food safety expert Dr. Felicia Wu agrees,The fact that Uncle Quade does not use artificial preservatives is indeed one of the reasons why the product becomes moldy faster.

From this point of view, Uncle Quide's wave of authenticity is really "the pot came from the sky".


 Official commitment: pure natural & no additives 

In fact, in addition to not using artificial preservatives,Uncle Quade has very strict standards for all food additives, visible to the naked eye, there is no "artificial", all "natural".

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Uncle Qude promises that their own brand not only has high-quality raw materials and beautiful prices,It also does not contain any artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, unnatural food coloring, MSG, genetically modified ingredients, and artificial trans fats.

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For example, their productsOnly "natural flavors" are used, and strictly according to the FDA's definition of:

"Essential oils, oleoresins, essences or extracts, protein hydrolysates, distillates, or any roasted, heated, or enzymatic products containing flavoring ingredients extracted from spices, fruits or fruit juices, vegetables or vegetable juices, edible Yeast, herbs, bark, buds, roots, leaves or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products or their fermented products."


 Anti-mildew purchase advice 

In any case, moldy fast is indeed the best proof of no additives.But from the perspective of our customers, although eating is more assured, no one wants to buy something that will be broken as soon as it arrives home, and be a "big injustice".

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Many Reddit users said that the easiest solution to the problem of mold growing too fast is of courseput in refrigeratorLa!

For example, this netizen said that the same is true for many breads of Uncle Quide (it seems that this one has also experienced the lesson of blood and tears),Products such as tortillas and bread are always stored in the refrigerator.

However, the team leader needs to say more, not all food can be stored in the refrigerator.

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It's not a trivial matter to have odors, and some foods will go bad even faster if you put them in the refrigerator!You can take a look at this popular science post to learn →"FOODS | Is the refrigerator universal and safe?These 11 foods should be kept out of the refrigerator! "

In addition to putting it in the refrigerator, there are also suggestions from netizens,When purchasing this type of product, try to get it from the back of this list, so that the production date you get will be closer.

Haha, in terms of scheming, it has to be you!

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However, the team leader feels that no matter how he chooses and saves, it is not as good aseat as soon as possible.After all, the sooner you eat it, the fresher it will be, so you don't have to worry about it being expired.

In short, when you buy, you mustRemember to check the production date and shelf life,Don't waste your money!

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