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Eat and drink well!


In the first month of 2021, Seattle as a whole regressed back to the first stage of epidemic prevention, but this did not stop the retrograde opening of new restaurants.

It's just that at this time, our normal eating and drinking have become takeaways. It doesn't matter, if you deliver meals or pick them up, you must eat and drink well.

Let’s take a look at which new stores are available for early adopters in the near future:

First in the country

Yang Guofu


Yang Guofu Mala Tang, which "selects natural good raw materials to create natural good taste", has already settled in Huada Food Street and is expected to start trial operation next month.

This is Yang Guofu’s first Mala Tang specialty store in the United States. The recipes and ingredients are all imported from China. If you count, the long-lost fragrant bone soup, special dishes and rich flavors are just around the corner.

The legendary "Sichuan Mala Tang, the most authentic in the Northeast", what is it like, we are gearing up, and after opening, we will try to send you information about the shop as soon as possible.

    📍Address: 4730 University Way NE Suite #103, Seattle, WA 98105

Japanese trendy snacks distribution center



If you can eat all kinds of Japanese-style doughnuts in one store, would you like to eat them all in one place?Mochinut, newly opened in the urban area of ​​SLU,From January 1th, soft opening will open!This popular internet celebrity snack can also be eaten in Seattle.

Mochinuts, a combination of traditional American doughnuts and Japanese mochi, are made from slightly sweet glutinous rice flour.After quick frying, the outer skin becomes crispy and the inner core is surprisingly chewy.

And it has a unique shape. A group of small spheres are connected to form a ring. The photo is extremely photogenic. The frosting on the surface includes matcha, black sesame, sweet potato, purple sweet potato and chocolate.

and!In addition to regular menus and long-standing popular items, the store will also rotate a taste every few days, like a pop-up style, come in at any time, and there will be surprises at any time.

If you want to know what's new, you can follow its IG account for easy selection before going.In the cold wind, come and taste the sweet and crunchy Japanese donuts!

(I.e.Address: 400 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Pho Bac partner newly opened

Hello Em


When it comes to this Vietnamese noodle shop in Little Saigon, Seattle people are already familiar with it, and one of its partners opened a new Vietnamese coffee roasting workshop a block away from the restaurant.

Coffee beans are imported directly from Vietnamese farmers. Iced condensed milk coffee and egg cream Vietnamese coffee will be the signature drinks on the menu.

Vietnamese coffee is currently on the rise in Seattle. This new store also hopes that its coffee will be as cheap and good as Vietnamese rice noodles.

The official opening time will be at the end of this month, and it is currently in trial operation, but you can also try it in advance.

(I.e.Address : 1227 S Weller Street, Seattle, WA 98144

Milk Drunk


The most delightful fried chicken sandwich and ice cream are here!As a sister shop of Restaurant Homer, Milk Drunk walked towards us slowly with an irresistible heat bomb.

It has the characteristics of an online celebrity restaurant, as well as the delicacy of a powerful restaurant. The signature dish is a double fried chicken sandwich, and the bread is gluten-free.Waffle fries and kale salad are also very popular with customers. There is also a "cheese stick" that feels very mysterious.

Who said there is nothing delicious in Beacon Hill, the special fried chicken is waiting for you here.

(I.e.Address: 2805 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Koi Rice Cake

Valley House


Seeing that next month will be the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year, the New Year’s Eve dinner is not only delicious but also suitable for the occasion.

Gufu has launched a gift box of koi rice cakes, all handmade, the whole body is delicate and heavy, using slightly sweet glutinous rice, there is no filling in the middle, steamed before eating, the mouth is full of Cantonese-style rice cakes soft and sweet.

The pre-sale starts now, and it can also be paired with red wine. The old year is not good. Let us celebrate the Chinese New Year together.

(I.e.Address: 500 Bellevue Way NE Suite 210, Bellevue, WA 98004

New Poplar Nectar

Bellevue has rice yogurt


Bellevue has rice yogurt, and the yogurt version of poplar nectar has been released recently. "Lovely nectar, why do you want Yangzhi", carefully selected tropical fruits, carefully selected Thai sago, plus special yogurt, now come and try the reliable Yangzhi nectar!

I heard that there are fans of Mijia who have been eagerly waiting for this taste for a long time, but since it is currently available in limited quantities, in principle, it is first-come, first-order and can be delivered home with 0 shipping on the rice ball (group delivery).

In addition, the new dragon fruit yogurt is also on the market, low-calorie, high-fiber, and healthy yogurt better!Bellvue has rice yogurt currently does not have any Seattle branch!

(I.e.Address: 1422 156th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007


Fob Poke Bar new store


In my conscience, there are thousands of poke shops in Seattle (exaggeration), but I am a permanent repeat customer of Fob Poke Bar.

Needless to say, the ingredients are fresh, and there are many types, especially the sauces. There are at least seven or eight kinds of sauces in a row. You can find the taste you like here.

The soul of Poke lies in the unique sauce. Mixing up the sashimi is equivalent to having a good appetite throughout the year.

It not only opened a branch in Capitol Hill, but also extended the new store to Bellevue. From January 1th to January 13th, Poke buy one get one free.It is only available for purchase in the store. Remember to wear a mask.

(I.e.Address: 220 Blanchard St, Seattle, WA 98121

French crepes

The Road


Crepes, the pancake fruit in Western fast food, has long been a popular street snack.

Its characteristic is that it is thinner than pancakes and rolls everything up, and this La Rue, which became an online celebrity shop when it opened, sold out early every day.

The taste is roughly divided into two types: sweet and fruity. Chocolate, caramel, banana and strawberry are the mainstays here. There are also cheeses that can be brushed. With espresso, it is the most photogenic in Capitol Hill.

(I.e.Address: 1525 E Olive Way Unit B-1, Seattle, WA 98122

Vietnamese coffee shop



In the cold weather, I ran to the store specifically to experience a cup of yogurt coffee that is currently unique in Seattle.

Both yogurt and coffee are imported from Vietnam. When two beverages that can be drunk clearly are mixed together, they burst out with an unexpected and delicious taste.At this point, you have to go and drink!

The layout of the store is comfortable and literary. If you can eat in next time, you can drink coffee and read on the window seat to kill the Starbucks atmosphere group.The shop is on the side of the building, just walk forward from the entrance of Dongxing Market.

(I.e.Address: 913 S Jackson St Ste D, Seattle, WA 98104




The newly opened Italian small restaurant in the Ballard district has food, wine and stories, and it is also cheap and good.

The name noLIta comes from an area called "Little Northern Italy" in New York City. All three shopkeepers also came to Seattle from New York.With a common vision of food, they brought Italian food and wine here.

Currently only accepts takeaway, welcome friends who like Italian food to try it.

(I.e.Address: 5909 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Light Sleeper


This bar, opened on the quiet and problematic Chophouse Row on Capitol Hill, has an interesting name.

Also due to the impact of the epidemic, the shops that were supposed to be opened a few months ago have to be officially opened only now. The menu is not large for the time being, including soup, salad, snacks, cooked food and pizza.

The current opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm, but if dine-in can be resumed later, the bar will hold wine tasting events and set up its own wine club.

(I.e.Address: 1424 11th Ave Suite D, Seattle, WA 98122

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