Coordinates in the East Bay, the wallet was stolen, I and the police caught the habitual offender

It is said that California has become a paradise for window smashing, zero dollar shopping and wallet grabbing in supermarket parking lots.
However, many people still cannot believe it without real experience.
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Recently, we have received contributions from netizens,I shared my personal experience of having my wallet stolen this week, encountering thieves who swiped their cards frantically, and how I caught the thief together with the police....
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Readme:Baoma Little in the bay areaFor many years, I have been haunting Nanwan all the year round. I have not experienced it for 0 yuan purchase. Let me first experience the wallet being stolen in the supermarket parking lot...
 Bao Ma personally experienced the experience of 0-point security in the Bay Area
Today ended a very happy baby's playdate, parked the car inA Plaza in Newark is near the lucky supermarket.
With a takeaway in one hand and a bag in the other, I walked into the car. My baby suddenly ran around and rushed into the supermarket. I hurriedly put my things in the car and chased after her, thinking that I couldn't let her out of sight.
As a result, the car forgot to lock.
I came back and found that I brought it with meThe bag is gone, the takeaway bag is gone (the food is not worth a few dollars), but the driver's license, credit card and debit card are all gone.
Ask the supermarket for help + stop the police car directly
At the beginning, I went to ask the people in the Lucky supermarket. The person in charge of the supermarket was very nice. He asked me where the car was, to see if there was surveillance, and told me to call 911 immediately.
I feel a little helpless when I think about making a phone call (it’s annoying to think about the long waiting), and there just happens to be a car (marked with Fremont Police)I stopped the police car and asked him for help!
The police spoke on the walkie-talkie.A second police car also came.
Passers-by give clues, police notes
An Asian passer-by big sister came over and said it seemedSaw a woman come and take my stuff,….At this time, a second police car came over, and the police stopped me, you talk to me, he (he pointed to another policeman) will talk to the lady (the big sister who gave the clue).I feel very orderly.
The police asked about the incident and mainly what was in the bag.Because there is no computer or mobile phone, and there is not much cash in the wallet, I think the actual loss of money is estimated to be only a thousand yuan. What is more troublesome is the process of replenishing the card.
 The thieves quickly opened the crazy bank card swiping 
However, it was later discovered that I was naive again.
Not long after, I received the consumption record,The thieves began to steal frantically, and the money in the walletAll three cards were stolen.
The first one is Chase.It happened when I just finished chatting with the police and I was going back to the car to report the loss of my card, and found that I received a text message alert from Chase
The first stop the thief goes to is Walmart.
(Picture source Xiao Q mother,Copyright belongs to the original author)
I quickly called Chase.learned thatThe thief has visited Walmart for the second time. The first time he swiped the card successfully for more than 300, but the second time he was declined.
Lock the thief's general appearance and route
Then I hurried over to show it to the police, and the police told me to ask, which Walmart is it?I wonder..Can this be asked?I bit the bullet and asked.There are really records.
Wal-Mart has a number for each location, and Chase Bank has this number record. Chase learned that the police were there, and also provided details of the time of use, place of use, and purchase amount.
There was a conversation on the police walkie-talkie.It seems to start sending people over.
According to this witness, the person who took my stuff was a rather stocky, brown-haired, white woman(small, chubby, brown hair, white female) There is no political judge, it is purely convenient for the police to identify.
Hearing their conversation, I vaguely felt that they belonged to the pool of some suspects. For example, they would discuss that they might be similar to a certain woman who lived in the motel next door a few days ago.
I suddenly realized that if there is a follow-up, the more information provided to the police, the better.
 Run away all the way, steal at least 10 times all the way 
So the next two debit cards were stolen, and I immediately reported it to the police.
The two debit cards respectively show that after the chase Wal-Mart decline, the thief switched to boa's debit card and swiped successfully.
