GPT 4 just came out and GPT-5 has been completed!? But it admits that AI cannot replace humans in these 4 types of work

After the release of GPT-4 this week, the global attention to OpenAI continues to increase.According to the latest news, a foreign blogger found the hidden clues in a technical paper they published.
ChatGPT 5.0 is coming?
When it comes to GPT-5 or completed training, OpenAI spent 4 months conducting security research, risk assessment and iteration before GPT-8.That is to say,When OpenAI launched ChatGPT at the end of last year, it already had GPT-4.The blogger predicts that the training time of GPT-5 will not be long, and he even thinks that GPT-5 may have been trained.
On March 3, OpenAI released the multi-modal large model GPT-15, which not only improves the language processing ability, but also has the ability to understand and analyze images. The commercialization process of GPT-4 is accelerating. While opening the API, it also released the application landing in 4 different business scenarios.
However, not only ChatGPT, but also Google and Microsoft have joined the AI ​​melee!
Microsoft Releases AI Demon King
Earlier, Google announced the integration of AI tools into Workspace, and Microsoft immediately held a press conference and announced the integration of AI tools into Workspace.King-level office software-Microsoft 365 Copilot.

What will happen? According to simple words, no matter you use Word, PPT, Excel, Outlook, Teams, Microsoft Viva, Power Platform, all these office software will be supported by GPT-4 from now on!
can you imagine?Most of the daily tasks of white-collar workers are taken over by artificial intelligence.Many bloggers said frankly: Is Microsoft trying to kill workers all over the world?
Which jobs can and cannot be replaced
The 365 Copilot released by Microsoft has greatly improved the productivity and interaction mode of office.
ChatGPT has been continuously demonstrating its powerful capabilities, and it has been applied in multiple scenarios such as text creation, human-computer interaction, education, audio-visual, and retail.The multi-modal large model already has expert capabilities in multiple fields, and in the future, it will deeply empower thousands of industries and change production and lifestyles.
Nowadays, technical jobs have frequently used AI, and both programmers and financial analysts have felt the authenticity of AI grabbing jobs. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is getting more and more perfect, and it is bound to replace more jobs.
So the editor also asked it this question:

Is there any industry you are working in above?

Anyway, powerful AI will be applied more widely,

However, what we have left may only be the creative wisdom of fighting the brain.

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