Chicago Matcha Map | Mochi Cake Soufflé, Coffee Ice Cream Donut... Let’s "green" together!

The nearest Chicago is always rainy
Do you want something sweet to lighten up your mood~
More suitable for refreshing desserts in summer
Matcha is undoubtedly the refreshing dessert yyds in the hearts of wuli Asians
Today the team is going to introduce you to Chicago’s matcha delicacies
Take a small notebook and write it down!

   Image credit: Pinterest

Hanabusa Cafeé


This is a Japanese soufflé pancake shop from Toronto

"Hanabusa"It means "flower house" in Japanese

The decoration in the store is as warm and delicate as its name.

Tatami mats by floor-to-ceiling windows, Ins-style pink photo corner

Super Sense~

Shu Fulei(souffléOriginally a dessert from 18th century France
And Japanese pastry chefs
A combination of French soufflé and American muffins
Made Japanese-style soufflé pancakes

The C position in the picture is

The "Matcha Soufflé Muffin" that the team will introduce today!

Matcha Souffle MuffinsUse Kyoto matcha sauce, sweet red beans,

As well as strawberries and blueberries, made of whipped cream

Soufulei has high requirements for the baking temperature~

SoThe inside is a little moist and the outside is very crispy

When I first came up, it looked like the original Soufflé
Matcha sauce in a small jar
I need to pour it on Soufflé by myself~

Other things likeEarl Grey Sea Salt Caramel, Nutella ChocolateSoufflé

This small shop hidden in the downtown area

Friends who are tired from shopping can try it!‍‍‍ 

By the way, this is his matcha coffee🐱

But if you want this cat head, it may depend on luck.

Image source: Google
(312) 584-0455
29 E Madison St Ste 180 Chicago, IL 60602



Beatrix is ​​a typical fine American restaurant

Has a very professionalCoffee Bar

Although there is only one matcha product,

This houseCinnamon Maple Matcha (Cinnamon Maple Matcha)

I have been in love for several years~

Although I don’t like cinnamon very much
But have to say

The cinnamon here has the effect of enhancing the flavor of matcha.

Give refreshing matcha

Added a little warm taste


XNUMX cup hot matcha with cinnamon powder and maple syrup

A blueberry muffin

After eating, visit Fulton Market

This is the weekend I want!

Fulton Market store address:
(312) 733-0370
834 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607
(There are 5 chain stores, and there are also stores in River North, Oak Brook, etc.)


Sawada Coffee

Encountered this (well-known) coffee shop for the first time

I just wandered here at random

See the design outside the door is so cool

So I want to go in and have a look 

Image source: Sawada Coffee

The picture shows the owner Hiroshi Sawada from Japan

He won the first worldwide latte championship in 2008!

(👉His instagram:

Image source: Sawada Coffee

The most famous one isMilitary Latte Camouflage Latte

Concentrated expresso is added to the regular matcha latte

The milk froth tastes very smooth

Not very bitter

the most important is

The matcha taste is very pure

Did not steal the limelight by coffee! 💯

Image source: Sawada Coffee
Knock on the blackboard!
He also has this featureMatcha Caramel Donuts(Camouflage Doughnut)
Just ask who can resist? !

Image source: Sawada Coffee
The internal design is also superCOOLKind of
The location is in the star-studded West Loop
(312) 344-1750
112 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607

Hugo Tea Space

Since the team’s favorite Nada Tea&Coffee closed its doors
I can’t find a place that feels so ritual to drink
Until this little shop in Bucktown appeared~
Image source: Google

This cafe specializes in Chinese and Japanese tea

There are two options for matcha alone

Matcha Sonogi comes from Nagasaki and has a thicker taste

Matcha Wazuka from Uji has a buttery taste

Image source: Google

In addition to matcha and matcha-flavored coffee
He also has a way to eat matcha with ice cream
It seems to relieve the heat 🍨

Image source: Hugo Tea Space

(872) 802-4499
 1816 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Releaf Matcha at Mitsuwa 

Mention of Chicago’s matcha-based delicacies
Releaf Matcha of Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa is
Absolutely classic!
When going to Mitsuwa
Not buying a matcha ice cream is like never going

Image source: yelp

Ice cream and desserts are the most attractive places for Jimei in his house

Very strong tea and milk fragrance intertwined

You know it is produced by Releaf in one bite!

Image source: yelp
Matcha Parfait(Matcha Parfait)It is also one of his great classics!
Ice cream andRed bean paste, biscuits, mochimixed together
The taste is richer than the cone
Also very full
Well, it’s suitable for me who like to eat dessert as a meal
(847) 228-5435
100 E Algonquin Rd Mitsuwa Marketplace Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Aya Pastry

 The last thing to introduce
It’s the bakery in the West down areaAya PastryFlagship product
Matcha Mochi Eggscake!!
Aya Pastry is also a refreshing style that is a bit American and a bit Japanese

In addition to croissants and bread, his family
You can also make your own cake 
Chewy Matcha Mochi CakeIs evergreen

Image Credit: Aya Pastry

Glazed jade-like light green mochiWrapped with a fusion of mochi and matcha cake
The taste is very similar to rice cakes and a bit cakey
The matcha powder in the middle and the white chocolate below areBavarian cream
Don't ask, it's sweet!

Image Credit: Aya Pastry

The team can't help but recommend his signsamoa cake

Kind of like a modified doughnut 


The top is covered with crispy coconut flakes~ the bottom is a thick layer of chocolate flakes

Friends must try it

1332 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

 Matcha tastes like the white moonlight in the dessert world

Although it looks ordinary

The green and special taste always makes people particularly nostalgic

Rainy and overcast summer

Why not use matcha to soothe the soul~

Image Source:instagram | mofu_sand
Friends still know which Chicago matcha is delicious
Welcome to leave a message~

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