There is nothing that a hot pot can't solve!Not to mention the $20 all-you-can-eat hot pot!

In recent days, the United States has continued to suffer from inflation,

Whether it's shopping in the supermarket or eating in a restaurant,

Prices are skyrocketing like a rocket.

The only thing that hasn't gone up is the salary.

However, the goose has recently been "cold in spring" in Houston,

It's raining at every turn,

I really want to eat hot pot! !

But the average hot pot restaurant usually costs $100+ for ordering food.

The wallet is crying loudly

Right now! !

Happy LambTakeAll you can eatcoming! ! !

all you can eat$20! !

The squad leader immediately rushed to the front line with his friends

Send a first-hand store visit report for everyone!


Happy Lamb has two branches in Houston. We went to this one on the east side of Chinatown.

(There is also one on Westheimer)

There is a large parking lot at the door and there is plenty of space.


The store has recently been renovated.

The self-service area is clean and bright, clean and hygienic,

Let people feel at ease!

The dining area is also, not only has a separate box,

Even the hall is separated by wooden fences.

The antique decoration style is even more unique~


Happy Lamb after redecorating and opening shop fully adopted

All you can eatform

The price is divided into three grades according to the type of meat you want to choose

The cheapest Lunch is only $18.95! !

The Supreme level experienced by the squad leader this time,

You can eat wagyu beef for $28.95,

It's simply a cost-effective ceiling! !

Self-service area

Take a lookSelf-service area.

The food is really not too rich!

Vegetables, soy products, noodles, meatballs are all available,

There is also a whole area of ​​seafood in the middle!

Look at thiscrabIs it super fresh, and the amount is definitely enough!

In addition to the basic seasoning, the small material table also

Various snacks are also provided!

Not onlyFruit, Cake, Gazpacho.

There are also fried chicken, hemp balls, fried small steamed buns, fried spring rolls,

Here's the captain's name for praisefried chicken!

Don't look at it in a hot pot restaurant,

But the taste is definitely not inferior to the specialty store outside!

Crispy skin, tender and juicy meat, the taste is earthy salty,

Reminds me of Master Pan everywhere on the roadside in China, delicious!

In addition, there are hot dishes!

This stewed lamb and scorpion is really fragrant.

It tastes like a clear stew.

I, who love to gnaw on bones, risked my death,

Still couldn't help gnawing at two whole pieces!

Bottom of the pot

Now enter the official part of the hot pot!

This time we tried all the flavors of the four pot bottoms,


Taste original pot, special spicy pot

Golden soup hot and sour pot, nutritious tomato pot

Captain's favoritespicy pot!

However, compared to the ordinary Sichuan hot pot in his house, it is not spicy at all.

Instead, the flavor of cumin is added to the bone broth.

Shabu-shabu beef and mutton are great!

In addition, all the bottom soups at the bottom of their pots are made with

Boiled with beef bones and old chicken!

The store guarantees:
"Boiled6 hoursAbove it!I'm staring at the boil! "

After talking, he enthusiastically took us to the back kitchen to visit them

A large pot of soup base that is simmered slowly,

Creamy white soup with yellow chicken fat,

Let the whole pot bottom be mellow~

However, it should be noted that the overall taste of the bottom of his pot is light.

It is not the same genre as Sichuan's heavy oil, heavy spicy and salty.

It is suitable for friends who want to eat hot pot but are afraid of spicy food~

Beef and mutton

Let's take a look at what we ordered this timemeat!

From top to bottom, from left to right, respectively,

Premium A-eye beef, preferably Snowflake Wagyu,

Angus beef, premium Xiaochun sheep.

Premium Snowflake Wagyu

My favorite is wagyu beef!Really delicious!

All You Can Eat also has Wagyu beef which is great!

The snowflake texture is clear, fat and thin,

The meat is so tender!

Zhenpin Xiaochun Sheep

The second is the little spring sheep, which is the fat sheep roll.

It is also tender and juicy, full of lamb flavor!

Served with cumin-flavored pot bottom and sesame sauce, it's really amazing!

Don't miss it if you love mutton stars,

However, if you are more sensitive to the smell of goat

Might feel a little mushy~

Premium A Eye Beef

Thinly sliced, with clear marble texture and rich meat flavor~

Angus beef
This one is a little thinner overall, and it will lose firewood after it is hot. It is suitable for people who love lean meat or who are afraid of fat stars~

classic meat

We didn't try this series.

Because I really can't eat it~

But the shopkeeper was kind enough to show us

Their products 👉Respectively,

Secret Garlic Beef, Pork Belly, Fresh Chicken Tender,

Happy Lamb Roll, Super Lamb, Melaleuca Beef.

Think you can have all the above meat for only $18.95,

So happy too! !

Overall, Happy Lamb is really Houston Hot Pot

Cost-effective ceilingNow! !

The self-service area is not only fresh and hygienic, but also rich in variety.

And the staff is really replenishing at any time,

It is almost impossible to see the situation where the ingredients are taken out.

Fried chicken, sheep scorpion are especially delicious!

For price selection,

If you want to pursueExtremely cost-effective.

Come to choose the cheapest meat at noon on weekdays,

With the buffet area, you will definitely be full~

If you want to pursue somequality.

Highly recommend trying their Wagyu beef!

All you can eat for as little as $30.

The meat is really tender and juicy, the quality has nothing to say~

Store information card

🏠 store name

Happy Lamb Hot Pot

📍 Address

8488 Bellaire Blvd., 

Houston, TX 77036

5901 Westheimer Rd Ste a, 

Houston, TX 77057

☎️ Phone

(713) 771-1153 (Bellaire)

(713) 975-0687 (Westheimer)

⏰ Business hours
Sunday-Thursday 11:00–22:00
Friday-Saturday 11:00–22:30

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