Can hot pot restaurants also wear Hanfu for free to shoot blockbusters?This hot pot restaurant in Houston brings you the most refreshing and spicy experience!


The Xiaolongkan in Houston has been open for more than two years, and has always beenin C positionThe hot pot restaurant, the team also has a soft spot for it!Presumably many young people feel the same way.

Today, we couldn't help but visit the store again.Frompot dishestaste, toservice environment, that's nothing to say, and there are even things that you can't experience in other homesHanfu experience!Delicious and interesting traditional Sichuan hot pot, who doesn't want to experience it?

The bottom of the pot is available in four flavors:clear oil,butter,tomato,broth(pork bone soup).

It is worth mentioning that it has been out of stock for a long time before.Clear oilThe bottom of the pot is finally back!Compared with traditional butter pan bottom, clear oilFragrant and spicy, The little friend who likes spicy but is afraid of being greasy and fat can rush up boldly this time!

This time, the team ordered the luxury "Mercedes-Benz" pot as always, and swept away the spicy oil pot, sweet and sour tomato pot and fragrant clear soup pot.


Asparagus and bullfrog

The regular dishes will not be repeated here.This time we tastedsuper freshSpring shootsAndBullfrog!The spring bamboo shoots are crisp and delicious, which is a perfect match with the tomato pot.After rinsing, the sweet and sour taste is added, which is very appetizing.

Bullfrog is the highlight of the hot pot rectification!Fresh and chewy, after being boiled in a hot butter pot, it is silky and spicy, the meat is delicate and firm, and the whole is very satisfying!

big abalone

The most exciting thing this time isSeasonal big abaloneYes, fresh to the naked eye!The original shabu-shabu pot is really super Q bomb delicious ~ the entrance has the delicate taste of abalone, and the mellow taste brought by the original pot.Hot pot shabu-shabu abalone, a luxurious 💯 experience

Internet celebrity Mianmianbing

while eating hot potwhile eating iceBut the standard of Sichuan peopleGrind superfine ice that melts in your mouth.The milk taste is rich and sweet, and it is paired with crispy mochi. Whether it is taste, texture or appearance, it is full score!Who doesn't want to experience authentic Sichuan hot pot.

ice powder

For a traditional trick, a bowl of brown pralinesice powderFor dessert, accompany a full meal.


The editor unexpectedly discovered that Xiaolongkan actually provides Hanfu rental services.I heard that there will be a new handsome black Hanfu soon!This is an unprecedented experience in Houston.

Wearing Hanfu to take pictures in such an ancient hot pot restaurant is really an unusual and novel experience, and you can easily get a particularly ancient hot pot blockbuster.Definitely in HoustonOnly one.

Let's enjoy the cool Hanfu blockbuster with the team members together!

XiaolongkanHanfu Day

(Appearance: Rainie)


There is really no need to say much about the environment of Xiaolongkan, whether it is a treat or a partysuper classand face!Stepping into the threshold, you will be greeted by the stone-carved faucet, the big red chair with ancient charm and the red lantern above your head, which makes people have to sigh at this atmospheric Chinese style.

At the place where we gather around the fire and cheer, all the flavors melt in the small kettle

In the dining area, every detail is full of sophistication and sincerity.From the murals on the cashier counter to the drawers on the dining table, they are all perfectly integrated into Sichuan and Shu culture. My favorite is the design of small compartments. Each compartment has a place name, the perfect combination of mahogany and red curtains. Let the editor travel to ancient times in a second.

Instrument / Beauty

Xiaolongkan's service, the editor will also praise 10000 times here!From entering the door to leaving, the handsome little brother will follow him all the time, especially when he leads to the seat, I can't help but snicker to myself when I see this battle, and I feel that the guests are definitely super VIPs!

After ordering, the little brother was not idle, and enthusiastically helped the team to prepare the secret seasoning of Xiaolongkan.During the meal, I will always come to help with the dishes and add water.Such attentive service adds a lot to the rectification of the hot pot experience.

Xiaolongkan is alsoOne personA good place to go~ If you want to cook the hot pot quietly by yourself, don't be too embarrassed, the clerk will hold a big bear across from you.A steaming fragrant hot pot, accompanied by a buddy, will never feel lonely again.

Overall, this time the hot pot experience in Xiaolongkanvery comfortable!The spicy hot pot tastes good, coupled with the warm service, the super interesting Hanfu experience and the simple and elegant decoration environment, the editor immediately became a repeat customer of Xiaolongkan.

If you want to bring your foreign friends to learn about traditional Chinese culture, come hereXiaolongkaneatTraditional Sichuan Hot PotAbsolutely the best choice.

sit like thisantiqueIn the store, wearing Hanfu, eating hot pot, singing songs, and experiencing the food culture of the distant ancient times, the same moon is overhead.The store will soonEvery Friday and SaturdayHours of operation have been extended toten thirty at night, Suddenly eating hot pot late at night?No problem, Xiaolongkan, let's go!


do not forgetHere's a popsicle!


🏠 shopXiaoLongKan📍Address

9600 Bellaire Blvd #102A, Houston, TX 77036


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⏰ Business hours

Monday to Thursday 12PM–9:30PM

Friday to Saturday 11AM–10:30PM

Sunday 11AM–9:30PM

(Friday and Saturday business hours extended to 10:30pm

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