Random hacking incident at Target in Los Angeles!

A horrific attack occurred at a Target supermarket in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. After entering the supermarket, a homeless African-American man took a knife from the shelf and frantically stabbed the shopping crowd, nearly killing a 9-year-old. Children kill.
Target security guards shot and killed him.

9-year-old boy nearly killed


The horrific attack happened around 6:20 p.m. Tuesday at Target, a popular shopping center near Figueroa S and 7th St.
According to the police report, the suspect is a homeless man. After he walked into the supermarket, he took a sharp knife with a 9-inch blade from the shelf.
The man then approached a 9-year-old boy and told him he was going to kill him, repeating the words more than once.
According to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore, "The young child attempted to run away and left, ignoring him. Without any further provocation, the suspect swooped in and stabbed the child in the back. "
The young boy is said to have suffered serious injuries, having been stabbed in the back of the shoulder and left a deep gash.

25-year-old woman stabbed in the chest


After stabbing the little boy, the suspect then wandered in the store with a knife, encountered a group of women shopping, and immediately stabbed a 25-year-old woman in the chest with a knife. The victim is said to be an Asian woman.
Fortunately, the suspect did not continue to make up the knife.After the well-meaning people saw it, they immediately dragged the injured woman to the pharmacy area of ​​the supermarket to protect the woman's safety.
According to eyewitnesses, the scene was horrific. Kevin Zaragoza, who was shopping in the supermarket with his brother at the time, said: "There were people screaming from nowhere and we rushed to the front. Just At the exit, saw a girl on the floor, she was covered in blood."
On the other side, the suspect then continued to walk to the front of the supermarket and met face-to-face with the supermarket security guard.

Killed by supermarket security


According to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michelle Moore, security guards initially tried to defuse the situation and attempted to arrest the suspect with batons.But the suspect approached him step by step with a knife. The security guard drew his pistol and shot the man once (or twice in a row), and the suspect fell to the ground.
A Los Angeles police officer in uniform happened to be nearby at the time and rushed to the scene. At this time, the suspect had been shot and knocked to the ground by the security guard. He immediately stepped forward and handcuffed the suspect.
Since the incident occurred at around 6 pm, which is the rush hour for get off work, many people would drop by to go shopping at Target. The incident caused great panic, and many passengers fled. Unfortunately, a woman was trampled on during the escape, causing There are bruises on the face.
After being shot by security guards, the suspect was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but died.
According to the latest news, although the stabbed 9-year-old child is not life-threatening, the sequelae are relatively serious, which may cause neurological damage and leave permanent sequelae.
Another woman, who was stabbed, had a deep wound and was in serious condition and is still undergoing surgery.

Los Angeles' homeless problem on the rise


Due to the laissez-faire of the Los Angeles city government, the situation of homeless people randomly attacking passers-by in Los Angeles has become more and more serious. According to KTLA reports, there have been many incidents of homeless people attacking passers-by in the past month alone, resulting in one death. At least 1 people were injured.


  • On Sept. 9, a homeless male attacked a man with a metal pole in the studio, leaving him seriously injured and hospitalized.
  • On October 10, a homeless man was caught on video stabbing a woman in the head with a pair of garden shears.
  • On October 10, a homeless man was arrested in Long Beach after he allegedly stabbed four people, one of whom died.

I still remember that in January of this year, Brianna Kupfer, a female graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), was killed by a homeless person after she died part-time in a furniture store.The suspect's so-called "homeless" status hides his long-term criminal record, including assault, theft, and even a criminal record in South Carolina. He is a well-wanted criminal.
Just this past September, the city of Long Beach closed the library (Billie Jean King Main Library) due to constant threats and attacks on library staff by mentally unstable homeless people.
Los Angeles County has seen a 9% increase in homelessness since 2020, according to a September study by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Administration (LAHSA).
The frequent attacks by homeless people also remind all Chinese, most importantly, international students and tourists, that they should be more careful when they see homeless people approaching on the street, and don't become the next victim.

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