Dryness in autumn is suitable for nourishing, try this "collagen gift pack" of peach gel, snow swallow and saponified rice, produced by Tongrentang and trustworthy

Exclusive new store

The autumn breeze is good for food

Large temperature difference between day and night in autumn

The air is getting drier every day

I always feel that my skin and body have been dehydrated recently

In addition to the mask every night

From the inside outDietary tonicIt can also be arranged!

In order for all the fairies to spend the autumn and winter beautifully

A must-have for the new autumn in the canteen

Tongrentang Collagen Combination

Selection of peach gum, snow swallows, and saponified rice

Full of collagen

Keep your complexion and skin in the best condition

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Nanjing Tongrentang Collagen Combination

This beauty "spree" mainly contains
Peach gum, snow swallow, saponified rice,
They are all first-class natural supplements,

Plus the blessing of the XNUMX-year-old signboard of Nanjing "Tongrentang"
The ingredients and quality are trustworthy~

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Wild peach gum

The peach gum inside looks beautiful and seductive
AllSelected large particles, The color is yellow and bright,

Basically no impurities, no need for too much cleaning
AndHigh foaming rate.
Soak in water for 3 hours and you can cook it

The stew is soft and glutinous, soft and smooth, full of gel texture
And peach gum is famous in recent yearsBeauty products.
Little sisters often have it in their desserts,
Even gastrointestinal discomfort has a very good relief~
(But it must be reminded here,
Not recommended for menstruation during pregnancyOh)

Brushed Snow Swallow

Its snow swallow is crystal clear,
Good drawing effect~

It is tender, smooth and crystal clear
There is a kind of rush jio that fills the face with a mouthful of collagen
AndWild taste, Put it in the collagen package
Enrich the taste of the whole bowl
Delicious and nutritious~

In addition to being ableReduce fat, moisturize the intestinesTo improve our immunity,
MoisturizingThe function is also very powerful,
Drink a bowl at night, the skin will be supple and tender the next day,
Properly responsible for hydrating!

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Double Pod Ginseng Rice

The saponified rice has high energy, low sugar and low fiber,
In short, perfectReduced fat food

What is saponified rice?

Ginsenosia rice is commonly known as snow lotus seeds, saponins, and saponins. It is a layer of soft film outside the acacia fruit, high-energy, high-carbohydrate, low-protein, low-fat food, and contains plant-based dietary fiber.

Saponaria is a relatively "scarce" cereal, mainly because its production area is "limited" in my country's Yunnan and Guizhou areas, and it is rarely grown in other places.

There are two types of saponaria and double-pod saponaria. Most of double-pod saponaria is produced in Guizhou. The grains are relatively full, the color is light yellow, the foaming rate can reach 4-6 times, and the taste is soft after cooking. Waxy.

The above is taken from Zhihu

The saponified rice is crystal clear after being cooked,
EntranceFenfennuoYes, it's much better than pearls!
No wonder there is a nice name called Xuelianzi~

Not only effectiveAntisugar, Delay the aging of our skin,
Even control blood sugar, lower blood fat and blood pressure have certain effects,
ThisNourish from the inside out, More effective than skin care products

Independent packaging and worry-free

Introduced the ingredients for half a day, let’s talk about thisCombination Pack
The eating method is also simple and worry-free

Don’t bother to weigh yourself,
The three ingredients have long been based on scientific proportions
Packaged into a small independent package,

One small bag can cook a big bowl
Just take it out every time you want to eatSoak for 3 hours.
You can cook it in a pot~
No cooking skills are required,
When working at home, studying or watching a drama,
Slowly let them simmer in the pot,
When everything is boiled soft, the glue slightly rises,
You can serve it in a bowl! !

Too suitable for me
Lazy and want to eat well
With such a bowl full of gum,
Sweet soup with soft and smooth taste,
The happiness of the house is instantly illuminated!

Finally, I will share my favorite way to eat!
When stewingpapayaCut into pieces,
Almost cookedAdd milkSimmer for a few minutes,
It’s sweet and delicious, not at all inferior to the dessert shop outside

Not only very suitable for little fairies who love beauty,
Everyone in the family can drink together,
Body careThe taste is delicious~

Order quickly, a bowl of high-end desserts every day,
This autumn and winterOnly looks good but not fat~ Hey

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The commissary is more delicious!

Want to buy a collagen combination?
The commissary recently sells a selection of healthy snacks
Mushroom meat and konjac that do not gain weight
Lai Yifen Mango Queen Mother Thick Cuts Dried Mango
Pistachios, potato chips, old yogurt popsicles...

For more choices, please scan the QR code to enter the commissary website!

There are also authentic Wuhan hot dry noodles
Internet celebrities have you on the side
Served with a Japanese-style snow pan to cook a supper
The commissary even prepares aprons for food!

In addition, the super popular Taiwanese Dajiashi Taro Liuxin Cake
Now down to6.5 off.
Was $ 25.99,right nowOnly $ 16.99
*Due to transportation reasons, the taste period of this batch is approaching
The taste period is until 2020.10.29, please consume as soon as you receive it

For more choices, please scan the QR code to enter the commissary website!

By the way, the foodie boss recently discovered two treasures
Liangpin shop shredded dried beef
Chewy and enjoyable, but neither dry nor hard

And nominated by backstage partners
Xuzhou Xiaokang Brand Beef Sauce
It is said to be a friend in the surrounding area
From snacks to big tastes of hometown, who knows who eats

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Thanks everyone for voting,
The proprietress also wants to listen to everyone’s opinions on the canteen.
If you want to replenish, if you want to eat, please leave a message to us!

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