I'm in love again! New Stanley water bottles, and this time there's a bag!

The wealth of Po Tian is something that Stanley can control.

After waves of traffic exploded,

Stanley AgainNew

This new product launches three new insulation bags

It is said that the official website will be out of stock in three seconds.

My wallet is no longer safe again...


Stanley launches new series

Let’s see what they have?

The following pictures are from Stanley’s official website, and the copyright belongs to the original author.


Stanley The All-Day 40-Ounce Quencher Carryall



This is a 40-ounce QUENCHER carry-on bag. Take it with you and achieve your hydration goals easily.

Features three pockets, one of which is roomy enough to hold a phone, while the second pocket underneath holds a slim wallet or card holder.

Smaller mesh pockets can hold headphones, lip balm or small accessories. There's a special sleeve to hold your sunglasses and there's even a key clip! Amazingly thoughtful design

And it also comes with a detachable cross-body strap, which is comfortable to wear and can be replaced with another strap at any time to create a new look. I have to obey Stanley's product development...


Stanley The All Day Julienne Mini Cooler



This is a mini insulated cooler bag that holds 10 cans and holds everything you need for picnic dates, city excursions, and weekends with friends.Can be refrigerated for 12 hours +, everything from charcuterie to sparkling drinks and wine can be kept warm to enjoy.

and it has a variety ofLeak-proof opening mechanism, to keep your belongings safe. Top handles and a cross-body strap provide a variety of options, and the entire cooler weighs only one pound, making it easy to carry.


 Madeleine Midi Cooler Backpack


With a 20-can capacity, this backpack takes the stress out of providing a complete outdoor picnic for your group of friends.

Adjustable straps ensure a seamless fit, evenly distributing weight across your back, while the top lid allows for easy access to essentials.There is a concealed zippered pocket on the back of the cooler to help protect valuables.

What's more, this backpack can also be used as a Mother's Day gift and is a practical addition to summer travel.

Each product comes in four colors. Which one do you like the most?


Zeng fought and robbed all night long

Just for the joint pink cup


Speaking of Stanley, he is really a traffic dark horse in the cup industry in 2024!

As early as the beginning of the year, the screen was full of American girls shopping around a cup, just to grab its cup!

The following pictures are from Starbucks and tiktok. The copyright belongs to the original author.

At that time, Starbucks and Stanley collaborated to launch an exclusive limited edition pink Starbucks x Stanley Quencher.

Cup is double wall vacuum insulated, holds 40 ounces,Price $49.95.

As soon as it was released, there was a huge queue, and it was hard to get a cup of it across the United States every minute.

Thanks to this Stanley cupExclusively sold only in Target stores, so many Target stores across the United States were filled with long lines overnight.

Don’t underestimate the magic of its cups. Girls and boys can buy this cupSleeping on the street, queuing all night, waiting in the wind for 9 hours +, just to grab the shop as soon as it opens, and there is no shortage of scalpers joining in.

The queue status is as follows👇🏻

There was a long line outside Target as people waited all night for Target to open.

Netizens:Shoppers lined up at Target at 3 a.m., with lines snaking through the store before it opened at 8 a.m.

Netizens wrote:"We've been lining up for the new Stanley since 10pm the night before."

"The store opens at 8 a.m. and it's 1:45 a.m. Wish us luck."

Waiting for the door to open👇🏻

Open the door👇🏻

Rush in👇🏻

Start grabbing like crazy 👇🏻

Staff shouting“Limit two per customer!”

It was the first time I saw a bunch of people rushing into a store to grab cups.

The popularity of cups is unimaginable, and there were even fights over buying cups.

According to a video posted by one user, a man is seen jumping over the Starbucks counter and trying to steal some pink cups for zero bucks?

There was also a man and a woman who had a quarrel in public because they cut in line when buying cups...

This Stanley cup has happened before"Golden body is indestructible"sensational events

A netizen had a car accident. He ran out and the car caught fire. After the fire was put out, the owner went back and saw that the entire car was seriously damaged, but the car insideThe cup is intact.

The car owner said while holding the intact cup.: "Everyone is worried about whether the Stanley will spill, but what if it melts? The car caught fire yesterday but the Stanley still had ice inside."

The cup’s durability and temperature control amazed everyone.I heard that Stanley Company even gave the blogger a new car for free.


Even this cup is available on second-hand websitesThe price is as high as $300, 6 times the original price!

According to CNBC, Stanley's sales are expected to exceed US$2023 million in 7.5. At the time, Target said it planned to launch new Stanley merchandise in its stores in 2024, including new colors, prints and brand crossovers.


Wave after wave of new releases

Not long ago, the summer water cup was launched

Subsequently, as it exploded in popularity, Stanley water bottles unlocked new skins one after another. Not long ago, they just launched a new skinLimited edition water bottle full of summer colors.

(Image source: Eat This, Not That!, copyright belongs to the original author)

Target and Stanley are reportedly teaming up again to launch an exclusive new line of summer glasses - Sunshine Vibes.

(Picture source: latimes, copyright belongs to the original author)

What’s unique about this cup is itsColors present cheerful, joyful tones, inspired by the upcoming summer~


All have the following products:

Quencher H2.0 FlowState Glass: This 40-ounce cup is undoubtedly Stanley’s flow code!

(The following picture source: target, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Followed by many netizens on social media such as tiktok, this time a new part of the new Sunshine Vibes series has been launched, and customers will be able to getFour summer-inspired colors-Amethyst, Aquamarine, Summer Check and Sunshine.

It still comes with a reusable straw, handle, double-walled vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold, and a base small enough to fit in a car mug.

IceFlow Flip Top Straw Cup:These cups feature built-in flip-top straws, swivel handles, and double-walled vacuum insulation. Choose from two sizes: 20 oz and 30 oz. Target has it available in aquamarine, poppy, marigold, and cobalt.

All Day Slim Bottles:Unlike other beverage products sold by Stanley, these 20-ounce bottles come with twist-on caps. can chooseAmethyst Stripe, Summer Check, Sunshine Stripe and Cobalt Stripe colors.

This model with a screw cap is very suitable for hiking and outdoor use.

In addition to the Sunshine Vibes series, Stanley also launched a new Patio Party series this time, which includesStainless steel pitchers, flasks, coolers, two-gallon jugs, cocktail shaker kitsAs well as several different styles and sizes of cups.

This series is very suitable for spring and summer, and new ones are arriving in various stores one after another, which is really full of summer atmosphere!

(The following picture source: public information from Xiaohongshu netizens, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Some netizens have already placed orders, and some are even all-in!

Some netizens said that some stores have been sold out.

Even Canadian netizens place orders for shipping...

However, this new product Stanley is not only satisfied with water cups

Introducing the insulated bag, the insulated bag and the picnic bag to the world

It is said that a pack of pink is already hard to find.

It seems that Stanley is still able to control people's hearts and is popular online.

Has everyone rushed to buy?

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