After scoring N degrees, Amazon laid off another 9000 people!

Just yesterday, the US media released the latest news that Amazon has laid off employees again.Up to 9000 employees were laid off!

Source: CNBC, the copyright belongs to the original author

This time, many departments are affected, including cloud services, human resources, advertising business department, etc., which are the hardest hit areas for layoffs.

Picture source:CNBC, the copyright belongs to the original author

So far, since November last year, Amazon has laid off 11 employees.


 The tsunami of layoffs will continue 

It has to be said that since November 2022, waves of layoffs by major American factories have been chilling to see.

And just a few days ago, Meta also experienced 2 layoffs.Zuckerberg issued a long text: 1 more cuts, 5000 new jobs frozen, this is only the second round

Well-known companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM that we are familiar with are all undergoing rounds of reorganization.

2022 years,

Apple announced plans to cut 200 jobs, mostly in its self-driving car division.Google also laid off more than 500 people in the same year, mainly in its artificial intelligence department.

Amazon has announced plans to lay off about 2000 employees, mostly in its global retail business.

Microsoft announced at the end of 2022 that it plans to lay off about 3000 employees, mainly in the sales and marketing department.

IBM also announced a large-scale layoff plan, which is expected to lay off about 1.8 employees.

And in 2023, 

Not only have we ushered in more layoffs, but also the explosion in Silicon Valley, which really makes people in the Bay Area sad....

Recently, some friends even contributed to us, saying that netizens shared a wish post that they might need to go to the mountain to "get rid of bad luck"...


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Anyway, Bloomberg predicted,The U.S. economy is likely to experience a downward spiral in 2023. Whether this will really happen, there seems to be some harbingers.

But, I still hope, don't...

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