People from Yunnan gather together! The Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States is established, and the CEO of the foodie team talks with the California Finance Minister

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How many Yunnan people are hiding in the United States? [Foodie Team] As a representative of Friends of Yunnan and Yunnan fellows,will get Good luckOn May 5th, I participated in a grand celebration in Los Angeles - the founding ceremony of the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States and the California Investment Forum.

This exciting event attracted leaders from politics, business and society to witness this landmark moment.

After the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce video was played, the founding president Yao Yina delivered a speech, introducing the background, purpose and future vision of the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States. In her speech, Yao Yina emphasized the importance of the Chamber of Commerce and its mission in promoting Sino-US friendly relations and business cooperation.
U.S. Congresswoman Zhao Meixin, California Treasurer Shiyun Ma, California Senator Bob Herzberge and other important political figures were also invited to attend and deliver speeches.
They congratulated the establishment of the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States and looked forward to its future development.

The special identity of Finance Minister Ma Shiyun has attracted people's attention. Her family is deeply rooted in Yunnan and her feelings for Yunnan have always been consistent. As a reflection of his special feelings for Yunnan, the "cloud" in the name of Finance Minister Ma Shiyun is the cloud of Yunnan. It was with her support that the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States was established in California, and set the first goal of establishing sister province-state relations between California, the United States, and Yunnan, China.

OnDuring the celebration, Ms. Shiyun Ma, California’s Secretary of Finance, delivered a speech on the theme of “Deepening Investment Cooperation in California.”She detailed California’s central role as the world’s fifth-largest economy and its leadership in innovation, technology and culture.Ms. Ma Shiyun said that California is open to investors from all over the world and hopes to strengthen bilateral relations with Yunnan and other regions to achieve more achievements together.

At this forum, Ms. Ma Shiyun also had an in-depth conversation with Amy Duan, CEO of "Foodie Squad", and Cosmo Hu, co-founder, to discuss opportunities for multicultural cuisine and international investment in Asia, as well as new growth in the California market. Chance.

The three of them discussed California's economic development and the potential of the catering and tourism industry in California.Ms. Ma ShiyunI strongly agree with the important role of using Yunnan’s specialty food as a link to connect Chinese and American communities and cultures, support local employment, and promote local economic vitality.

Minister Ma Shiyun also specifically mentioned during the conversation that California and Yunnan are similar in many aspects. For example, the two places have similar climates. They are both large states based on agriculture and are famous for their diversity. California is home to 78 different languages, while Yunnan is the province with the largest number of ethnic minorities in China. She emphasized that by increasing people-to-people exchanges, high-level exchanges of visits, and signing more cooperation agreements, the normalization of exchanges and cooperation between the two places can be further promoted.

In activities,Ma ShiyunFinance ministerMentionAdditionState governmentWe strongly support the establishment of overseas companies in California.

If you want to know more about how the government actively promotes enterprise development in the future, you are welcome to come to Los Angeles in August to participate in the Food Festival.versusFinance Minister Ma Shiyun,Amy Duan and Cosmo Hu chat more!

If you want to participate in the team’s commercial activities in August, please contact customer service to find out⬇️

The celebration also invited Jenet, head of the international department of the famous American berry company Driscoll's, to give a speech. This company is a California company that successfully invested in Yunnan. The blueberries it planted in Yunnan have become the largest blueberry base in China, setting a model for Sino-US economic and trade cooperation.

Director Chen from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce Representative Office in New York also introduced the advantages and opportunities of investing in Yunnan to the participants.

Finally, government departments at all levels in Yunnan Province, enterprises and institutions, and chambers of commerce in Southeast Asian countries sent congratulatory videos or messages, expressing warm congratulations on the establishment of the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States.

There was also a display of Yunnan products at this event⬇️

This celebration not only witnessed the birth of the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States, but also condensed the friendship and cooperation willingness of the people of China and the United States. I believe that in the days to come, the Yunnan Chamber of Commerce in the United States will continue to play the role of bridge and link, promote economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States, and contribute to the prosperity and progress of the world.

US News Agency and other media also reported vigorously on this event

*Some articles and pictures are reproduced from the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United States and US News Service. Other images are from on-site shooting. Comprehensive report from the Foodie Squad

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