These 35 famous fast-food chains started like this

These 35 famous fast-food chains started like this

McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc. Where did these famous fast food chains start? The team will count for you ~~

1 McDonald's McDonald's

First store location:Monrovia, California
Founding time:1937

The well-known global large-scale multinational restaurant chain represents an American lifestyle.It mainly sells burgers, as well as fast food such as french fries, fried chicken, drinks, and fruits.In addition, Mc Cafe offers a variety of coffee drinks, as well as biscuits and pastries.Whether it is for breakfast or late night, it is a great choice.Come and shout out its slogan: "Im lovin it!" However, it is better to pay attention to fast food or eat less, and pay attention to nutritional balance~

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Where to eat now? McDonald's can be found everywhere in the United States.Official website.

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) KFC

First store location:KentuckyNorth corbin
Founding time:1930

One of the American multinational restaurant chains, has been competing with Uncle McDonald's! Mainly for salefried chicken,Burger,French fries,Soda. Compared with the new domestic products such as family buckets and tarts, KFC products in the United States are not so rich, so I think they are still delicious in China. However, since it is from USA, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in the United States still has the authentic taste of fried chicken.


Where to eat now? KFC is located all over the United States. For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

3. In-n-out 

First store location:Baldwin Park, California
Founding time:1948

Very hot California specialty.Even Director Ang Lee held the Oscar figurines in one hand, and gobbled the song with In-N-Out burgers.If you leave California one day, you will definitely miss it! The public menu has three types of burgers:Burger,Cheeseburger,Double burger. The squad once organized for everyoneHide menuFor reference.

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Where to eat now? There are still a lot of In-N-Outs in California. For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

4. Subway Subway

First store location:Bridgeport, Connecticut
Founding time:1965

Subway is undoubtedly the healthiest in fast food. Mainly sells low-fat sandwiches, from freshly bakedbread,meat,CheeseTo蔬菜, You can choose to match according to your taste. and alsosalad,soup. It can be said that the appearance of Subway has broken the saying that "fast food is junk food", and I think this is one of the reasons why it is so popular.


Where to eat now? Want to try fast, easy and healthy sandwichesOfficial website.

5. Panda Express

First store location:Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Founding time:1960

Insert a familiar Chinese fast food here, the originator of American Chinese food. "Cracked nuts" who love Chinese food all like this fast-food restaurant very much, but it may not be authentic for our people. The restaurant serves a variety of Chinese dishes,Orange Chicken,Oriental chickenWithfried riceOrFried noodle. You may not know what the dish is by the name, but you know it at a glance. How to say, some people talk and some love, you may wish to try to express your opinion ~


Where to eat now? Chinese fast food in the United StatesOfficial website.

6. Jack in the Box

First store location:San Diego, California
Founding time:1951

Jack is in the box, which means that jumping out of the doll surprises people. Personally, I think its burger crust is very crispy and tastes no worse than other fast food restaurants. The trend of the burger in this restaurant isUltimate CheeseburgerSourdough Jack,Beside this there isSignature Sandwich,saladMexican Food RepresentativeTaco.


Where to eat now? JThere are still many branches in ack in the Box.Official website.

7. Hardee (Carl's Jr.) Carl Star

First store location:Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Founding time:1960

This is an American fast food brand with more than 50 years of history. It's quite common to walk down the street with this star-studded fast food restaurant. It also hasLow caloriesprotein styleBurger (with lettuce instead of slices of bread), very refreshing,Angus meat qualityIt's also great. Star products andSuperstar Cheeseburger,BBQ Bacon Burger.


Where to eat now? Hardee (Carl's Jr.) has many branches in the United States, please go toOfficial website.

8. Taco Bell

First Store Location: Downey, California
Founded: 1962

This should be the largest Mexican restaurant chain in the world. Representatives of traditional Mexican cuisine areWheat flourPluschicken,beef,lettuceWait for the ingredientsMexican chili sauce,GuacamoleSalsa, Has become the world's unique old ink American style. Occasionally it is still delicious and you can experience Mexican culture ..