The thieves went all the way north from Fremont to Hayward
And straight up, from Union City to Hayward, first refuel, go to Denny's to eat, and then go to Home Depot to buy more than 200 things (I can't think of what home Depot can buy)
(Picture source Xiao Q mother,Copyright belongs to the original author)
The speed of fraudulent brushing verified the words of the police uncle, report the lost card as soon as possible, because the thieves know that we will report the loss, so they use it like crazy.
That night, I reported all my cards lost and replaced them.and further communication with the police,The suspect has not yet been apprehended.
Buying at 0 yuan is by your side, and the experience of friends is even more terrifying
When I got home at night, I still felt that my awareness of prevention was too low. There were already a lot of 0 yuan purchases in the Bay Area. Every time I took a chance, thinking that I was far away from myself.
However, when I told my friends about it, I found out thatThe crazy fraud that my friends have experienced is even more terrifying.
(The source of the picture is Xiaoqma, the copyright belongs to the original author)
Not only friends have been maxed out by thousands of peninsula credit cards.
Another friend saidreplaced by identity: "The thief called boa directly, changed the password of the bank account and transferred the money in it. Later, we went to the police to open this service. When the person took the ID and ssn to open a card or check credit records, we would all receive an alert.. "
The wallet was stolen, please do the following steps immediately!
With this lesson learned, II also want to share some coping strategies after being stolen with Xiaobai like me, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
1. What is the first step?
Call 911!Be sure to call 911 and tell the police, it will help them find the criminal.
Xiaohongshu mentioned that many people call 911 without follow-up, and it is impossible to get things back.II will still encourage everyone to update the police if there is any follow-up,Help them have more leads.
It is very likely that the middle is very time-consuming,Things may not be found back, but it can help the police have a greater probability of reducing the city's crime rate.
After chatting and leaving today, I also received a call from the police. On the one hand, I learned about the stolen address and the stolen card number.The police will go to those places and adjust the cameras.And, judging from my subsequent fraud records,Such portraits of thieves will be repeated in many she will repeat to walmart and dennys.The police will communicate with the merchants, and the merchants will cooperate to help the police locate criminals.
2. The second step is to immediately report the loss of the card and important items
lock all cards.Those who steal your wallet will definitely use your card as soon as possible. Now these people are repeat offenders. They also know that there will be no more cash in the wallet, and the cardholder will report the loss quickly.The problem with US consumption is that no password is required.
What surprised me a bit this time is that the debit card is very insecure.I hardly take out those debit cards for consumption, I just put them in my wallet.As a result, there is no need for a password at all.
3. The third step bank refund
Dispute all fraud records.I later communicated with my accounting colleagues, after the money is disputed,Take the police report, the bank will return it to you first. 2 will also be returned.
4. Step XNUMX If the driver's license + SSN are stolen at the same time, start ID protection immediately
to do oneID theft protection service,Because of the loss of driver's license,In case she uses your driver's license to open a series of cards, there will be endless troubles.
(Photo source SBS news, copyright belongs to the original author)
5. Finally, precautionary tips:
The less stuff you bring, the better.In the future, I plan to basically not carry a card, and only take a mobile phone with me, and put the card in Apple Pay, which is actually very simple.The mobile phone is always with you.
The less valuable stuff you have in your car, the better.This is sometimes easy to be lazy, but you must not be lazy.I read that many Xiaohongshu will say that South Bay includes cupertino and San Jose, and there are looting and looting in these places.Including, for example, Plaza, which has relatively popular Chinese food.
I guess it's the thieftargetAsian group.Know that places with a large number of people in this group may have a high hit rate.
Finally, I would like to remind everyone again: Cars are smashed in various places in the Bay Area, and 0 yuan purchases are really around you.
Don't be lazy and leave your bag in the car, the door is not locked,Through the police file report, the credit card was stolen, and the witnesses described the portrait of the thief.
I have a deeper understanding of the magic life in the Bay Area where the gap between rich and poor is so sharp (fortunately, the car was not smashed).I hope you all don't share my experience!
This article comes from the real experience of netizens
Netizens are welcome to share your Bay Area stories in the background
The picture comes from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author

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