A big loss!New York restaurateur's $2000 red wine mistakenly used $18 red wine to give away guests!

Catering boss must read the blue words above

The restaurant owner in New York recently made a big oolong: he gave away $2000 worth of red wine to a couple who ordered only $18 worth of red wine.The boss who knew the truth did this...

The reason for this is this. There are four people who seem to be in business in the store to open a bottle of the most expensive red wine in the store to celebrate:Produced in the world famousMouton Rothschild Winery (Chateau Mouton Rothschild), a bottle is worth $2000.

After they ordered the wine, one of the managers on duty poured the wine into the decanter and left.

At the same time,Another couple who came to the store for dinner ordered a bottle of the cheapest red wine in the store: Pinot Noir worth 18 dollars.The other manager poured the wine into another decanter that was exactly the same.

When the first manager came back, he thought that Pinot NoirIt was Rothschild who poured 18 dollars worth of red wine to several businessmen "seriously".

At that time, the guest declared to his friends that he was a real wine critic and showed off to them that this was the "purest" red wine.Did not realize that this is the cheapest Pinot Noir.

At the same time, the couple who ordered Pinot Noir drank red wine worth $2,000.After drinking a few sips of what they think of as "Pinot Noir" red wine, the coupleHe also joked and pretended to drink expensive red wine.

Fortunately, the managers quickly realized their mistake and hurriedly called the boss.

After the boss arrived, he was deeply entangled: Should he admit the mistakes of his own employees, or let these businessmen continue to drink cheap Pinot Noir in their happy ignorance?in caseIt is also very unreasonable to recover $2000 a bottle of wine from the couple. After all, it is not the guest's fault.

In the end, he decided to tell both sides the truth.

After knowing the truth, one of the businessman’s friends said that he had long suspected that this wine was not the most expensive Rothschild, and the others also nodded that they thought the same way.The customer on the other side was very happy because he picked up the big bargain, and said, "It seems that the bank made a mistake and gave them $2000 for nothing."

The boss reluctantly wrote that the problem is that it is not that the bank has lost $2000, but that I have lost $2000.

The owner owns several restaurants in New York, London, and New Jersey, but two of them have already been closed due to the impact of the new crown epidemic.In any case, although there is a big oolong, the boss can honestly admit his mistakes and properly handle the emotions of the guests at such a difficult time in the current business. It is really commendable~



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