Where to eat now? Taco Bell is very common in California. For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

9. Burger King

First Store Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Founded: 1953

For Chinese, this chain of fast food restaurants is quite famous, with many branches in China. Burgers are also very rich, frombeef,chicken,pork,FishTo蔬菜There are also different crusts to match. Personally I prefer desserts: Hershey's Chocolate Sundae ~ It's a bit sweet and a little greasy, but it's full of chocolate and cream, you can try it if you don't want to lose weight


Where to eat now?mBurger King is everywhereIn all corners of the United States, please go to the addressOfficial website.

10. Pizzahut

First store location:Wichita, Kansas
Founding time:1958

Remember that when I was a kid, Pizza Hut was very excited every time I went to Tall! After coming to the United States, Pizza Hut here may let you down a bit, because there are not as many domestic Pizza Huts. American pizzahut is just a company specializing inTeam BuildingShop, plusChicken wings, pasta. Although there are not many types, the ingredients of pizza are still very powerful, there are often coupons, and you can also order food online.

Where to eat now? Miss Pizza Hut Pizza's children's shoes can goyelpSearch on ~

11. Papa John's is great!John

First store location:Jeffersontown, Indiana
Founding time:1983

It can be regarded as the world's most popular pizza giant ~ There are many varieties, and thin bottom is recommendedSeafood PizzaThickCheese flavor. Personally, I think American stores are more delicious and more authentic than domestic ones. Lazy eaters can order food online, and then you can wait for food at home ~ It also has special promotions.


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

12. Dominos

First store location:Ypsilanti, Michigan
Founding time:1960

The taste of Domino's pizza is definitely not inferior to other restaurants, and it is still very popular in the United States~ The fragrant cheese, crispy outer skin, and salami topped on top of it, the shiny appearance is definitely appetizing! Kind of tasteTeam BuildingBeyond the choice, recommend itChicken wings. Order online often5 offOffer!

Where to eat now? If you want to try Dominos pizza's children's shoes, please go toOfficial website.

13. Chipotle

First store location:Denver, Colorado
Founding time:1993

Its logo represents everything-Little pepperIt may make you cry. There are four types of dishes:Burritos,Bowl lunch,Hard burritos,salad, Then you can choose the main course, side dish and spicy degree. The main dishes are:Roast chicken,roasted beef,Shredded beef,Shredded pork,Vegetarian dish.


Where to eat now? For a quick, fresh and delicious Mexican BBQ fast food restaurant "Seven Splash Tears" address, please go toOfficial website.

14. Wendy's Wendy

First store location:Columbus, Ohio
Founding time:1969

This is the third largest fast food chain in the United States. Its name comes from the daughter of the founder, so the logo is a cute little girl. Burger adoption100% pure beef(Its meatloaf is particularly large), plusCheese slicesRefreshinglettuce, Both health and color and fragrance.


Where to eat now?  Looking for this cute little red-haired girl, please check the address atOfficial website.

15. Five Guys

First store location:Arlington County, Virginia
Founding time:1986

This can be regarded as a legend of Hamburg, even President Obama has personally come to the door to spend. Although the types of burgers on the menu areBurger,Cheeseburger,Bacon Burger,Bacon Cheeseburger, But you can choose different ones according to your preferencesIngredients,Sauce. According to statistics, its burger taste combination can match 25 different changes! Burgers use fresh ground beef, cooked with peanut oil. and alsohot dog,sandwich,French fries.


Where to eat now? Go to Five Guys with a burger that is different from others. For the address, please go toOfficial website.

16. Shake Shake

First store location:new York
Founding time:2000

The "small fresh meat" in the fast food industry, eating a burger there is also a must-go place to New York. The main product is beef burger, which claims to use 100% antibiotic-free Angus beef. The lettuce is also organic, and even the ice cream and milk have the "green food trademark". The first lady Michelle Obama has been photographed eating his double cheeseburger on the street. It can be seen how hot it is!


