Xia Bobo, Ma Sirui... the most fun foreign little brother at station B is coming to LA!

Hi, have you spent Christmas in LA this year?

It should be, seeing lights and festoons everywhere, the festive atmosphere is super strong🎄🎅🎆

great i know a great party

Haven't you always wanted to meet Xia Bobo from "Informal Talks"?

There is also Ma Sirui, a veteran of spoken language at station B

They will all participate!

It’s a party where Chinese and foreign influencers from IG, Xiao🍠, Youtube, Bilibili, TikTok gather together

come together 🥂


los angeles here we come

This is a

West Coast Meets International Influencer Bloggers Collide

July 12 this year

Photogenic SJM will join hands with its artists



@洛拉学姐 is in LA


Come to Los Angeles to meet you!


Los Angeles

✔️If you are also pursuing yourself media dream, hoping to communicate with industry predecessors and peers;

✔️If you are also a beginnerNorth American workplaceof international students hope to learn from industry seniors;

✔️If you also lovenetworkingLove to socialize and hope to expand contacts in Los Angeles;

come and join

SJM 2022's year-end blogger party!

About Photogenic SJM


SJM Photogenic is a technology media company focused on creating global cross-border influencers, leading the most enthusiastic and passionate creators to the world with rich experience and cross-industry resources.

2022 SJM

End-of-Year Influencer Party

Dating Blogger X Music Party X Surprise Prize

Event Date:Saturday, December 2022, 12

Activity time:7pm to 11pm

Dress code:Cocktail Attire

Theme color:Purple (drunk) gold (fan)

Event Location:19 Town – a brand new high-end Asian fusion specialty themed restaurant

Event address: 18065 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748

👇Long press the QR code to buy tickets👇

48 hours limited time offer

JOIN U.S. ▶▶▶


From November 11th to November 25th, enter the discount code on the Eventbrite ticket purchase checkout pageBF50, can enjoy ticketsHalf priceOffer,$ 49You are ready to enter!

Both VIP and General tickets are available, Flash Sale is limited to 48 hours~


Argentinian-Italian mixed-race brother, food blogger, one of the most popular crooked nuts on the Internet.Living in China for eight years, he can speak fluent Chinese and is good at exploring local specialties and cultures.At the same time, he is also an actor who has received professional training in Australia. He has acted in the TV series "My True Friend" and "Accompany You to the Top of the World" with Angelababy, Wang Yibo and Donnie Yen, the movie "Ip Man 4" and Dwayne Johnson Li Bingbing The work "Megalodon".

Xia Bobo Brian (10M+)

Americans with the smoothest Beijing dialect. Founder of "Spoken Language Veteran Ma Sirui", co-founder and CEO of Shuozhi English.Love foreign language learning and cross-cultural communication.He has been to more than 30 countries and is proficient in 8 languages. At present, he is mainly vertical in the field of education, and is committed to helping Chinese people improve their English listening and speaking skills more efficiently.

Speaking veteran Ma Sirui (5M+)

A wild English blogger who loves Rap, and the kind-hearted Senior Laura that students say.Eight years of experience in the United States, graduated from UCSD with a major in media, and a postgraduate with a major in marketing at USC.A former market analyst who turned to Xiaohongshu from the media, Laura has won the love of the audience with her humorous and interesting English learning content and dry goods in the workplace.

Senior Laura in LA (200K+)

For more event information and guests, please visit:



✌️The most funself media bloggers

✌️The highestRed carpetphoto show

✌️The best shot of internet celebritiesCheck inpoint

✌️The happiest west coastDJParty

✌️The most exquisite eventGrand prize

👇Long press the QR code to go directly to the ticket grabbing page👇

11 / 25-11 / 26

Use coupon codeBF50half price

The final interpretation of the event belongs to Photogenic SJM

For more details, please visit the official website www.sjm.group

* This article is a food promotion article.Does not represent a food stand.
It is for transmission and reference only and does not constitute any suggestion of behavior.

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