The Spring Festival is not over yet, you need super cost-effective dumplings and rice dumplings in LA, an oven cooking pot, and Haidilao by the roadside

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How can Weee's wool be gathered?

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Mango Mango

MangoMango must be familiar to everyone!

This popular Hong Kong-style dessert chain in New York and Chicago,

Now it's Los Angeles!

Brought to you every Chinese New Year[Buy three get one free]Great value specials!

The delicate chocolate mousse hides the crispy Menglong crispy skin,

This is a classic little cake that looks good and tastes good.

Creamy cream served withSweet and juicyMango flesh,

Be touchedCustardWrapped in the crust,

This is a bite of juicy mango pancake.

There are also layers of chocolate fragrant,

TasteDelicate with a slight tenacityChocolate cake...

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Miss authentic big dumpling black sesame

The Lantern Festival is about to pass, and the glutinous rice balls must be indispensable.

Miss Tangyuan outer skinSoft and sticky.

The black sesame filling inside is slightly sandy and extremely fragrant.

The sweetness is also very moderate, not sweet,

More overThe flavor of the sesame filling.


Ajinomoto Japanese style fried dumplings with pork and chicken 

The skin is thin and the stuffing is big.

The production method is also very simple,

Follow the Heating Directions behind

Just fry it in a frying pan,

You can easily make authentic gyoza comparable to restaurants at home.


Nanxiang Eight Treasure Rice

Eight-treasure rice is an indispensable delicacy on the New Year dinner table in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Waxy softOf glutinous rice,

WrappedDelicate and sweetOf red bean paste.

The addition of lard is the eight-treasure rice

Adds a rich fat aroma.

Bite down,Rice fragrance, sweet fragrance, fat fragrance.

With a touch ofMilkyFill the mouth.


Doll Dim Sum and Shrimp Intestines

Outer skinSoft elastic, Accompanied by a touch of rice fragrance.

It is wrapped in large fresh shrimps,Full and fresh.

Served with the soy sauce bag that comes with it, straight up the freshness of the eyebrows.

There are also Malay crepes with green onions,

Popcorn flavored whole sesame buns, miss shrimp dumplings, etc.

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New year

New products are on the line, specials are on sale!

Weee brings you many great kitchen helpers in the New Year!

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Zojirushi Smart Multifunctional Household Cooking Pot

Do you miss the sizzling barbecue on the grill plate?

Do you miss the barbecue AYCE?

With this home cooking pot, you can also eat barbecue at home!

Keep warm (176°F) to 400°FVariable temperature settings,

PlusThree-layer non-stick coating.

There is also a convenient cover to prevent splashing of hot oil,

Whether it’s grilled meat, fried steak,

Or fried dumplings, fried dumplings, and even fried vegetables.

It can be achieved with Zojirushi's smart multifunctional household cooking pot!

You can also buy takoyaki trays separately,

achieveOctopus balls freeOh!


Zojirushi imported from Japan 

Electromagnetic induction heats the IH rice cooker evenly

Whether it’s rice or porridge,

Whether you like the soft and waxy taste, or the grains,

Zojirushi rice cookers can easily satisfy you.

Use fast heating'Hot heat is boiling'Cooking method,

Cooked riceCrystal clear, rich in rice.


Zojirushi Toast Small Oven

Adjustable temperature settingFrom 175°F to 450°F.

Regardless of its small size, everything can be baked!

The use of grid racks reduces the grill marks on the food,

Bake more evenly.

Also comes with30 minute dial timer

And all kinds of foodBaking guide.

Kitchen Xiaobai can also use handily.

Glass door, grid and crumb tray

Both can be disassembled and cleaned, so easy to maintain~

There are more kitchen artifacts,

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By the side of the road, Haidilao

The restaurant dishes are new!


Side of the road

By the side of the road, it’s not just a hot pot skewer,

I have been greedy for a long time with all kinds of mao dishes and side dishes in his house!

Now in Weee,

You can directly order the side dishes by the side of the road!

The freshly fried pork is chewy and not greasy,

Dip it in dry ingredients, it’s enough

The flower beetle is spicy and smells oily,

One bite can be enjoyable

Melaleuca belly is tender and chewy,

Spicy and rich

There is also duck blood, fresh duck blood constantly clamped in chopsticks,

Tender and slippery in one bite

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First oneSimmer for 4 hoursThe made butter hot pot base,

Let the mellow taste of butter wrap each slice of meat,

Each ball

Brought together by pepper and chiliSpicy and spicyStimulate your taste buds!

Try to use Haidilao's net red againTomato pot bottom

The made tomato beef powder is sweet and sour,

With the scent of evaporated milk,Vermicelli Q bomb,

The soup is fresh and sweet, The joy of fancifulness is really high!

Finally there isEat well Xinjiang sweet pepper sauce.

Open the lid to smell the sweet aroma.

Made with good sweet peppersAll-purpose sauce.

Sweet and sweet,Dip steamed buns, noodles, cook vegetables, serve rice,

One sauce in hand, omnipotent!

There are also Sichuan Ma’s smoked pork ribs and the signature Royal Chicken of the Typhoon Shelter.

Famous dishes of Chengdu Canteen Lujun Liver and other restaurants

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Super value and low price spike

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11: 30-13: 30pm

17: 00-19: 00pm

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Taro, rock simmered egg crust and fresh cream,

Three delicacies are combined in a cake,

The entrance is smooth and dense, with rich milk flavor

Target Shizuoka Fresh Milk Taro Melaleuca Cake

30% off

The skin is thin and slightly crisp, the inside is tender and the meat is rich,

It also has a hint of sweetness,

Whether it is fried or hot pot, it is very suitable.

Jiajia Taiwanese Kiss Intestines

25% off

You can hear a click when you bite it,

Milky fragrance and light sweetness fill the mouth.

【Weilong】Fresh Milk Pancake

20% off

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