Where to eat now? Shake Shake plans to enter LA next year! For other states, please go toOfficial website.

17. Boston Market

First store location:Newton, Massachusetts
Founding time:1985

Strangely, the first store of a semi-service fast food restaurant called "Boston Market" is not in Boston. All the guests use plates and bowls, and they have the feeling of dinner, so the price is a little more expensive than that of ordinary fast food restaurants. Famous foods areroast chicken,BBQ ribs,Mashed potatoes,and alsoVarious sandwichesselect. Because the taste is not bad, there are still many customers to visit.


Where to eat now? Fast food that looks like a meal instead of a meal.Official website.

18. Chick-fil-a

First store location:Atlanta, Georgia
Founding time:1967

This is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States, famous for its chicken burgers. The shop started with the invention of boneless chicken breast sandwiches and was the first restaurant to propose the concept of chicken fillet. In 2014, the store was the first to announce that it would not use any additives on food. Because it has not introduced the Chinese market, it is not as famous as fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC.


Where to eat now? If you want to eat 100% chicken burgers without additives, go to Chick-fil-A.Official website.

19. Dairy Queen

First store location:Joliet, Illinois
Founding time:1940

The founder, Mr. McCullough, likes to call the cow "the queen of the dairy industry", hence the name "Dairy Queen" for the ice cream he made. Its ice cream is soft and will not spill after stirring. And the fat content is only 2%, which is one sixth of the average ice cream. U.S. DQ is not just for saleice cream,and alsoBurger,French fries,dessertIsn't it very novel?


Where to eat now? DQ has many branches in the United States. For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

20. Dunkin' Donuts Dunkin' Donuts

First store location:Quincy, Massachusetts
Founding time:1950

The world's largest coffee and baked goods donut chain is one of the top ten fast food chains in the United States. This chain has already entered the mainland market in 2008. I believe everyone is no stranger to it ~ Selling popular products are:coffee,Cool music ice,Donuts,sandwichWait. High-quality and delicious donuts are added in various styles according to the sweetness and taste of the guests. So cute donut, don't you take a bite?

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Where to eat now? Want to try delicious donuts, please go to the addressOfficial website.

11. Del taco 

First store location:Yermo, California
Founding time:1964

Another major salesBurritosFast food chain. In addition to burrito, it also sellsBurger,fried chicken,milkshake. The new salad and rice are very Mexican! Do any friends like it ~


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

22. Long John Silver's

First store location:Lexington, Kentucky
Founding time:1969

What sets this restaurant apart from other fast food restaurants isFried fish and seafood. The bestFried fishAnd fried shrimp, it tastes good, just a little oil.


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

23. Jimmy John's

First store location:Charleston, West Virginia
Founding time:1983

Sandwich is one of the representative staple foods in the United States. Its sandwiches have made unique features. There are many varieties of sandwiches, fromPlain slimsToGiant Club Sandwiches, The price is generally around 4-8 knives. Let me say here that the waiter moves very quickly and is very friendly!


Where to eat now? Don't miss the sandwich enthusiasts, please check the address atOfficial website.

24. Arby's

First store location:Youngstown, Ohio
Founding time:1964

Arby's is one of the top ten fast food brands in the United States. The name comes from "America's Roast Beef, Yes, Sir!" The restaurant’s signature isRoast beef sandwich,Curly fries.Texas Flavored Iced Tea. The cuts are very thin, which makes the burger look special.


Where to eat now? For Arby's address, please go toOfficial website.


First store location:Shawnee, Oklahoma
Founding time:1953

What makes this fast-food restaurant special is that there is basically no place to sit because it is a car fast food restaurant. In simple terms, sitting in the car to order food, the waiter will wear skates to bring the meal to your car. You can park your car and eat in the car. You can imagine how lazy the people of Texas are. It also sells more traditional American fast food, likeBurger,hot dog,milkshake.


