Another scumbag man in Silicon Valley commits suicide in prison after buying a murder wife


I still remember on the afternoon of August 8 this year, in Oakland, Northern California,

Was a Chinese woman murdered in broad daylight?



This summer, around 2pm in Auckland's Little Saigon, the victims:Chinese-American dentist LilI Xu was shot three times on the road.Died after hospitalization.


At first, the police and the public thought it was a lawless random robbery.However, never imagined...Today, two months later, the police arrested her husband (boyfriend)!



The picture shows the arrest of Nelson Peter Chia, 73. (video screenshot)It turned out that this case was not a random robbery.It is suspected that her husband bought murder for money.


The police held a press conference on the afternoon of October 10.Sheriff Armstrong (LeRonne L. Armstrong) announced to the public that Lili's husband, Nelson, 28, personally planned the murder.The killer is Bason, 73, who lives in Stockton.



According to the statement, Lili owns a famous dental clinic, and Nelson may have murdered Lili in order to defraud her for huge premiums.


latest news,Nelson has committed suicide in prison.

The suspects that led the police to suspect him include:

– When the robber got out of the car and robbed, instead of directly robbing the driver at the nearest location, he went around and robbed Xu Lili who was in the passenger seat


– During the vigil, her boyfriend had agreed to participate and asked him to speak up and ask the police to solve the case quickly.But then he didn't come in person, but sent a friend to come


– Nelson has a 50-year-old son from a previous marriage. The two did not interact with each other, but began to walk around a lot before Xu Lili was killed.In addition, Xu Lili deposited a large amount of insurance funds with the broker.A month before the incident, Nelson, without Xu Lili's knowledge, asked for the money to be transferred to his son and himself.The agent said at the time that it was not legal and it felt very strange


– Xu Lili went for a massage with her boyfriend on August 8, but instead of making an appointment a few days in advance, she made an appointment on the phone that day.After Xu Lili was shot, Nelson did not accompany him to the hospital immediately, but went to the hospital after recording the statement, not in a hurry.


Now watch the original video:

The dark blue Mercedes-Benz sedan driven by the victim and her husband drove slowly to a parking space on the side of the road.



Suddenly a white car stopped beside them.At this time, a suspect quickly sprang out of the white car, bypassed the Mercedes-Benz and came to the side of the co-pilot.According to the picture, Dr. Xu did not agree to the robber's request, and the robber shot and killed immediately. ‍



The whole incident took less than 5 minutes.Li Li may have never imagined that her life would end like this...


It is reported that Xu Lili graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University in 1985 and worked in Shanghai Stomatological Hospital.After training at UCSF (University of California San Francisco School of Medicine), he worked as a dentist and continued to help local residents.



According to the World Daily, the Auckland Chinese Chamber of Commerce expressed shock and protest over the incident.The deceased often donated money to the community and were enthusiastic about community public affairs. Many local Chinese had regular dental check-ups at Dr. Xu.


After several scumbag incidents in Silicon Valley, it really makes people sigh:

"There are two things in the world that cannot be looked at directly. One is the sun and the other is the human heart." - Keigo Higashino, "Walking in the White Night"


Sincerely wish everyone peace.

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