From $$$$ Steak to Innovative Chinese Food | 2020 Seattle Restaurant Week Mine Clearance and Planting Guide

For allFor the people of Seattle who love food, The most anticipated each year is the restaurant week in spring and autumn.Those tall and big restaurants on weekdays have become close to the people at this time;The restaurants that want to go but always pass by, finally give people a reason to walk in.

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Originally, Seattle Restaurant Week this spring,Should start on March 3th,But at the time of the outbreak, the restaurant week event was one of the first events to be cancelled due to the new crown virus.

but,Halloween is here, it is back, and the scale is larger than in previous years, there are a hundred restaurants participating in it, To boost confidence and spirit for the entire Seattle restaurant industry.

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Of course, there may be some restaurants that we will never see anymore; but the addition of new forces has added more dining options for this restaurant week.The event was extended for a whole month (October 10th to November 25st), which is a veritable "Restaurant Month".

Every restaurant participating in the event,Will be launched

$20/person for lunch and/or $35/person for dinner.

Dinner is usually three courses of appetizer, staple food and dessert.

Including signature or special dishes.

Time for Seattle Fall Restaurant Week in 2020:

August 10 to August 25

More dining options are available, including dine-in, take-out and outdoor seating

The restaurant accepts advance reservations, this Sunday, let us eat!

Restaurant Week official website:

After carefully studying the restaurants participating in the event, I combined social media content, review websites, and past eating experiences.We have selected some recommended restaurants in major mainstream cuisines, and welcome everyone to eat and see.

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Chinese food

Let me talk about our favorite Chinese food first.Three familiar names first came into view,Valley House, Summer Palace, Little Chengdu, They are all authentic Chinese dishes, with a chef in charge.

Gufu just updated its new autumn and winter menu.The autumn tonic includes old duck soup and pumpkin and chicken feet, and hard dishes include Alaskan king salmon, fried cheese and squid tubes., Paired with a glass of smoky whiskey, breathtaking and elegant.

Picture: Valley House

Osmanthus Roast Duck, Lobster and Dim Sum in the Summer Palace, Usually let the foodies in the south have a feast, and restaurant week may bring new surprises.

Little Chengdu's Husband and Wife Film, In my mind is always the first in Seattle, every time you pass by, even if you don’t order anything, you must take a package.

Little Chengdu 

Dumpling the Noodle’s noodles are hand-made, including dumplings, fried buns, chao shou, wontons, and all kinds of noodles and fried sauce burritos.

Autumn Gourmet


 Picture: IG Dumpling the Noodle

As for Plenty of Clouds, we visited the store more than a year ago. The owner and his wife are both Americans.Specialized in-depth study of local cuisine in Yunnan, combining the essence of Sichuan cuisine, Mapo tofu, cauliflower and sesame sauce noodles are both orthodox and innovative, as well as Moutai!

 Picture: Plenty of Clouds



No matter where you go, French cuisine is the highlight.Regrettably, due to the epidemic, this year’s French cuisine, which has both good scenes and good dishes, does not have much room for choice, but there is still a magical trick that is located in Pike Market.MAXIMILIEN


The reason for saying this is that his home has installed "transparent bubbles" in the outdoor dining area. This device called LE IGLOO looksBoth net celebrity and warmth, both eating and enjoying the sceneryGoing in and enjoying a sunset dinner is a unique and beautiful dining experience.It is very popular, if you want to experience it, remember to call early to book.



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The most worthwhile Italian food should be the one that just opened in Kirkland last yearHow. it hasSuper-class lake view, elegant and comfortable dining environmentThe food style comes from Lombardia, Italy, and the service is first-class.Taking advantage of the autumn scenery, come to the lake for a good meal.

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Another chain of Italian restaurantstavolata, Is another extremely simple style.They basically don’t play with any external flower heads, they just use fresh raw materials.Let the food speak for itself.Homemade pasta, local mushroom and wood-fired pizza, and rib eye steak for two, Can greatly satisfy the taste buds.There are many branches and the choice of dining locations is also very convenient.

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Fine dinning

For a long time, Chinese that can accurately correspond to fine dinning has not appeared. We can only make a broad definition of it first, namelyHigh quality, artistic sense, and let food convey pleasure and memories, of course, it is also inseparable from excellent service.

There is only one fine dining restaurant in this restaurant week, and that is Bellevue’sAscend.There is height, scenery, steak, and sushi..You don’t really need any special moments to come here. It’s the right time to take advantage of the restaurant week. Whether it’s dishes or scenery, you can take the most beautiful photos.


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The good news is thatShiro's, the legend of Seattle sushi, This time is still on the list.The chefs in the restaurant are all carefully selected sushi chefs, and they have all worked in high-end sushi restaurants in Japan and the United States. The sushi-making skills can be said to represent the highest level in the industry.

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Shiro's is always hard to find, The extension of the restaurant week’s activity time may bring us some convenient opportunities for reservation, And the price of $35 is not only touching, but also gratifying.

Regarding the restaurant week menu, Shiro's will update it on the official website in the coming time.If you want to go on weekends, it is recommended to reserve seats more than one week in advance.


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Rondo, A magical Japanese restaurant, seemingly ordinary, people who have eaten it all like it, with a rating of 4.6 on Yelp.

Autumn Gourmet


Ramen, sashimi, fish sashimi and matcha parfait are all highlights on the menu. It is said that everyone in the shop is very friendly. Eating a meal is like eating a home-cooked meal. If you want, the waiter can stay with you. Let's talk.

Autumn Gourmet



My personal recommendation is Miller's Guild. Although it is a restaurant attached to the hotel, the style is very unique. The log decoration and the mature steak directly suspended make people feel as if they are in Colorado.

Autumn Gourmet


The tableware is exquisite, the presentation is beautiful, and the food portion is large enough, even if it's just a brunch, you can stand against the wall.The atmosphere in the evening is particularly good, eating a steak under candle light, without hesitation for a long time to eat.

All of the above are just to start with, everyone has different tastes and different foods., On this restaurant week, you might as well try various restaurants, maybe you can discover Xintiandi.

The menu will be announced in advance on the restaurant website, I wish all my friends, I will be able to eat and drink for the whole month.Restaurant Week official website:


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