Where to eat now? If you do n’t want to walk but want fast food, you can goSonicTry it.

26. A&W Ed Bear

First store location:Lodi, California
Founding time:1919

Started selling "hot dogs" and later developed into ordinary fast food chains. The store is the most famous and well knownEd Bear Snow Mountain Beer Beverage(Root beer). This is a herbal drink made from herb roots. It has a lot of foam after being inflated. It tastes a bit like beer but has no alcohol content. It is very delicious with a floating ice cream. But there are still many foods that can't accept its cool oily taste ~









































Where to eat now? A&W now has many branches in the United States, please go toOfficial website.

27. Taco Cabana

First store location:San Antonio, Texas
Founding time:1978

Some food reflects that the Mexican breakfast is quite delicious. In addition to the traditional cuisine Taco,Beef Burito


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website

28. Blimpie

First store location:Hoboken, New Jersey
Founding time:1964

Similar to Subway, a fast food chain that makes healthy sandwiches. Others respect "Real. Fresh. Taste."sandwichBurritoAnd its homesalad,Kids Package


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

29. Little Caesar's

First store location:Garden City, Michigan
Founding time:1959

Another chain that specializes in pizza. The store's original features are the famous "crazy" series:Crazy Bread,Crazy Sauce,Crazy Wings,Crazy dips. There are also children's packages, Italian fruit ice, and the size, thickness, and ingredients of the pizza can be selected. The price is reasonable, and there are coupons, the price is really high.

Where to eat now? Little Caesar's is located in various states, please go toOfficial website.

30. Church's Chicken

First store location:San Antonio, Texas
Founding time:1952

Another fast food chain specializing in fried chicken. From boneless chicken fillets to chicken wings, there are a variety of flavor options. Also recommendedBig Tex Tender Sandwich: Roasted crunchy square bread slices, with tender chicken, lettuce, and pickled cucumbers, squeezed with salad dressing, very appetizing.


Where to eat now? Church's Chicken official website has no branch to find, you can goyelpSearch on ~

31. Whataburger

First store location:Corpus Christi, Texas
Founding time:1950Years

The name of this fast food restaurant is quite interesting, and it must be familiar to the people of Texas. China has not yet been introduced, so Chinese people may not be familiar with this restaurant. Recommended are double burgers and onion rings.
Where to eat now? Whataburger now has branches in California. For inquiries in other states, please go toOfficial website.

32. White Castle White castle

First store location:Wichita, KansasWichita
Founding time:1921Years

The first American fast-food restaurant chain, which witnessed the development of American fast food. Its signature isMini burger(Sliders), So popular that it was once named the most influential burger in the United States by fashion magazines. Customers usually order 5-6, and there are alsoOnion rings, cheese fries, chicken rings, fish balls, allmini size,very cute.

Where to eat now? White Castle now has many branches across the United States. For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

33.Big Boy big boy

First store location:AdditionStateGlendaleGlendale
Founding time:1936

Large, well-known American fast food restaurant. It was the founder of the double burger,Two-layer meatloafAdditionTwo layers of cheese, Full of materials. In addition, everyone must order French toast, accompanied by a cup of coffee, and enjoy this vibrant morning ~ The Beatles, director David Lynch and many Hollywood celebrities love to come to this fast food restaurant. !


Where to eat now? Big Boy has multiple branches in the United States. For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

34. Freebirds Burrito

First store location:Isla Vista, California
Founding time:1987

A fast food restaurant specializing in Mexican rolls. Using fresh beef, with soy sauce and other sauces, it has a different Mexican flavor.


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website.

35. Moe's Southwesrt Grill

First store location:Atlanta, Georgia
Founding time:2000

It is also a fast-food chain of tacos.I also choose my own staple food and side dishes.It also has Burrito Bowls to try.


Where to eat now? For inquiries, please go toOfficial website

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