A taste of Seattle and a first-hand shop in Chengdu: How is this Sichuan cuisine that is popular in LA?

The taste of Los Angeles in Chengdu

At the storefront in Seattle Chinatown,

The trial operation finally started last week!

The location is just under the tall archway in Chinatown.

this homeHot with authentic Chengdu flavorcafeteria,

From Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii...

This year, it finally arrived in Seattle.

It’s actually not so easy along the way.

This year is due to the epidemic,

Postponed the openingHalf a year.

Fortunately, it’s delicious, it’s late,

We still had this bite after all

Sichuan cuisine with a high degree of reduction.

The first time I tasted Chengdu, it was through ordering takeaway.Last week, on a whim, driven by the curiosity that killed the cat, I ordered it for myselfHusband and wife lung slices, fish-flavored pork shreds and hot and sour potato shreds.

The takeaway was delivered on time, and the packaging was thoughtful at first glance. There is a brand-specific handbag on the outer layer, and the fast food box where the more soup is located is carefully wrapped in plastic wrap.

The three dishes are very delicate in preparation. Pay attention to the fineness and not just the carefulness. The ingredients and the knife are the same. The taste is pure and the sour and spicy seasoning. The husband and wife's lung slices are spicy but not dry. The takeaway meal was very impressive.

Taste Chengdu

Chengdu Taste

So for the second time, I got the idea of ​​dine-in and received an invitation from a friend. I was fortunate enough to be the lucky one to eat in the first batch (the store has not officially opened for dine-in).Walking into the store, I found that although the space is actually not large, the decoration is exquisite and sophisticated.

The most distinctive feature is that under each table, there is a huge Mahjong tile embedded.

Such thoughtful little details can win a good impression. I sat next to the familiar Mahjong and ordered a table for myself.

Second Sister Rabbit Ding

It is said that Sichuanese have eaten nearly XNUMX% of the rabbits in China. After tasting this signature dish, you will understand why it is a famous dish in Chengdu.

The strong aroma when it comes out of the pan extends from the back kitchen to the table.The quality of the rabbit meat is very good, fresh and delicate, although it is "diced", but the shape is still full.Red oil with white sesame seedsSpicy and delicious, bite to the back, with a hint of sweetness.

Even if you come to eat alone and don't order anything, for the taste of Sichuan, don't miss this second sister Tuding.

Spicy pork trotters

The hard dishes in Sichuan cuisine are both big meat and spicy.The pig's trotters are cut to a moderate size, and the girls directly eat them with their hands. It will not affect the eating, but it is extremely enjoyable..The skin and meat are stewed so soft and rotten, full of collagen, the pepper is strong and vigorous, and you will never stop if the spicy flavor is penetrated into the meat..

Such a portion of pig's trotters can eat the pride of the rivers and lakes, and in the evening when the autumn is getting colder, it can be spicy and sweaty.

Shallot Chicken

The color of the juice is as green as matcha, and as thick as matcha. It depends on solid green onions to enhance the color and flavor.The chicken nuggets are completely wrapped in the fragrant green onion, the white flesh is yellowish skin, the texture is delicate, every bite is the joy of eating chicken.

The various flavors of Sichuan cuisine are vividly reflected here,Mellow pepper numb flavor, Let it have distinctive characteristics even if it is not spicy, especially for those who don’t like spicy but like scallions.

Hot Fatty Sausage

This restaurant has a lot of fat sausages, specially selected fried crispy and then sautéedHot Fatty Sausage.Clean up the fat intestine section,After the fire was scorched, it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Buried in a dry pot of green and red peppers and purple onions.The pot is hot and retains the flavor of fatty intestines to the maximum.

There are fried potato chips underneath, like a hidden treasure.People say that eating a mouthful of fat and intestines makes the intestines irritable, and this dish is eaten, and it really feels like this.

Sad jelly

I don't know why it has the word sad in its name. It is obviously a bowl of jelly that can make the tip of the tongue happy.

Taste Chengdu

Chengdu Taste

The ingredients are very rich, raw and cooked chili, fried soybeans, and chopped green onions, mixed with the sauce at the bottom of the bowl,Sucking it up is a bite of sour, spicy, fragrant and cold jelly, the more you eat, the more delicious it is..

The most common snack on the Western Sichuan Plain is the most memorable piece of homesickness when you arrive in Seattle. Come, come and eat this refreshing and refreshing sad jelly.

Chicken Rice Sprouts

The sprouts are a specialty of Sichuan. They are salty, fragrant and crisp, some resemble rutabaga, but the taste is more refreshing.The chicken is finely chopped, but it is never minced into minced meat, but retains the texture of the meat itself, plus minced chili and bean paste, Achieved a delicious meal.

With it, white rice is a must, maybe two bowls.

After eating a meal, friends with different tastes have different evaluations. The team leader thinks that the overall dishes are salty, but the other friends think it is delicious and very good.So here is also a warning to the light-tasting friends, if there is a taste that is not suitable, you can automatically avoid lightning.Overall, it feels normal spicyNot too spicyBut really很麻.Like other Sichuan restaurants, the dishes in the restaurant are alsoYou can add spicy and hemp.

Other popular dishes, such as vine pepper fish and shredded pork with fish flavor, are turned over from morning to night.According to a poll conducted by Time Out as early as 2016, Weicheng had already been crushed at the time and won the crown of the 17 best Chinese food in the United States.

Six years ago, when Taste Chengdu made its new debut in San Gabriel Valley, the waiting time would take three or four hours.

We don’t yet know what kind of climax the Seattle store will usher in after the official opening of the restaurant.But it is foreseeable that there will be no fewer returning customers after eating.Hope that in the festival at the end of this year, your Chinese stomach will be satisfied with the taste of Chengdu.


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