Seattle police adopt a new strategy to deal with street protesters after the election

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Two days after Election Day, protests continued to occur from Washington, DC and New York on the east coast of the United States to Portland and Seattle on the west coast.Some of these protests were directed at elections, while others were about racial injustice.

Portland police arrested a protester (AP Photo)

In Portland on the West Coast, protesters belonging to different groups protesting against police violence and vote-counting issues clashed in the city center. Police intervened to disperse them. There were a few arrests and small-scale property destruction.

A parade of hundreds of people in New York marched on Manhattan streets to protest racial inequality and police violence. Similar protests were also taking place in Chicago, Houston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and San Diego.

Trump supporters are also holding protests outside the election committees and vote-counting centers in many counties and counties in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan.The entire United States is in a moment of emotional tension and confrontation.

Protesters outside the Penn State Voting Center (AP Photo)

The Seattle Police Department prepared in advance to deal with the potential risks after the general election and adopted a new crowd control strategy to effectively maintain the relatively calm situation in the Seattle city for several days.

Seattle police said that the number of arrests so far is not large. Eight people were arrested on election night and seven people were arrested the next day. All of them involved lesser charges including damage to property, malicious trouble, arrest and reckless behavior. .Most of the arrested protesters will be released after a few hours, and only one person will be released after being held overnight.

It is reported that,The new strategy adopted by the Seattle Police Department is to not allow peaceful protesters to stay.Always urge the group to stay mobile.

The black right to life movement and hundreds of protesters calling for police budget cuts must continue along the parade route at the urging of the Seattle police.The police continuously issued warnings through loudspeakers, not to stop blocking traffic, and not to stay at intersections.Once there is a violation of warnings or graffiti damage to property, the police will execute arrests.

The Seattle police strategy seems to have played an effective role in ensuring a relatively calm city, keeping roads clear and reducing property damage. The protesters who participated in the swimming activities eventually dispersed around midnight.

However, the protesters expressed dissatisfaction with this. Some protesters declared anonymously because they were afraid of being retaliated by the police: "The police have disrupted the peaceful protest operation. The police are the instigators and their driving tactics are completely unnecessary."

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