Tesla's big price cuts, if you buy it, you need to defend your rights, if you don't buy it...

Marianne Simmons, a self-described "Tesla fan girl," bought her second electric car from the company in September: a white high-performance Model Y that cost more than $9 .Unexpectedly, Tesla cut prices sharply on Thursday, and she found that the same model was $13000 cheaper than the original price.

Marian Simmons complained on Twitter that she lost money, and said relevant consumer protection laws will call the shots
"I feel like I'm being lied to.As a consumer, I feel taken advantage of,” said Simmons, 32, a web designer in Naples, Florida.”On Musk's whim, I lost $13306.A drop of this magnitude will affect a lot of people who just bought a car. "
This is the reality Tesla owners have to face, Musk cut Tesla prices by 20%, to boost sales amid weak demand.For owners who want to switch hands, the price of Tesla's used cars will also be hit along with the price of new cars.
Excessive price cuts lead to public outrage
"It's a big blow to any existing car owner," said Ivan Drury, director of in-depth research at research site Edmunds.com. I felt the impact and regretted why I didn’t rent a car to drive.”
It's an age-old problem in the auto industry: Days after a customer buys a car, dealers are advertising discounts that can save them thousands of dollars.The reason why Tesla’s promotion has caused such public outrage is that its decline far exceeds the strength of ordinary discounts.

Tesla's previous price cuts in China caused car owners to come to protest (Source: Carnewschina)
In all fairness, Simmons and other Tesla fans aren't the only owners experiencing falling prices on their used cars.Average prices across the used-car market fell 12% in December, while the average new car hit an all-time high of nearly $15, according to research firm Cox Automotive.
Among new car sales, Tesla saw the biggest price cuts, especially on its high-end models.The base price of the Model Y is down 20%, starting at $53000, and the high-performance version that Simmons bought is down 19%.The larger Model S Plaid version is down 14 percent.
Los Angeles TV producer Austin Flack said he listed his 12 Model 2018 with the Full Self-Driving Beta package for about $3 in December, but as Tesla's sales at the end of the year Introduced a markdown, bringing the price of a new car down to $51000.He said he might have to bring the price down to $36000 again.

(Source: Reuters)
Jack Bradham, a cloud service developer in Charlotte, North Carolina (Jack Bradham), said he had just bought a black Model Y Long Range in December and was annoyed by Tesla's promotion.
Bradham, 46, said in a telephone interview that he ordered the car late last year and was told he would have to wait until January to get it.Then he got a call from a Tesla salesperson on Dec. 12 saying he could pick up the car for Christmas.At the time, he thanked Tesla for the early delivery and agreed to buy the electric car for $69000.
Now, he says, he should wait because if he picks up the car in January, he can save $12000.
Bradham said it was normal to miss out on promotions, but what bothered him was the magnitude of the cuts, and the lack of communication from the company.
"No one to contact. I've called them, I've tweeted, no response."
Car owners try to defend their rights but have no recourse
Andrew Checketts of Santa Barbara, Calif., said he bought a seven-passenger Model Y in early December when Tesla "chased" him with text messages to sell it.If he had waited another month, he could have bought the car for less.
"It's really hard to buy anything from Tesla anymore, couldn't even look at the Model Y this morning," Checketts said in an email.He said he was driving a Prius today.

(Source: Business Insider)
Cloud service developer Bradham said,He hopes Tesla will offer some compensation to recent buyers, such as free charging.Simmons said Tesla should provide them with full self-driving capabilities for free.
despite this,Tesla owners have little recourse.
"I'm not going to buy a Tesla again," Simmons said. "It means a lot to me. I was a huge Tesla fan, and next time I'd take a competitor like Lucid or Rivian."
Musk himself is the biggest obstacle to sales
Musk's recent reputation is notorious, especially his speeches for the right-wing platform are eye-popping, and the chaos and political polarization he caused during his tenure as Twitter CEO are staggering, such asHe promoted far-right arguments on gender, free speech and public health, urged voters to support the Republican Party in the midterm elections, and restored the Twitter account of former President Trump, all of which have severely damaged his own and Tesla's brand image. 

The Bay Area netizen named Bascom Hill said that since Musk acquired Twitter, many of his friends have decided not to buy or lease Tesla’s electric cars because Musk has joined the far-right camp


The netizen named LFM said that he thought about buying Tesla five years ago, but after Musk exposed his political views, he would not have such an idea.

The netizen named Todd believes that Musk is a far-right fanatic. He wants to incite hate speech and support traitors like Trump. Such a person can never earn a penny of his own
The Wall Street Journal reported on a survey by Morning Consult,The survey showed that people's opinion of Tesla has been declining steadily since Musk began his bid for Twitter in May; Confidence among Republicans has plummeted, while favorability among Republicans has risen slightly.

(Source: Reuters)

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