California blue tears outbreak season! Light chasing guide get

The weather is getting hotterEveryone also wants to go out and have fun. It’s blue tear season again in California.The LA season is here again!
I believe many friends are hereMoments and the InternetHave you ever visited the "Blue Fluorescent Sea"? When night falls, the sea water shines with a faint blue fluorescence.Dreamy and magical, revealing infinite mystery.
When will a blue fluorescent sea appear?
Beginning in April, Southern California coast appears at nightBlue fluorescent waves. It is said that every year at the end of summer, in This beautiful scene will randomly appear in the bay of San Diego. From La Jolla in SD to Manhattan Beach in LA, you can see fluorescent blue waves constantly lapping the shore.
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Why does a blue fluorescent sea appear?
Biologists and environmental scientists have studied this amazing sightMore than 120 yearsYes, these blue fluorescence are related toOrganisms such as red tides and algae blooms are associated with dinoflagellates. There are also related studies showing that blue light comes from the seaDinoflagellateemitted, when a predator tries to eat them, the dinoflagellatesActivate natural luminous defense mechanisms.
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around the worldAlso often found in coastal areas, such as Taiwan, Australia, Costa Rica, etc., this beautiful scenery is also called"Blue Tears".
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Where can I see the LA Fluorescent Sea?
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In the spring and summer of the past few years, many fluorescent sea phenomena have appeared in California. Many friends have driven there, just wanting to record the fleeting and beautiful moments with their eyes, and this year! The fluorescent sea is here again!Let’s take a look at the 2024 Light Chasing Guide!
Although algae will emit a small amount of ammonia, the dose emitted is negligible for humans, so you can go there with confidence. You must know that such a spectacle may not be seen every year. Interested friends can make arrangements. !

Areas around LA where fluorescent seas are likely to appear: 

Manhattan beach

El Porto Beach

La Jolla Shores

Pacific beach

Del Mar

Carlsbad/Solana Beach

Newport Beach

Laguna Beach

Zuma Beach

Paradise Cove Beach

Venice Beach

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