Microsoft cuts 10,000 jobs, China also affected

Headquartered in Redmond, WashingtonMicrosoft, recently announced layoffs10,000, accounting for approximately5%.


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In a filing made public today, Microsoft said the layoffs were in response to "current macroeconomic conditions" and "the changing consumer environment."


The document also mentions that Microsoft is planningStreamline the company's existing office space.


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However, according to SFGate reports, the number of layoffs at Microsoft is far lower than the number of recruits expanded during the COVID-19 epidemic.


Because of WFH, the demand for office software and cloud computing services has soared, and the number of Microsoft's global employees has increased by about 2% in two years: from the end of June 36163,000, by June 2022 it has become221,000.


Microsoft did not disclose which departments or regions the layoffs and closed offices will be concentrated in, but according to filings, at least 878 Microsoft employees will be affected by the layoffs in the Redmond headquarters and the surrounding Bellevue and Issaquah offices.


interface news reports,HR is the hardest hit area of ​​the layoffs, In addition, Microsoft China has also been affected to a certain extent, but the proportion of layoffs is less than 5%, but it involves some R&D departments.


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Microsoft CEO Nadella mentioned in an email to employees: "Although layoffs have been carried out, the company will continue toContinue to recruit in key strategic areas. " 


He emphasized the importance of using artificial intelligence to further build a "new computer platform".

Recently, Microsoft's interest in San FranciscoOpenAIinvestment has attracted widespread attention. OpenAI is the startup behind ChatGPT, the blaze artificial intelligence system.

(Source: CNBC)
On the other hand, Microsoft plans to acquire the game company for US$687 billionActivision Blizzard Activision Blizzard, but was forced to postpone because of the EU's antitrust warning.

(Source: Microsoft)

In less than a month since the start of 2023, 91 technology companies across the United States have announced plans to lay off more than 2.4 workers due to concerns about an economic slowdown.
San Francisco-based Salesforce announced major layoffs earlier this month;Amazon also began today its largest layoff ever, although the 18,000 people represent a tiny fraction of Amazon's 150 million global workforce.
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