Seattle seafood is the most fat season, where can I eat it?

People say that the autumn wind makes crab's feet itchy. At this time of year, I always miss Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.But in the United States, if you want to have a meal from time to time, it can be considered a luxury.

Fortunately, the geographical advantage of the Pacific Northwest has given us the power to remain unchanging. Not only is there ample fish, shrimp and seafood, but we can also catch a trip to the sea directly in the city.

Where can I go to catch the sea?

Must be in a hundred supermarkets.

Recently,Baijia SupermarketThe aquatic area has become a big show for all kinds of seafood.

Crabs, prawns, shellfish, scallops, sea urchins, abalone, and other seafood, Most of them are fresh and lively, just get out of the water!

All seafood are locally selected, such as large oysters and small oysters from the old brand oyster farms; as for the premium seasonal varieties such as blue crabs and langoustines, they are all directly imported from overseas, and you earn a bite~

Want to buy your favorite seafood at once?

Going to the supermarket once is equivalent to catching a sea!

Come and see what fresh seafood is there

The domineering shrimp soldiers and crabs

Atlantic deep sea red crab

(Freshly imported, only available in Bellevue store

11/6 arrival)

The red crab from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean usually lives in the sandstone of the seabed between 200 and 1800 meters. This depth makes it more delicious than snow crabs.

In addition to being big, the most obvious feature isMany crab yellows, thin crab shells, dense and delicate taste, The meat is full of aroma and tastes with a light algae flavor. It can be called the hairy crab in the Atlantic Ocean.Crabs bought from other places often have broken legs. Baijia's wild red crabs not only have full tails, but also weigh more than two pounds.

In the seafood feast, there must be other towns and hundreds of supermarketsHave todayFresh arrival!


Imported langoustine

(Only available in Bellevue store 11/6 arrival

The real sea prawns come from the deep sea. Speaking of these shrimps, they are the long-lasting internet celebrities on the dining tables of the gluttons: they are beautiful and delicious, and they also come from the deep sea.The quality is pure and the taste is delicate.

Make sashimiOf course it is the best way to eat it, but for the Chinese stomach, there is still that bowlSeafood congeeThe langoustines are the best ingredients for porridge.Seeing this, are you hungry?

Imported Green Crab

They are all imported from Vietnam and are rated as the best flavored crab locally.Its crab paste is very dense and thick, while the crab roe is bright orange, large in volume, and sweet in the mouth.

Some people call it "sea ginseng", which is used to make porridge and is particularly nourishing in autumn and winter.Want all-you-can-eat crab roe at home?Just choose it.

Blue crab

Of course, there isFresh yellow female blue crabThis blue crab from the eastern United States is simply the best substitute for hairy crabs. If you eat a bite of live blue crabs that are yellow this season, you should not be too happy.

The delicious shells

Pure wild geoduck

Geoduck farmed in Seattle is common, but wild geoduck is rare.The geoduck in hundreds of supermarkets comes from natural wild growth. They also have a nice alias:Goddess clam.

The siphon like an elephant trunk is the most satisfying part. It is crispy, tender and smooth. You can buy a few to make at home, stir fry, salad, porridge, and eat whatever you want.

Is it delicious or not,It's all about freshness, And the freshly landed geoduck is waiting in the water tank of Baijia.

Flower snail

If you ask what the small domestic coastal seafood you miss all the year round, it must be boiled in spicy wine.Not to mention the beautiful appearance, each one is very fresh.

Come to Baijia, buy a few pounds and go home, put the spices and sauces on it and cook it quickly. It is smooth and smooth, and it can freshen your eyebrows.


Two kinds of oysters from the local century-old oyster farm Taylor ShellfishShigoku(Zhi Ji) and Kumamoto (Kumamoto),Even size, sweet oyster meat.

This year, I can’t go to the oyster market to feast on myself, but I can take the oysters home directly.Iced, roasted, steamed with garlic,The home kitchen is the base of Kumamoto Oysters.

Hundreds of supermarkets also prepared oyster knives intimately. The price is lower, but the quality and ease of use are top-notch. Since then, you don’t need to use fruit knives to open your own oysters.

Autumn freshKumamotoOysters are particularly plump, Friends who like to eat raw oysters, don’t miss it~

Qinghai Urchin/Green Sea Urchin

(Arrival in store 11/6)

It is also known as the horse manure sea urchin, in order to make everyone eat fresh, they are all locally sourced and of first-class quality.

After opening, the color and lustre will make people salivate. The autumn is just when it is ripe, the sweetness is high, the entrance is full of umami and the flavor is rich.If empty stuttering is not enough, then prepare a bowl for yourselfSea urchin rice or sea urchin steamed eggWell, embrace the little fortune from the sea.

Clams (Manila Bay) and Stone Snails

Manila shell is a kind of Seattle native clam, whether it is the favorite of Seattle nativesClam Chowder, Or ChineseSpicy Fried Clams, The protagonist is it.Fresh live clams and eggs are steamed together, which is even more delicious.

Snails have always been rare in the United States, cleanStone snailIt's even more rare, now you can buy it directly!Fry a plate and eat one by one with the toothpicks. This is the joy of a domestic roadside stall. You can just go to the snails to watch a show at home.

Live abalone

(Only available in Bellevue store)

Abalone is the favorite of Chinese people. There is absolutely no need to go into details. There are only two key words:Abalone, fresh.

As the first of the four great flavors, don't say anything, charcoal grilled, boiled, eaten raw, and hot pot!

In addition to the many seasonal and rare seafood above,

Hundreds of seafood tanks often haveLobster, Jumbo Crab, BBQ Oysters, Fresh Scallops, GongsEtc., etc.

The most picky foodie,

You will definitely not miss the plump and fresh seafood in autumn.

Hurry up and collect this guide to relieving gluttons, and go to hundreds of "catch the sea"!

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⏱Business hours | Sunday-Thursday 9AM–9PM Friday and Saturday 9AM–10PM
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⏱Business hours | 9AM–10PM every day
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