Come here for the New Year's Eve cooking party! Wagyu beef/truffles/caviar/king crab... these places can buy the high-end ingredients you've been dreaming of!

Foodies, it's almost Chinese New Year~~~

February 2st is Chinese New Year.

The highlight is still the New Year's Eve dinner.

Wagyu beef🥩, oysters🦪, king crab🦀, lobster🦞

Delicious food and drinks are arranged!

Then the question is coming,

Where are these high-end ingredients sourced?

Let's talk to you today,

High-end Food Sourcing Guide

What to eat for New Year's Eve in 2022?

Pork, beef, lamb and other meat

Seafood such as lobster, fish, shellfish

Caviar, truffles, foie gras and other sauces

America's Best Butcher Shop

Snake River Farms

American "Extreme" Wagyu specializes in Wagyu beef. This Wagyu beef is exclusively for Michelin restaurants. 14 Michelin restaurants have a soft spot for his family, and 7 of them have three Michelin stars.

The American Wagyu beef bred by Snake River Farms inherits the sweetness of Japanese Wagyu beef and the richness of American Angus beef. If you want to make Wagyu beef at home, it is right to order meat from his home~ Major supermarkets also sell his Wagyu beef!

Order official website:


Debragga is a well-known shop in New York, with a history of more than 90 years, specializing in providing poultry meat to major restaurants.In his house, you can buy Japanese Wagyu beef, Australian Wagyu beef, pure imported meat, claiming that it is absolutely impossible to buy the "same style" in any supermarket.

Excellent quality pork, lamb and even cooked meats are also available.

Order official website:

 Butcher Box 

ButcherBox is a meat subscription site that specializes in "farm green meat."His family specializes in 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised Australian beef. It is said that Australian cattle raised on grass-fed pastures have higher antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fatty acids in the meat, and the meat is more flavorful.

His family also sells free-range chickens and traditional breeds of free-range pigs.All meat is vacuum-packed and frozen, guaranteed fresh at home.

Order official website:

 Porter Road 

Porter Road was once a brick-and-mortar butcher in Nashville, as the quality meat source grew into an online ordering store.What's more interesting about his family is that you can order various "meat combination packages", such as barbecue master box, breakfast box, home box...

His dry-aged steak and Andouille sausage are worth a try. The price is relatively close to the people, and you can freely choose a combination of meat~

Order official website:

America's Best Seafood Store

Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market is located in New York and is the second largest seafood market in the world after Tsukiji Market in Japan.His family provides online ordering service, more than 40 kinds of fish, all kinds of shellfish, the variety and quality are excellent.

Fresh sea urchin, snow crab legs, caviar, bluefin tuna... Lemons and all kinds of seasonings are also well-equipped, making it easy to eat seafood at home~

Order official website:

Cameron's Seafood

Crab lovers come here~ Cameron's Seafood is one of the largest seafood suppliers in Maryland. You can buy super plump Maryland blue crabs here, Alaska snow crabs and king crab legs are also of good quality~

The price of crabs in autumn and winter is low, hurry up and order a wave now~

Order official website:

Maruhide Marine Product

If you have a soft spot for sea urchins and want to achieve sea urchin freedom, this seafood site in California you must know!His family specializes in wild red sea urchins, and the wooden boxes contain large pieces of fresh and sweet sea urchin meat, which is definitely more cost-effective than going to restaurants~

The shipping fee is a little expensive, but if you drive to the beach to eat sea urchins, it’s actually pretty much the same… right?

Order official website:

America's top ingredient store

D'Artagnan Foods

To make a Michelin-level Western meal, ingredients such as foie gras, caviar, truffles, wild mushrooms, etc. are all indispensable. D'Artagnan is an old shop specializing in supplying ingredients for high-end restaurants, and high-end ingredients are easy to buy in his home.

Duck 🦆 chicken 🐔 turkey 🦃️, even pigeons and quails are available in his family, and they are often discounted. The threshold for free shipping is not high, and the postage is reasonable. Babies who like to cook Western food must mark it~

Order official website:

Regalis Foods

In addition to D'Artagnan, Regalis Foods can buy foie gras in the United States.Fresh truffles, wagyu beef, caviar, jams, nuts, seasonings, all the high-end ingredients on a Michelin chef's cookbook can be found here.

Order official website:

Browne Trading

Browne Trading is located in Portland and belongs to the family seafood business. His caviar is the most famous and the most advanced in the United States.Fresh, full-bodied and of good quality, Browne Trading's caviar is a must-try on the Michelin table.

If you are interested in raw and marinated seafood, you might as well buy it and try it~ The caviar products of his family have free shipping if you spend more than $150, and other products have free shipping over $300. The threshold for free shipping is not high.

Order official website:

Urbani Truffles

If you prefer truffles, the smell of fermented leaves in the woods and wetlands, mixed with a hint of yeast and honey, then this truffle specialty store, you should close it~

His family has a variety of fresh truffles, as well as truffle products such as fragrant white truffles with extra virgin olive oil. This 170-year-old store is the largest truffle retailer in Italy and the United States.

Order official website:

How about~ After reading so many high-end ingredients,

It's time to show your hand at the New Year's Eve dinner~

Although I won't be able to return to my home country to reunite with my family this year,

We hope everyone is happy and healthy,

Eat every meal!

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