Singaporean net red Hainanese chicken/laksa potato chips, Sichuan spicy and crispy tofu skin snacks, I can stay there for another three months!

The commissary is new again!

Hainanese Chicken Rice Flavor Potato Chips/Singapore Flavor Laksa Potato Chips
/ Singaporean net red crispy bean curd!

Exclusive Asian-style potato chips / tofu skin,
A bite is crunchy and crisp, and the house's mouth is not lonely~

Tips for the boss lady:
Recently I have received many private messages asking if XXX can replenish the goods,
Most of the new shops are seasonal products
I won’t make up soon after sold out, I have to start quickly when I see what I like!

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(Recently due to the delay of UPS logistics pickup,The logistics update time limit may be extended after shipment,During the epidemic, please understand the uncontrollable factors)

I used to look at the dazzling array of potato chips in the supermarket.
Who would have thought that this year will be home for half a year,
Have you eaten the "potato chip shortage"?
It’s okay, the boss dug up this for everyoneTreasure Chips!

localAuthoritative mediaReports,Internet celebrity recommendation.
This single-minded research and development"Asian"The brand of potato chips,
Since its inception, it has been wildly sought after by young Singaporeans.
Of course, our senior foodie can't miss it!

The new ones on the canteen are the most suitable for our Chinese taste
"Hainan Chicken" "AddedPo Laksa"

AFresh, AHeavy mouth.
But they are full of flavor, there must be something you like!
(Both flavorsPut it down,all I want! )


Poke the QR code Qia Singapore Internet Sweet Potato Chips

Hainanese Chicken Rice FlavorPotato chips

Tear open the packaging bag, lightlyChicken flavorFloating up,
Can't help itIndex finger move, Grabbed a piece immediately~
You can taste the unique dipping sauce of Hainanese chicken at the entrance.
Lemon and gingerFresh aromaIf the shadow appears,
As if a plate of Hainanese chicken rice is in front of you,
In the next second, you can pick up a tender chicken and dip it into a dipping saucer~

Especially like thisWavyPotato chips,
Not only can be maintained for a long timebrittlesense,
And betterLock in seasoningIngredients, the taste is more intense~
Eat upCrunchySuper crispy!

You can taste it when you chewThe original fragrance of potatoes.
Regardless of the taste or texture, it is veryadvancedBut verykind.
There ismid night canteenEatingHappiness.
After class/get off work, come one pack, you have to lick your hands after eating
I feel all tired can bewarmcureYeah ~


Poke the QR code Cha Hainanese Chicken Rice Flavor Potato Chips

Singapore LaksaPotato chips

When I saw the word "laksa", I thought of itRich soup,
The scent of seafood,and alsoTangy coconut milk fragrance……
Sure enough, opening the package is the familiar fragrance!
I feel like letting the balcony rise up, the kids next door can cry

Taste a piece, the mouth is full of richnessSpicy and spicy.
As if I just took a sipLaksa Soup~Thief enjoys~
And the taste is specialCrispy, The size is just right,
It's crunchy in one bite,
Another bite of ice fell on my stomach, it was almostDrunk~

While chasing the drama, watching my favorite brother/young sister,
Another sideGulpsTo enjoy this delicious food,
The life of the house is also suddenlyMoisturizeUp~
哧~The ice of the lady boss is already open,
The little fairies quickly arrange for themselves!


Poke the QR code Cha Singapore Laksa Potato Chips

Sichuan SpicyRot skin

In addition to potato chips, this is known asCrisper than potato chipsOf
"Crispy skin"The wind has been very strong recently.
不论Face valueTasteSuper super online!

Simple and freshDesign+MacaronColor matching,
I feel like taking a picture at homeins blockbuster.
Wear a white T holding it and stand by the wallFashion benchmark~

不仅Package DesignPay attention toI have nothing to say about the selection and taste~
0 preservative added,100% fresh tofu skinMake,
It's prettyHealth, Tastes completelyNo burden~

The new hottest selling item in the commissary "Sichuan Spicy"taste,
Each slice seems to be soakedSichuan HotpotSpicy soup,
Sucked upVarious insidespicesthe taste of,
Strong bean aroma.Fresh and spicy.
Every bite feels that the taste buds have been most satisfied!
(Not very spicy, it belongs to the kind that most people can accept)

And specialthin,brittle.
Chewing in your mouth, listening to the ASMR-like rustling,
Tell all your troubles for nothing.
The whole person feels specialComfortable.
Work/study"Decompression artifact"That's right!


Poke the two-dimensional code Qia Wanghong crispy tofu

The above three Singaporean internet celebrity snacksLimited OfferOh,
Fight hand speedIt's time~
Jimei, Duck!

Other delicious food

In addition to these, the commissary has other delicious foods that you can pick up!Hot pot base, stinky tofu, hot and sour noodles...
Xiaohe Tao fresh smooth noodles, old yogurt popsicles, and a variety of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes with limited time discounts, come and choose~

Hongzhan Symphony Flowing Heart Bird's Nest Mooncake

Price reduction + discount for an extra 8.5% off!

Original price $ 79.99  ->Now $59.49

The discount is equivalent to 7.5% off the original price

Don’t forget, there are bird’s nest moon cakes on sale

The weather is dry and the temperature changes

Are there any mooncakes that are beautiful and delicious, and can clear the lungs and moisturize dryness?

Of course thisBird's nestMooncake~

Custard Liuxin Red wine cranberry

Coconut milk.Matcha chocolate.Black tea and white jade

Six flavors and six colors.

Every one is wrapped5g wet bird's nest

Hurry up and arrange the order,

Mid-Autumn Festival of Friends JiugonggeDon't worry

Buy it as a gift for the elders as a goddess,

AbsolutelyNew enough and platitudeYo~


Price reduction + discount for an extra 8.5% off!

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 Anti-epidemic masks, hand sanitizer

To support everyone's return to work,

CanteenArmor(Pack of 50)
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Original Price $ 49  ->Now $25.42
As low as half price, a rare opportunity to grab quickly

Alcohol disinfectant hand sanitizer


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100ml vials are suitable for carrying out

Original price $ 15.99  ->Now $8.49

A large bottle of 500ml is suitable for household use

Original price $ 29.99  ->Now $11.9


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Need quick hoarding, also suitable for standing together at home~

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⚠️Important Notice⚠️ :
Delivery method:
1. When placing an order, please make sure that the delivery address, name, contact phone number and other information are filled in accurately. If the return is caused by an incorrect address, you need to make up the freight and send it again.
2. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the UPS delivery time may be affected. Please understand.

Because the custard and Liuxin series products have a soft and relatively fragile skin, they are not as thick and resistant as traditional mooncakes.
The warehouse brother has also strengthened the packaging, but it is still unavoidable that a few mooncakes/outer boxes are cracked.
This is not a quality problem, and it will not affect the taste. If you mind, please take it carefully.
Moon cakes are seasonal products. We do not support returns and exchanges. Please understand.
It is recommended to store in a cool and dry place after receipt, and refrigerate after opening.

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