2022 Apple Autumn New Product Launch Full Version


The Apple press conference that should come is finally hereIt's a week earlier

This year is more refreshing, and I directly released a series of products together.

Let's chat about the new experience of the iPhone 14.


iPhone14/14 Pro 

New product report

Unfortunately, the guesses about the general "telephoto" of astronomical telescopes are all wrong.

This time the phoneLens update, the highlight is not the focal length, but:


• Added auto focus to the front camera, making it easier to take selfies

• The ability to shoot in low-light environments has been greatly improved, and the lens can capture more low-light details and colors

• Video shooting adds Dolby Vision, HDR makes the picture sharper and more detailedAbundanceRich, more saturated colors

• Improved video stabilization for smoother shooting

• New wide-angle lens, 48MP pixels can capture larger scenes


And the forecast rumors to"Cosmic Sense", it may be reflected in:

• Directly connect to satellite, you can ask for help in case of emergency outdoors

•Space-like color schemes: such as Space Black for iPhone 14 Pro, Star light (actually white) for iPhone 14, and Midnight

The car accident detection function that Apple first launched on the watch product is also carried on the mobile phone.
It can make an emergency call for the owner in an emergency.
What's interesting is that the "pierce the sky" satellite communication that was promoted at Huawei's press conference a day ago,
The same goes for the iPhone.


Above: Accident Detection and SOS System

In addition to the above,"Highlights" of the iPhone 14Also reflected in:

• Bigger phone, longer battery life

• Brand new A16 chip

• Cancelled the original SIM card slot and completely switched to eSIM

• Add a new accident detection system, if there is a huge vibration similar to a car accident, it will automatically alarm

• The front camera area has changed from the previous "bangs" to a "dynamic island", and a message pops up but does not occupy a large page on the phone (in fact, it is a software update)


Above:dynamic island

As for the iPhone 14 Pro.It's a pity that the change of the front bangs of the iPhone 14 this time is not in the form of the exclamation mark that was widely circulated on the Internet before, but directly attached - a pill.


imageApple also gave the pill a resounding name called "Smart Island".
This new pill not only acts as the face of the iPhone 14 Pro,
Apple's UI designers also gave it a new information display function.
Regardless ofWhether it is an incoming call, unlocking, navigation, connecting to a device, or push information.
All can be realized in the smart changes of Smart Island.
imageSmart Island itself also acts as a part of the small window function,
The two apps do not interfere with each other when they are practical.
Seriously, ever since Apple brought bangs into the look of phones,
Major manufacturers have been trying to make it smaller or kill it:
Small bangs, water drop screen, hole digging screen and under-screen camera, etc.
But this time Apple has subverted the idea again.
Since it's not that easy to kill, embrace this black area and build UI around it.
To tell the truth, whether it is the animation transition or the display method of Smart Island,
Colleagues who stayed up late to watch the press conference all liked it from the bottom of their hearts.

This point may also become an important explosion point for the 14 series to sell well~

In the end, the price that everyone is most concerned about, in fact, Apple did not increase the price.


iPhone 14: 

Starting at $799, scheduled on September 9, shipped on September 9

iPhone 14 Plus:

Starting at $899, scheduled on September 9th, shipped on October 9th

iPhone14 Pro: 

Starting at $999, you can start booking on September 9th, and ship on the 9th

iPhone 14 Pro Max: 

Starting at $1099, scheduled to start on September 9th, and shipped on the 9th

(Starting price is 128GB capacity)

So see here...

It is conceivable that for ordinary people who are not tech-savvy and fruit fans.

A new iPhone isn't "new."

Netizens complained, what is the difference between this and before?


Netizen: You all want to buyThe new iPhone, I'm the only one squattingDiscounted iPhones.


Netizens:Japan redesigned the national flag that year (only the color brightness changed slightly).


Terrier diagram:appleiPhoneEvery year is like...


What do you think?Do you like Smart Island?Is the new iPhone in the shopping cart?


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