Can you eat Japanese-style ramen in Seattle? You can also buy a DIY ramen set!


In a blink of an eye, we have entered 2021, thinking about the time to cook at home, it is almost a whole year.

Ordering take-out is definitely a god’s help, but the most important thing in take-out is that it can’t stand the toss of the road when ordering noodles.After a bumpy ride, the noodle soup became lumpy and the ramen sticks. Even the most flavorful soup lost its temperature in the cold wind and rain...


Seattle cannot eat in-store
Want to eat oneCooked hotJapanese Ramen
Is there no other way?
of course not!

"Seal now"Ramen set,
Huiyue will present it to you in New Year 2021
There are eggs at the end of the article~ I will tell you
Where can I eat in Seattle!

Entering Huiyue's newly opened branch in Renton, the beautiful box of this ramen set greeted the eyes immediately upon entering the door.

The color is festive, the texture is full, the most attractive isCan hold five ramen noodles,You can choose different flavours, or you can buy the arranged soul char siu, from side dishes to ramen, all cooked and sealed.

No matter if you want to eat a bowl of ramen in the God-recovery store late at night, or if you live at home, it is far from convenient to take out, or if you have a large family and want to show you some cooking skills~ this DIY ramen set is the ultimate choice.

Bring a box of ramen home, and within ten minutes, the whole family can eat the best taste of ramen.If you can't finish it in a half-time, put it in the refrigerator and keep it fresh for three days, and it can be kept frozen for longer.So caring, worth having.

 Let's take a look at what's in the box first?

Type A Ramen Set


5 servings,

$ 54.99

The noodle soup can be from soy sauce soup, pork bone soy sauce soup, garlic pork bone soy sauce soup, salt broth, yuzu salt soup, chicken broth, miso soup, and vegetable soupChoose five flavors.

Five portions of fresh noodles, five individually packaged side dishes such as pork barbecued pork, bamboo shoots, fish plate, sweet corn, shredded wood ears, and grilled seaweed. (The soft-boiled egg is not included in the set meal. It needs to be ordered. Put it before eating. It cannot be microwaved or frozen)

 Type B Ramen Set


5 people

$ 49.99

Three portions of garlic pork bone soy sauce soup, two portions of soy sauce soup, five portions of fresh noodles, five portions each of individually packaged pork barbecued pork, bamboo shoots, fish plate, sweet corn, shredded wood ears, and grilled seaweed.(The soft-boiled egg is not included in the set meal, it needs to be ordered, just put it before eating, it cannot be heated or frozen)

Both sets are accompanied by instructions for cooking noodles.

Separate sealed packaging,

Maintain maximum safety and hygiene.

Go home to the kitchen

The operation is as fierce as a tiger

We started huiyue ramen

DIY challenge

Open the set meal and follow the instructions. Put the tough bamboo shoots and the sweet corn with distinct grains into boiling water for a minute.In fact, it’s okay to cook for a while, and the ingredients will taste softer.

When frying char siu, you can also fry it for a while, remember to reduce the heat until the aroma is evaporated.

For cooking noodles in boiling water, it is recommended to put the amount of water in two measuring cups,The principle is to have no noodles.The yellow and bright ramen can be cooked out of the pot after about two minutes (indicating that there is a time to cook the noodles according to the softness and hardness of the noodles).

The operating instructions suggest that the soup should be heated first. If you want the temperature of the soup to be more stimulating, you can put this step at the end. The soup can be heated directly in the microwave or poured into a pot to heat it through.

In the last step, put the noodles, char siu, side dishes and soft-boiled eggs on a plate, add the hot soup, and a bowl of ramen is done.It takes no more than ten minutes before and after, and the taste is unlimited.

Unexpectedly, the epidemic has forced unlimited creativity, and the familiar Huiyue Ramen can finally be easily eaten at home.

The above two set menus are served at Kagizuki RamenSeven branches in Seattle areaBoth can be picked up or delivered (the shipping fee will depend on the distance).
or Long press the QR code to place an order ⬇️




You can also call the store in advance to order and pick it up. The set is made to order.They are Bellevue store, Northgate store, Capitol Hill store, West Seattle store, Southcenter Mall store, Tacoma Mall store, and Renton store which is still in trial operation.

Don't want to cook it yourself, just want to eat it?

Although indoor eating is forbidden, you can still eat it outdoors~
The current Kagizuki RamenRenton store, Bellevue Main St store, Northgate store, West Seattle store, Portland Food Hall store, Beaverton store, Tacoma store (tent opening soon) are availableOutdoor tent dining area, Stove, tables and chairs, tents are complete.

Do you want to experience the feeling of camping and eating outdoors in winter?
There is heating inside, and you can feel warm as spring when you stretch your head in.

If you greet a bowl of ramen temporarily,
Come here, eat and cook in the store, not afraid of cold weather.
I miss the friends who eat in Tang, don’t forget to experience it~

🍜 Restaurant name: Huiyue Ramen 

kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

🔗 Official website:


14845 Maint St

Bellevue, Washington, 98007

☎️ (425) 777-7048

📍Bellevue Square

575 Bellevue Way NE Space 252

Bellevue, Washington, 98004

☎️ (425) 800-6397

📍Capitol Hill

320 E Pine St.

Seattle, Washington, 98122

☎️ (425) 553-0867


319 NE Thornton Pl

Seattle, Washington, 98125

☎️ (206) 946-6792


120 5th Ave SW

Olympia, Washington, 98501

☎️ (360) 786-8888

(I.e. Renton

505 Rainier Ave N

Renton, WA, 98057

☎️ (206) 420-4488

(I.e. Southcenter

Westfield Southcenter Shopping Mall 2800

Tukwila, Washington, 98188

️ ️ (206) 913-2360

(I.e. West Seattle

4203 SW Alaska St.

Seattle, Washington, 98116

️ ️ (206) 420-3831


11830 NW Cedar Falls Dr Ste. 128

Portland, Oregon, 97229

☎️ (855) 257-6822

📍Portland Food Hall

827 SW 2nd Ave

Portland, Oregon, 97204

☎️ (425) 326-9679

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