Bellevue Haidilao first-hand visit! What kind of experience is it to bring American friends and vegetarian friends to eat Haidilao?

The autumn wind blew by,

Keep pushing,

In fact, it is a heart that constantly wants to eat hot pot.

And the hot pot brand this year,

I also love the greater Seattle area,

Just like Haidilao.This is not,

Haidilao in downtown Seattle just opened last month.

Bellevue's store followed closely.

Both are located in Pacific Center,

Like the sun, the moon and the stars.

So far, my friends from the east,

Eating Haidilao is like a fish in the water.

We rushed to visit the store the first time,

Not only found three squirrel snacks

And colorful balloons,

I also experienced some special services and food.

New small material table, more variety of seasonings

The small material table is in the center of the restaurant, which is convenient for guests sitting in all directions at any time.All seasonings and dipping sauces are divided into separate plastic bowls, The waiter will follow up and supplement at any time, including kimchi and side dishes.

The Bellevue store also has its own special colors, such as grapefruit vinegar, crispy soybeans, Thai peppers and fine beef sauce, etc.Fungus King Sauce is the most delicious.Full of mushroom particles immersed in sesame oil, mixed with a little red pepper, the aroma is tangy.

No need to add anything, or just sprinkle a little coriander and chopped green onions,Use the cooked pork belly or beef tongue in a red pot and wrap it in shiitake mushrooms, and the taste will be beautiful in your heart.

Service is friendly to local guests

After walking around, diners from all ethnic groups came to join in.

Haidilao has a variety of options for the bottom of the pot, and the small material table can also be picked up by yourself

In the ipad menu,

Chinese, English and pictures are clearly marked

You can also ask the waiter to do something

Introduction of dishes and eating methods in English

No matter what kind of friends you bring to eat, you are not afraid.

Vegan spicy pot, vegetarian friendly

In addition to the regular butter pot, the Bellevue store also speciallyPrepared a vegan hot pot bottom for vegetarian diners.A friend who is a vegetarian just came here, 4 pot bottoms happily ordered Shuanghong soup, mushroom pot bottom can also request white water soup bottom, that’s the perfect vegetarian pot bottom.

Vegan Spicy Pot BottomThe color of the soup is still red and bright, and the spiciness can still be adjusted according to needs. People who like meat and vegetarians can from then onLet's have fun togetherHot Pot.

The attentiveness and thoughtfulness of this pot bottom option is that it takes both vegetarian and spicy into consideration. Although tomato pot and mushroom pot are also vegetarian soups, friends who are welcome to be spicy will have to sigh. But the butter pot with adjustable spiciness is good for vegetarians. For the people, it is beyond reach.

But now there isThe vegan spicy hot pot is equivalent to clearing away the dead spots in eating habits. Everyone can eat the pot of their favorite taste..Everyone knows that Haidilao’s service is well-known, but in my opinion, the real service quality lies in this vegan spicy pot.

The snacks are also exquisite, and the seafood is a plus

In addition to the hot pot itself, this time we also tried snacks that we didn't have the chance to experience last time.Small crispy meat with soft outside and soft inside, With two dipping sauces of chili noodles and tomato sauce;Cheese lobster balls crispy and delicious, You can pull out the silk with one bite.

Condensed milk is poured on the deep-fried small steamed buns to make the golden ones more golden and sweeter; the brown sugar glutinous rice cakes are soft but not sticky, and the aftertaste has the fragrance of cane sugar.These snacks are almost perfect in taste. When the soup is boiling, it is great to cushion your stomach.



Seafood platterThe small squid and mussels are fresh enough, especially the peeled prawns, which are good to eat on empty mouth after they are cooked, but the seasoning takes away the umami taste.

Bellevue Haidilao is now officially open for business,

The whole site strictly followed safety instructions,

In addition to the space between each table, masks, gloves,

Hand sanitizer is also readily available.

This time, whether it is a vegetarian friend,

Still a local friend,I eat the buttress wall,

Very happy.

I suggest you call ahead to book a seat,

The trial operation still only accepts reservation guests

There is a face-changing performance during dinner time,

The noodle dumpling brother is extremely skilled,

Bellevue’s new Haidilao,

Is the Haidilao you are familiar with,

Eat it!

🏠Store Name: Haidilao Hot Pot Bellevue Store

📍Address:118 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 (first floor)

☎️ Phone: 425-679-6408

⌚️ Business hours during trial operation: 11-2pm 5pm-9pm

(After the official opening, business hours will be adjusted)

🔗 Website:

🅿️Parking: Paid street climbing is available, and there are paid parking lots downstairs and nearby

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